The European Commission is supposed to be apolitical, but it is no such thing.  It has long been used as a way to reward favourites.  But this rampant cronyism is incredibly dangerous to the core, because it elevates pets to some of the world’s most powerful positions. 

Who are the people on David Cameron’s wish list? Andrew Mitchell to say sorry for the loss of his cabinet position? Nick Clegg to say thanks for the help in the setting coalition? Peter Mandleson because he did such a good job last time? Or even Nigel Farage for a bit of fun?

I think that in the interests of ‘open Government’ and closing the ‘democratic deficit’ we, the people, should have the right to know who is in the running for the plum job, and so I have created an E-Petition to call for Cameron to let us know who he is considering to ‘fight for our corner at the heart of Europe’.

Lets make up our own mind whether we think that the candidates are appropriate.

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