We all know that being shameless is a necessary condition for those who want to become members of what is called ‘Westminster Village’ – the politicians, journalists and civil servants who think that one of their duties is to tell all of us what to think and how to vote, especially in the Referendum on June 23rd.

Since the Electoral Commission designated ‘Vote Leave’ as the lead campaign group for the OUT vote, with incidentally a nice pot of £9million of our money attached, the Referendum campaign has entered the hot phase, and it was striking to observe the shamelessness of the Establishment on both the Cameron’s Remainiacs and the Vote Leave side. Both are of course ably abetted by their poodles (no disrespect to the furry, four-legged ones!) in the media.

The most glaring example is the way UKIP and especially Nigel Farage have been treated. One could compare that to the practice used during the Stalinist purges in the 1930s, where unwelcome politicians were simply airbrushed out of photos, and entries in history books or the Soviet encyclopaedia were simply removed, as if they had never lived.

Just that is happening now, here in our media. The whole BREXIT campaign, one is led to think, is simply a question of a split inside the Tory Party. It is not really about leaving the EU – it is about who will supplant Cameron.

Just as shamelessly the Tory politicians – who may very well be sincere in their wish to leave the EU – steal slogans and arguments from UKIP and UKIP politicians. My jaw hit the floor when I read this in one of today’s papers: Ian Duncan Smith said: “If we vote to leave it will be a glorious day, hopefully enshrined thereafter on the 24th as Independence Day.”

Yes, it is gratifying that Paul Nuttall’s proposal has reached the Tory Grandees, but it’s becoming more and more obvious that the Westminster Villagers are yet again doing their utmost to paint UKIP and Nigel Farage out of the picture.

Then there’s another, more subtle shamelessness. This is dripping out of every comment in the quality press. It is the patronising way in which all and any argument we OUTers have brought forward is belittled, disregarded, or treated with crocodile tears. Our arguments are never sufficient. In their eyes we cannot be taken seriously unless and until we bring forth a fully costed, fully perfected plan of what would happen should we leave. Since we are, in their eyes, either stupid or ignorant, they simply don’t need to take us and our arguments seriously.

The prime example for this attitude recently came from the Telegraph’s top commentator Ambrose Evans-Pritchard:

It is perhaps too much to expect a coherent plan from a disparate group, thrown together artificially by events. Yet many of us who are sympathetic to the Brexit camp, who also want to take back our sovereign self-government and escape the bogus and usurped supremacy of the European Court of Justice, have yet to hear how Brexiteers think this extraction can occur without colossal collateral damage and in a manner consistent with the honour of this country.

This and similar comments are shameless because he and the other top journalists and politicians know full well, and have known full well, that the EU is bending over backwards to keep us in, by postponing the issue of new directives. The ECHR has suddenly far fewer cases against the UK than in previous years. The EU leaders have hidden away their comments, for example that if we stay, all Cameron’s ‘renegotiations’ would be voted out. The truly disastrous plan for installing the unified EU judicial system, ‘Corpus Juris’, which will destroy our own, the one we’ve had for 800 years and for which our ancestors fought and died – that is far too complicated to explain to us stupid Brexiteers, so let that one pass. And what has one to fear of the EAW if one’s innocent …

They also do not talk about Turkey and the fact that from June Turks won’t need visas. Nor do they talk about the money we have to spend to ‘help’ that and other countries to become EU-ready. Least of all do they talk about immigration and secure borders.

They all know – how could they not! After all, we, the stupid, ignorant Brexiteers, know. They don’t even ask how come we’re so well informed.

The answer is one they themselves are busy ignoring: we have MEPs who tell us! But then, these are the UKIP MEPs, who are, according to EU bureaucrats, the most hard-working amongst that lot, so they can be ignored. We all know who they are – but I bet except for a certain Dan Hannan nobody knows who the rest of the UK MEPs are: they are conspicuous by their absence in this campaign.

The Westminster Establishment, be they for IN or for OUT, are shameless in the way they are presenting the fight for IN or OUT. They treat us as ignorant people who are either too old (that’s us OUTers, according to ‘polls’) or too young (that’s the INners) to be interested in more than roaming charges. They are shameless in the way they ‘weigh’ the arguments: so many Big Guns (IMF, Obama, celebrities) are for IN – and look, the OUTers only have Gove, or BoJo, snigger. Nigel Farage? UKIP? Ah, that’s so toxic, isn’t it!

They are shameless because they have turned the vital question of our freedom into a popularity contest between Tory politicians.

They are shameless because they put their own selves before country.

They are shameless because they talk about ‘honour’ when they themselves have none.

Let’s make them ashamed of themselves by voting OUT on June 23rd, our Independence Day!

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