The failed politicians like Anna Soubry, Nick Clegg, and Ed Miliband are at it again. Trying to force the Government to put issues regarding Leaving the EU for Parliament to discuss and vote on. Amongst the arguments is the one about how we must continue access to the Single Market or it will be disastrous for our economy.

Anna Soubry claimed that those who voted to leave did not understand that it might mean leaving the Single Market with devastating consequences. Again and again they are trying to confuse the issue by implying trade with the EU means a deal about the Single Market. It does not!  The trade deal between Canada and the EU for example does not bind Canada to the Single Market baggage nor does it incur contributions to the EU or to free movement of people between the EU to Canada.

Remember the Single Market is a package including: Trade in Goods & Services, Employment Law, Health & Safety Legislation & Regulation, Environmental Protection, and Free Movement of People!  It precludes Britain doing trade deals independently with the rest of the World. It also binds you to the supremacy of the European Court of Justice and being a signatory to the European Court of Human Rights.

Any sort of deal on access to the Single Market package will involve the UK making contributions to the EU and being a signatory to all the requirement of the Single Market.

In other words any deal about the Single Market is a continuation of EU Membership.

Remain campaigned and LOST on retention of full access to the Single Market with unlimited free movement of people, and on the economy.

UKIP, Vote Leave and all the others campaigned and won on the issues of: Control of Migration, Trade with the EU & the Rest of the World, Supremacy of the UK Supreme Court, No more Laws or Regulations or Directives from the EU. Regaining Sovereignty and control of our destiny was the message.

Sovereignty means simply the right to make decisions and laws for the running of a country unilaterally.

The use of the word Brexit is deliberately misleading as it beg the question of how it is defined. To even say Brexit means Brexit is nonsense. Just imagine turning to the appropriate page in a dictionary and finding Brexit: noun meaning Brexit! The word is supposed to be an abbreviation for British Exit.

A door to a room may be marked as an exit so a person could be IN or OUT or Partway Out. On the ballot paper there was no mention of Brexit. If I remember correctly it didn’t have a Partway Out option, just Remain in the European Union, or, Leave the European Union.

The result was unequivocal and had it been the other way round the leavers would have been admonished and ridiculed for having the nerve to challenge the establishment and the status quo.

So let’s try and summarise this.

Brexit means British Exit that means Leave that means Sovereignty and the right to make unilateral decisions about how we run this nation.  No one voted for partway out and a minority voted to Remain. Membership of the Single Market means membership of the EU and the electorate have clearly rejected it.

The period from the referendum vote until at least the start of the New Year at the earliest or end of March at the latest is a period during which the fanatical Remainiacs will try to override the wishes of the majority of the UK. This period before invoking Article 50 allows those who cannot accept the result to make trouble.

Having surprisingly failed to achieve an endorsement of a project they so wholeheartedly believe in has triggered a grieving process. It has four separate states, roughly defined as: shock, denial and anger; intense introspection; despair and depression; and recovery and acceptance.

Whilst within the process, each stage must be passed through satisfactorily before moving on to the next phase. Unfortunately the long wait until invoking Article 50 causes the grievers to be stuck in the first phase because there is always a chance that the cause of the grief might be removed.

Theresa May and her government must not give in to pressure from those failed opposition MPs and from MPs within her own party and within her cabinet and allow Parliament the opportunity to override the wishes of the people of these nations.

If she did allow this and the result put Parliament at odds with the electorate a situation will have been created that it as dangerous as that leading to the civil war of 1642 between the King and Parliament.

I fear we are in for a rocky time, even after invoking Article 50. When some two years down the road the final ‘deal’ is put to the EU member states at least four Eastern European Nations will vote against it and there is no deal.

The Remainiacs will demand that Parliament be given the opportunity of developing and presenting a new deal, to keep us in the Single Market and to Remain as a partial member. Then we will realise we have been strung along again and the only solution is a unilateral withdrawal. We will wonder why we didn’t just do that in June 2016.


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