I knew and admired the late Jimmy Goldsmith, who was aware by the way that his cancer had been induced. He was a smart cookie.

Given the determination of Euro-nutters in both main parties to deny the electorate a choice over EU membership, the failure of Margaret Thatcher to pull us out and the sheer determination of the Civil Service to keep us in, his referendum plan made sense. There was always a weakness in it however: it assumed that the political class would respect a ‘No’ result.

Machine politicians like Philip Hammond have a deep contempt for the electorate, usually combined with a titanic ego, no offence intended. There was never any possibility of someone like Hammond respecting the Leave result. He’s been working hard to undermine it ever since, supported by the pro-EU Treasury and Cabinet Office.

Make no mistake: the Remoaners aren’t interested in ‘transitional’ arrangements. They are hoping to cobble together a pro-EU majority in the next Parliament. Whilst reconciled to the legal and political reality that the UK will be leaving the EU in March 2019 they hope to keep us shackled to Brussels to such an extent that re-entering would be straightforward.

Of course the more fanatical Remoaners, like discredited former premier Tony Blair and this curious Chapman character, seem unable to reconcile themselves to the prospect of independence at all. Some of their talk, frankly, is unhinged.

Arron Banks is right with respect – Hammond and Rudd need to be deselected, fast. Even better, the Tory Party needs to boot out Theresa May and replace her with a Brexiteer like Boris Johnson. Nigel Farage is also right, with respect, to threaten a return to front-line politics. We’re not out till we’re out.

It was always a mistake for the Tories to ‘elect’ a Remoaner as leader. Theresa May, who wasn’t the sharpest knife in the box to begin with, never engaged with the overwhelming arguments in favour of Brexit. As Prime Minister she has dragged her kitten heels over Brexit and reduced her divided government to a laughing stock.

We should have gone for a clean break last June, using the Vienna Convention. David Davis’s obsession with continuing to crush the British economy under the weight of EU regulations after Brexit is absurd. It can only be explained by a desire to re-join the EU or the EEA after the next election. Davis, Major’s Minister for Europe, was always lukewarm about Brexit – he seems to have favoured EEA membership all along. It’s hardly surprising that he cut a deal with Hammond when the Chancellor was on spring manoeuvres.


Why on earth would anyone, other than European exporters and human and narcotics traffickers, want to retain tariff-free trade with the EU after Brexit? The true deficit in goods this year, adjusted for the Rotterdam/Antwerp Fraud, is likely to approach £100 billion. That’s a lot of jobs, and a large chunk of sterling, going across the Channel.  

The single market in services barely functions at all and is of little value to us. Our highly competitive services industries would be unlikely to be much affected by withdrawal from both the customs union and single market.

Mutual tariffs at the EU External Tariff Rate are in our economic and strategic interest. In the largest single UK/EU trade sector, motor vehicles, parts and accessories, British manufacturers stand to gain hugely from import substitution. Multinationals like Ford will almost certainly have to bring production back to Britain, and a good thing too.

Narcotics and human traffickers depend upon the customs union to move drugs and asylum-seekers across our frontier. Barely one truck in ten coming in from Europe is checked. No wonder such a fuss is being kicked up over the prospect of HM Customs checking imports once again!

As I discovered to my cost when I tangled with a drug trafficker a few years ago, whose imports of cocaine and heroin were of such a level that he was on file with the DEA and CIA (he didn’t know I had their numbers!), Britain is an embryonic narco-state.

The German intelligence operation in London, GO2, not only controls both main narcotics distribution cartels in the UK, it has penetrated the Treasury and the Cabinet Office. This allows it to push policy proposals which help drug traffickers onto house-trained ministers, i.e. ministers whose mistresses and/or boyfriends are on file. Don’t forget that German Intelligence has a phone-tapping operation in London and taps all ministers’ phones.

The current campaign to keep trucks flowing in from Europe without customs checks isn’t being driven by legitimate businesses. It’s being driven by the distribution cartels.

And no, this isn’t a conspiracy theory. It’s fact, and you can see it before your eyes, if you look. (I don’t do conspiracy theories, only intelligence analysis – hopefully after I was proved right over the shooting down of Amelia Earhart I’ll be shown a little more respect!)

Lest anyone moans about my constant mention of intelligence matters, it might be worth pointing out that politics in the democracies is as much influenced by hostile intelligence agencies as in dictatorships. Kim Il-Sung and Ted Heath worked for the same agency, don’t forget, the covert German DVD.    

Northern Ireland

If the Republic of Ireland doesn’t want a hard border with the UK she needs to follow us out of the EU, and fast. The current proposals for a soft border are unworkable.

Human traffickers and illegal migrants will quickly latch onto the Republic as a backdoor means of entry to the UK. The problem won’t be controlling the entry of Irish nationals – it will be controlling the entry of third country nationals.  

Customs duties will have to be levied on Irish imports if Ireland remains in the EU. It’s as simple as that. Thankfully the May government is unlikely to last. Even if it does, it will not be able to appease the EU to the extent that the Anglo-European negotiations succeed.

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