On Thursday 14 July 2016, in the Prime Minister’s Office, we earwigged upon some conversations heard by the cat, whilst he was snoozing…

Jacob did not get Chancellor, Philip Hammond did. Will he fix ‘that damned deficit’? It looks unlikely… Sadly EU-related payments have not been suspended. Neither has any aid been cancelled, despite being unwanted by the likes of India. There still seems no control – free rides remain for undeserving recipients – and guess who pays for all this?

Michael Gove was not made Home Secretary either. No Great Repeal Act! No bonfire of regulations… (mind you Health and Safety would stop that – let’s sweep them away too, along with their clipboards!) No withdrawal of the iniquitous BBC ‘Telly tax’. We will continue to be dragooned by law to pay for propaganda directed against us!

Boris was not appointed ‘Minister for Getting It In’ – but he was made Foreign Secretary. Where better for him to search for a new mistress than France? The answer was almost anywhere but where he decided. Mr Hollande was a rotten selection, even had they met in Condom (25 miles SW of Agen). When I was young, Algeria used to be part of France. The way things are going, France is going to end up as part of Algeria.

Nigel, the man who made Brexit possible, has got nothing. Not a sausage. Even in the insane world of politics this is such a glaring omission that it should never be forgotten, nor forgiven…

But guess what has happened since?

In the US, both Houses of Congress have moved rapidly to open up trade deals with a newly independent UK. We went to the very front of the queue, Mr Obama, please note! China and India are hot to trot. Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and many others too.

Let’s count their populations! The total comes to 4.3 billion people, including ourselves. Now, how many people are there in the EU? Only 444 million, not  including ourselves. Oh dear! The EU is not a very big market in those terms, is it?

But ‘Hold on!’ some say. ‘Europe is rich! Richer than the others!’

Oh yes? Is it? Let us have a look at GDP, then… These prospective partner countries account for 65% of total world trade (which naturally includes ourselves). In contrast, the EU had only 19% of world trade – but even that is set to fall to 15%.

So let’s get this right:

A) The countries who have stated they want to deal with us have 58% of the world’s population, 65% of world trade, with an average growth rate of over 4%.

B) The countries of the EU (without the UK) have just 6% of the world’s population, 15% of world trade, with an average growth rate of only 1.8%, which is falling even further.

Now, what was the question? Oh, yes! If you could only chose one, which block do you think we would be better off dealing with? A or B?

You are only allowed one attempt in answering and 100% of your points depend upon getting the correct answer, otherwise you starve. You have ten seconds, starting now…


For those who passed the Darwin Test, welcome back.

We can cut deals with an area which has nine times the EU population and which has an average growth of more than twice that of the EU. Trade means earnings.

Politicians don’t even begin to understand trade. They snooze, whilst you lose! In one year, we could be very much richer. But those now making the decisions only perceive life through the murky political lens. They fail to see the economic loss. This inactivity and lack of perception is costing every person in the UK thousands of pounds in lost earnings.

Look at these revealing comments by politicians:

Nigel Farage: Invoke Article 50 as soon as possible. (He does understand trade.)

Andrea Leadsom: Article 50 should be triggered soon. (Correct!)

Martin Schulz: Article 50 should be triggered swiftly. (He is right for once!)

Boris:  There is no rush to trigger article 50. (Dozy bugger!)

Theresa May: UK will not trigger Article 50 before the end of this year. (Why?)

Patrick McLoughlin: Article 50 will be triggered by 2020. (Exactly what planet is he on?*)

[ *) The answer here is that McLoughlin was a miner. Nice enough guy – but does not have a clue about trade.]

Not only do we need to invoke Article 50 soon but also examine the prospect of revoking the original treaty. This is because the EU member states may not allow us to leave! Democratic Will is not a function of the EU.

Possibly only Nigel understands this reality of life. But the UK Metropolitan Elite have simply cut him out again. They do not care if Britain is losing money. They do not even begin to understand how money is made…


The UK  can double its export trade in three years, the resulting prosperity will ensure re-election for the party who delivers this – and then they can double it again. But, unfortunately, we are talking about the modern Tory party. They are much more interested in following Blair and creating a state where LGBT and immigrants rights Trump those of indigenous peoples.

Whilst talking about those who fail to understand basic economics, that curious misnomer, The Economist , has been found to be the most useful publication to start a fire with. The paper is way more valuable than its verbiage. (An Insanity Warning applies if you read that linked article)

But, sadly, the rest of the press is equally blasé, including many political blogs. We are still sleepwalking.

Action today!

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