Yesterday, Parliament was supposed to vote for or against the EAW. The government in the form of the Home Secretary, prevented this because they deemed it unnecessary. After all, this was ‘one package’, and MPs had been allowed to talk about some of the items in that package.

So We the People  were silenced, because MPs represent us, the electorate – not the party machines and spin masters of the establishment parties. That however is something which government and shadow cabinet are not unduly worried about, and why should they!

It is they who through patronage hand out posts which always means more money in the pockets of the lucky recipients. All they have to do is toe the line. We have known this for quite a time, and we are standing up against this in our millions, by voting UKIP, supporting UKIP.

However, there is another worrying trend which has been slowly creeping up on us. That is the silencing of us, of our voices, in the comments sections of the online papers. It started with The Times vanishing behind a paywall, now followed by that other Murdoch paper, The Sun. It didn’t matter to us that much because there was the truly vibrant online community in what once was called the ‘Torygraph’. here, we’re now also being silenced.

With the start of the election campaign for the EU Parliament, and the start of the concerted, unprecedented smear-and-slur campaign in all the MSM against UKIP and the outcry in the comments below the line, the MSM editors have ever so slowly tightened the screws. Comments on such issues vital for our survival, like ISIS, or now the non-vote on the EAW, are simply no longer allowed. It won’t come as surprise that there are also no longer comments allowed on smear pieces about UKIP.

In the run-up to the General Election, there is only one interpretation possible for this phenomenon: we the people are slowly being herded towards alternative media, where we can be amongst ourselves, and where our comments can be brushed aside because most readers of the legacy online MSM are not now able to read opposing opinions. The other result of this stratagem is that the MSM can now again maintain that UKIP is only a small party of discontented fruitcakes who can only mumble amongst themselves.

It is therefore of vital importance that we, the electorate, do online what we’ve been doing in real life: go local! Most local papers have an online presence, and do still allow comments. So this is where we have to go. Another vital way is reading (and writing for!) UKIPDaily, and using the arguments brought forward by the various UKIP members in our daily contacts, talking or commenting in our online local papers.

It is becoming obvious now that the Westminster Cabal, with their willing hacks, regard the rest of us as unruly children who must be sat on the naughty step for daring to talk while they, the ‘adults’, work to deprive us of our ancient liberties.

A former Speaker of the House of Representatives, Tip O’Neill, is reported as saying that ‘all politics is local’.

We’ve shown this to be true, by the election of so many local councillors. We must build on that for 2015, and using local online papers to counter the silencing of our voices, especially since government is now also silencing our elected representatives in Parliament, is a way open to us.

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