What to make of Nigel Farage’s declaration that he is now back in ‘frontline politics’? He announced it in the Daily Telegraph on the 17th of August, writing that he was joining the ‘Leave means Leave’ (LmL) campaign. He revealed that during the week he’d been in talks with the LmL principals, Richard Tice and John Longworth. We can therefore be reasonably certain that their announcement on the previous day (16th August) of taking up their campaign again – read it here – was perhaps not precisely a pure coincidence.

On the evening of the 17th August all who had signed up to Arron Banks’ Leave.EU received an email appeal to join the Tories. Banks and Leave.EU then doubled down and emailed this appeal yesterday yet again. He’s been telling Leave.EU followers several times already that everybody should join Ms May’s Party… has his appeal not been working?

But, have you noticed what is lacking here? Have you noticed the glaring omission? Isn’t it amazing that Messrs Tice, Longworth, Banks and last but definitely not least Nigel Farage manage to ‘call for all Brexiteers’ to support those groups without mentioning UKIP once?

Kippers took to their pen and send in letters – see the ones we’ve published here yesterday. Do read the comments again! Meanwhile, Nigel Farage declared on his Facebook page that he does not recommend joining the Tories:

“I’m not advocating joining the Conservative Party under Mrs May. You must be joking! If everyone left UKIP and joined the Tories that would be bad news for Brexit.”

Phew, that’s all right then, isn’t it, and this photo means… what? Join UKIP?

Many of us have noticed that UKIP is a foreign word to Nigel nowadays. He rarely if ever mentions it in his radio show. UKIP’s and Nigel’s former Press officer Gawain Towler penned a somewhat odd article for the DT yesterday, trying to explain why Nigel did what he did, with a lovely little swipe at UKIP:

“[…] the sheer backbreaking work of running the obstreperous, fissiparous and institutionally truculent Ukip. […] The vehicle he is using though has come as surprise to most people. It is no news that he has become slightly detached from the Ukip run by Gerard Batten, but he has not given up on the party.”

Oh really?

Gawain writes that Nigel sees the necessity of a broad-based movement to achieve Brexit, mentions the threat of UKIP to the Tories leading to the Referendum and ends thus:

“That existential threat is becoming real again. Farage knows this, and by taking up the cudgels again, he is doing exactly the right thing to make it happen.”

Nigel taking up the cudgels in a Tory group is helping UKIP, how? Forgive me if I cannot follow that tortuous argument!

These campaign groups don’t seem to want to be associated with us – not the LmL campaign, not Banks, not Nigel. Is this perhaps because they all hold us Kippers in contempt? Rees-Mogg keeps telling remainers not to hold voters in contempt, but that doesn’t seem to apply to Kippers…

Shunning UKIP was one main feature of the Referendum campaign. Brexit groups and publications even now do not want to be associated with us.

More to the point is that, unless they can report a juicy scandal, the MSM have spread the cloak of silence over UKIP, the ‘excuse’ being that UKIP ‘has gone home’, has become irrelevant. The smears though stick, and the Tories in their publications, e.g. ‘Conservative Home’, keep at it.

Mind you, apparently there wasn’t the expected big influx of Kippers over the weekend although some new members were said to be “UKIP-flavoured” (see here). In another contribution we read again that UKIP is beyond the pale because we’ve now become “Islamophobic.”

What does Nigel actually think he can achieve in a Tory outfit when during the Referendum Campaign he was deemed to be ‘too toxic’ for them? Has he now become detoxified by his abrupt resignation as Leader and by his diligent omission to use his LBC platform to even mention UKIP?

There’s more. During the May Shambles, more and more splinter groups set themselves up to campaign for Brexit. These groups are now suddenly, amazingly, all ‘coalescing’. We read in yesterday’s Express:

“The Brexit Advance Coalition will unite 10 organisations including several with close links to the Conservative Party.

Get Britain Out, the Bow Group and the Campaign for Conservative Democracy are among those backing a joint declaration of principles. They plan to work with other Brexit-backing forces including Leave Means Leave, a pressure group backed by former Ukip leader Nigel Farage which plans a major relaunch next month, and the European Research Group of Tory MPs lead by the senior backbencher Jacob Rees-Mogg.”

You will find that not once is UKIP mentioned in this report – allright, it’s mentioned once, when describing Nigel as ‘former Ukip leader’…

What is Nigel playing at by shunning us, by making common cause with Tories? He knows, we know, that it’s the activists who can change things, not the ‘top people’. BoJo, Rees-Mogg et al, all those nice groups are good at getting some message into the MSM but that’s all they’re good for. The Brexit grouplets have been conspicuous by their absence in the MSM. If this new alliance, if this new campaign by LmL propped up by Nigel is what they have to offer against the Remainers who have been active since the 24th of June 2016, then, forgive me, it’s pitiful  and begs the question ‘why now’? Why not last year? Why not since May became PM?

Nigel should know that by making common cause with those Metro-Tories he will forfeit the votes of the Labour Leavers. He must know that only UKIP can reach them. Why then is he doing this?

Moreover – what the heck did he, Banks, Tice, Longworth do during the May shambles of not ‘achieving’ Brexit? Where were their ‘Movements’? Where were they when Kippers were running stalls in their constituencies every weekend? Do let me know if your MEP was helping out at your stands…

Kippers, disgruntled Tories and Labour Brexiteers should rather look at their constituent MPs and make them work for our Brexit. We are the grassroots. We don’t need no new ‘alliances’ and revived campaign groups to work for Brexit! We’ve done that ever since it became obvious that May was not delivering.

So – where were they, where was Nigel during that time? Answers on a postcard!

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