Appeaser May has not even been able to appease, she’s simply caving in to EU pressure. We all knew she’s not a reincarnated Margaret Thatcher. And now we know she’s not even an copy of Madame Merkel, who’d simply sit on her behind until everybody else caves in to her, as the current coalition ‘talks’ in Germany show.

Having stated this obvious fact – what to make of the headlines!

Look at the Telegraph, crowing that we’ll pay – something ‘between 45 and 55 bn €’ (what are ten bn € between ‘friends’: neither here nor there, right?). It’s an ‘exclusive’, coming from ‘sources’.

Then look at the Independent, where ‘sources in Brussels suggest’ that May will pay 45 bn €. Interesting: so it’s not a done deal then, is it? And 45 bn € – that’s affordable …!

Then there’s the Guardian, where the cat is finally let out of the bag, after quoting yet another number, namely ‘up to 65 bn €’, with this key phrase:

A senior EU official told the Guardian that the UK appeared ready to honour its share of the EU’s unpaid bills […]”

Sorry, dear readers: at the time of writing I found nothing in the Daily Mail – there’s this Royal engagement, dontcha know … that’s far more important!

But what do we get to read in The Express? That Ministers ‘are playing down’ these claims which are ‘emanating from Brussels’ … Aha!

Also noteworthy is that the always well-informed, economically clued-up Brexiteer Tory MP John Redwood has not mentioned this in his ‘Diary’ where he usually publishes his take on things at cock-crow. The DT article came out late last evening, so Mr Redwood surely would have known …

Perhaps it’s a storm in our Remoan-MSM teacup?

Well, this is where everything now becomes extremely interesting.

First, let’s state the painfully obvious: the ‘exclusive sources’ which the Telegraph quotes turn out to be EU ‘officials’, i.e. the Brussels equivalent to our Whitehall Mandarins. So they’re certainly not uninterested bystanders or whistleblowers.

Secondly, it’s equally and painfully obvious that these interested parties are doing their utmost to scupper Brexit. That shouldn’t need to be mentioned, but keep it in mind.

Less obvious is that our own Whitehall Mandarins are Remoaners – have been from the get-go. I will be generous and concede that they might now be trying to get the best out of that EU Brexit Deal, but there are a few other ‘vested interests’ also playing a part. These are the ‘mutineer’ Tories who want us to remain, and there are those Tories who are actively trying to undermine our Brexit Minister, David Davis.

Then there are those in both parties and the MSM, combined with various Think Tank Talking Heads, who are trying to get Ms May to resign, in the hope of another GE and the – for them – welcome advent of Mr Corbyn in No 10. After all, Labour are now doing their best to ‘keep doors open’ and keep us in the EU – and never mind that we’d pay even more, never mind that we’d have to join the Euro, never mind that our Armed Forces would be put under Brussels Command through PESCO, never mind that our fishing grounds would never recover thanks to electro-pulse fishing because EU rules, never mind that we might well see EU Police on our streets, never mind that we’d be under the jurisdiction of the ECJ – for ever.

Is that what we have voted for? Have we heck!

Commentators on yesterday’s headlines are already trying to prettify this “decision” by describing it as fulfilling the fears of “British Business”, that is Big Business in case you wonder, because I don’t think any of the small businesses who don’t export to the EU wanted to see this. We might ask, might we not, if the decision of 17.4 million Brits can be callously disregarded and sacrificed to the whims of the globalist Big Business.

This is a blatant attempt by the EU to influence the negotiations, to create ‘facts’.  In this they are supported by the grateful remoaners in the Westminster Establishment and their metropolitan MSM. These are the people who would rather ‘look good’ to their metropolitan friends in EU-Land, with whom they think they have more in common that with us, the actual people of Great Britain. Nothing is too shabby for them to get their wish to remain fulfilled – and inept politicians are happy to lap their pronouncements and propaganda up. The saga of the NI Border is another such example.

Regrettably, Ms May and her colleagues are not sufficiently machiavellian to turn this into a crusade for Brexit, e.g. by declaring that this attempt by the EU means that all deals are now off.

They are too scared of their civil serpents in Whitehall, of their big donors for their Party coffers, to come out and say that all deals are now off.

They are too British to play as dirty as Brussels. They are too feeble to take the initiative now that both M Macron and Madame Merkel are forced to take their eyes off the EU ball, and declare that all deals are now off.

They are too cowed to note that we the people reject being dictated to by the tinpot dictators of Brussels and that yes – the deal must now be off: out now!

And let’s face it: we Kippers have played right into their hands by packing it in and going home after June 23rd. We let the Leave voters believe that yes, it was job done – as the Establishment told them. We indulged in navel-gazing and internecine warfare for over 500 days. We simply took our eyes off the ball.

No longer. Time to get those boots out of the cupboard and start fighting again.

We voted OUT NOW – end of!

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