This morning, I was sent the link to a little piece full of innuendo, which was published by “Business Insider”: “Putin Is Infiltrating European Politics With Shocking Effectiveness”

There are a few points which deserve our attention, because they show, like a textbook, how propaganda is created.

The first and foremost is that this alleged ‘influence’ is in no way supported by any data whatsoever. It is simply stated as fact, with a nice little map, scaringly coloured in red.

Expect to see this map used in future as ‘argument’ to bash UKIP with.

Next, the reason for this alleged influence is that the parties named in this piece are standing for withdrawal from the EU. Of course, that heinous fact cannot possibly have arisen from the experiences of all those people, no, it is only due to the insidious influence of Russia.

Of course, Russia’s influence must have been rather inept, given that UKIP has been around for well over 20 years, but never mind facts, they are such disturbing influence!

Next there’s an interesting little paragraph showing the sleight-of-hand method so effectively used by propagandists. I’ll quote it in full:

Britain’s UKIP party, which favors withdrawing from the EU and having stronger relations with Russia, received 29% of the votes in the most recent election. This was double what the party obtained in elections five years ago.”

One notes immediately that the author and the Institute on which ‘insight’ his article is based omit, twice, to mention that this was not the result of the national General Election but that for the EU Parliament. That fact seems to be unimportant to the author because it is all about scaring the international readership of UKIP’s increasing share of votes, which is due to the nefarious influence of Mr Putin. Obviously, the voters, not just UKIP, have been thoroughly brainwashed!

Next we have the linkage to the other parties in Europe. Never mind that UKIP have rejected forming an alliance with both Marine LePen’s FN and Geert Wilders’ Party in the EU Parliament, or indeed the other parties mentioned. That would have been quite easy to find out. The Institute or indeed the author would only have to look up who the members of EFDD actually are.

But facts don’t matter – innuendo works every time. Check out the map again. The point being made again is that Putin alone is trying to strangle poor innocent Brussels, with his alleged support for all those parties.

The final point is that in the whole piece it is alleged that UKIP and the rest are doing Putin’s work, because calling for a more measured approach to what has happened over the last year, EU sanctions included, cannot possibly be a sign of independent thought. Worse, we the voters, the people, the taxpayers who are forced to support these inane policies, are of course too stupid to think for ourselves and have fallen for Putin’s propaganda. We must be mad, literally mad, to want our country back, because, according to this piece, we’d happily vote for bondage to Putin!

Many of us are old enough to remember the scare of looking for ‘read under the beds’. This piece full of inaccuracies and innuendo, of false assumptions and a patronising attitude towards the voters, comes from that same old stable.

It would be good if the anti-UKIP propagandists would make up their minds: are we “reds” in disguise, or are we nasty neo-nazis, such as insinuated by that ‘comedian’ on QT who declared Nigel Farage was a “Pound Shop Enoch Powell” who needed to be watched?

For me, this piece comes under ‘let’s fling mud, any mud, as long as it’s mud – something must surely stick at some point”. It also comes as a text-book example of how to fabricate a propaganda piece. Expect more of the same in the coming months!

Photo by Andrew Bartram (WarboysSnapper)

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