Sunshine was not in evidence or the first thing that came to the mind of a rookie canvasser knocking on doors on a rainy Saturday afternoon.  There was a mixture of responses, as is to be expected, from highly supportive to highly ill-informed and just weird; it does indeed take all sorts to make a world, although most people are really good and honest whatever their views.  Good intentions are present.

It was afterwards on the trip home that it was time to compare notes with other rookies and veterans, to analyse the time, draw conclusions and work on ways to become more effective next time; hence the analogy with the weather.

We found that where someone wanted to disagree or actually attack UKIP, he or she chose a negative subject, and then it was easy to slip into disagreeing about how bad the situation was; ineffectively talking about how stormy the weather is.  This is pretty depressing, gloomy and counter-productive.  Yet in this winter of discontent, with worrying storms rapidly overwhelming us, what is needed is to make it summer through the glorious sons and daughters of the People’s Party, hence sunshine talk to show a brighter outlook.

I’m a great believer in seeing the positive from many years in a small business. It has been a tenuous struggle (in this country, though not overseas) against bigger, better-resourced established competitors favoured by EU procurement legislation, and however depressing things are on a very un-level playing field you need to stay optimistic, looking out for opportunities; not least failures of performance by others.  So, here amongst the gloom of a rainy day pounding the pavement there is a largely missed story of future sunshine.

Liberty, democracy, justice and prosperity are sunshine stories that can become true because of the general thrust of UKIP’s policies and ethos.  It makes for a very exciting and empowering future for the people of our country; something that has been missing for so long we’ve forgotten what a sunny period could look like, what we can do in the fine weather and how much fun it is.  Unlike the weather forecasters, here is a situation where policies can deliver real, people-focused change.

Compare this with the Establishment parties’ track records of failure; they and their policies are out of touch.  What is perhaps absent is making people aware of what they are missing, what a sunny UKIP summer can deliver for everyone, what this summer could be like and how it will be achieved.

Every cloud has a silver lining – it came when talking to a council worker.  He was somewhat reluctant to talk, but realised that someone was listening and it came in a torment about working conditions involving long hours, poor pay and difficulty making ends meet while others are doing better on benefits.  He made that day particularly worthwhile; giving a voice to one of GK Chesterton’s Secret People and knowing that UKIP can be the means for bringing out the sun in many people’s lives.

We hear men speaking for us of new laws strong and sweet,

Yet is there no man speaketh as we speak in the street. 

Smile at us, pay us, pass us; but do not quite forget.

For we are the people of England, that never have spoken yet.

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