Nothing happened, really, this past week, if you consumed the MSM – except “Snowmageddon”: first the lurid warnings thereof (“The Beast from the East”), then the daily, nay hourly reports of what happened, then the lurid warnings of “Storm Emma” from the West and the forthcoming battle between these two right over our Isles, then the daily reports of what happened, and now more reports and warnings.

It’s the ‘Culture’, I say, not the people caught out in this.

All the tragedies, the reports about ‘plucky’ people, the good samaritans handing out free drinks, the horrors on the rails and railway stations, the motorways and roads: this need not have happened.

Old codgers like me and old codgerettes have seen it all. Yes, there’s lots of snow and ice, but such stuff was around when we were not-so-old codgers and when we were young, and yes, we coped.

So what has changed? Not the weather, but the culture!

I clearly recall headlines from autumn and winter – in 2016/17! We were warned nearly daily of blizzards, white-outs, winter catastrophes lurking round the corner – and what happened? Precisely nothing.

So this time round, during the autumn/winter of 2017/18, with the same warnings from October onwards – why would anyone believe the MSM now? Exactly! People didn’t, and set out as per usual – only this time it was ‘for real’.

On top of that we have the daily weather forecasts on telly, whichever station you use. Their nannying advice (‘take a brolly, it may rain’, ‘wear sunglasses and take a bottle of water with you, it may be hot!’, ‘dress up warm, wear scarves and gloves, it may be cold’) day in day out has been going on for some time now. As with any nannying advice, people stop listening. So this time round, they also didn’t listen. And got caught out.

All this nicely illustrates an old tale which was old when we oldies were young – that of the boy who cried ‘wolf’.

The young, who don’t know better in spite of thinking they do, are so much into living their lives on social media that they haven’t got the time to check out the old MSM which they don’t believe in anyway, not when their friends on twitter tweet how much fun they have in the snow – until it’s too late, but selfies get them into the papers.

I don’t blame them: this is how they live, this is their culture.

I do blame however the bosses of companies insisting their workers come in, regardless, even when it’s evident that yes, for once the boy who cried wolf was right.

I blame the rail managers who in this day and age were incapable of informing their train passengers of what was going on. Having read about people being stuck in cold trains for hours overnight – is it any wonder that the next day passengers pull the emergency brakes and walk back on the tracks? Of course it’s selfish as the live rail had to be switched off thus making more trains stuck – but it’s also part of our culture now: me first, especially when nobody tells us what is really going on. Why would they sit in cold trains yet again, like obedient sheep?

Then there’s all this ‘panic buying’. Well – that stands to reason: people provide for themselves and with the ‘Snowmageddon’ warnings, why wouldn’t they? After all, with the economic culture of “Just in Time”, which sees so many HGVs on our roads, transporting stuff to supermarkets for just that day, people will assume that the shelves won’t be re-stocked because HGVs are stuck in the snow. It’s normal, not panic.

Not that oldies weren’t also committing acts of utter stupidity! If I have to see one more headline about heroic young people rescuing a dog from icy waters for their old owner I shall commit an act of violence!

What we’ve seen in the last few days is a ‘perfect storm’ – not just the snow, ice, cold, gales etc which actually did happen as predicted, but the coming-together of the various cultural changes which have taken place in our country – from nannying until everybody just stops listening, to ‘modern economy’ which breaks down when something like this weather event was predicted in advance (did the industry and rail bosses also not listen to the forecasts?) to the culture of the millenials who know best and don’t need no advice from the ‘establishment’.

So what is the conclusion? Not that we’ve become a nation of wimps but that, sadly, we have become a nation of stupids, with the help of government and the MSM.

One wonders if that wasn’t and isn’t the aim of the exercise.


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