Fellow Kippers – enough is enough!

I’ve read the comments quite diligently, and while I didn’t give much weight to the various threats made during the campaign, that members would leave should AMW be elected, taking them for election campaign hyperbole, at the same time I thought the assurances of a golden future with a million new members (yes, this number was mentioned), all young and fresh and chomping at the bit was, well, also a bit over the top. Election campaign stuff, really.

I do remember well the exhortations of the supporters of AMW that we need to be really radical, really one-issue, and not be frightened: only Islam matters and only AMW, like a Joan of Arc, would save us. I thought at the time that was also a bit over the top. Since when do Brits long for a ‘leader’ to ‘save them’?

I thought these were the last relics of the Nigel-Farage-Syndrome, the attempts to alleviate the still lingering pain of his leaving: he was a leader and only another ‘leader’ would do. Last year it was JRE, this year it was AMW.

One might have thought that having done this once, JRE would have been able to capitalise on his efforts and experiences this time around – but no: he only got fourth place and left the Party immediately.

So he’s gone, probably taking his followers with him. I’m not familiar with the running of UKIP, nor do I know the membership numbers before and after, which seem akin to a state secret. Thus we also don’t know if there were actually 1,000 new members signing on because of AMW. It’s a pity that we lowly members haven’t and aren’t being told, but then what else is new in UKIPdom.

So now the ‘unknown’ Henry Bolton won, and all hell is breaking loose. Last year there was first the Diane-James-Fiasco which many of us remember well: 18 days … I’m sorry to say all I remember of that campaign was the fact that she’d introduced the ‘go-it-alone’ way of hustings, not attending any official ones. I can’t even recall who all the other candidates were. Was Bill Etheridge one of them?

So then we had to have a second election. It seems a lifetime ago, but I do remember Paul Nuttall won with 60% of the vote. JRE became famous amongst Kippers for a) leaving a hustings in an eclat and b) going it alone, like Diane James did.

As soon as Paul announced his deputies, barely having got his breath back from electioneering, I knew we were going to be in trouble. Many Kippers on here did not hold back with their criticism. But – JRE stayed in the Party, still travelling around branches. Nobody left the party in a huff. There were no snide remarks about Paul Nuttall at the start – until the MSM got their teeth into him when it looked as if we/he might win in Stoke.

Well, we all know what happened during the early part of this year: Stoke, Local Elections, “Ban-the-Burqa” agenda, the GE where our manifesto came out too late and sunk without trace. We know the results – no need to rub it in.

There was massive dissatisfaction about the way the party had been run under Nuttall and before under Nigel. A root-and-branch reform (not a re-branding, Mr. Crowther!) was urgently needed, from the top down. That seemed to have been the general opinion at some early stage, but then the floodgates opened: only AWM could save the party and then the country.

Questions as to how this was going to be achieved were brushed aside, or else “her manifesto” was brandished about. All would be well, we just needed to follow AMW, there’d be hundreds of thousands of new members, UKIP would be rich, we’d win everything (all those who said we wouldn’t, that people would leave were told to grow up and not be frightened), and surely soon AMW would be PM …

So now: the crash back to reality, the shattered dreams, the mourning and the anger. It’s not sufficient that members who lost are now themselves leaving, no, they do with fanfare and with smears and slurs on the new leader.

Unity of the Party? No way! They didn’t get what they thought was their due, so [expletive] the Party! Loyalty to those members who need to fight the next local election? Not on your nelly!

So – now what?

Party unity can apparently go to the dogs, solidarity with all those members who didn’t vote for AWM: forget about that. Brexit? No problem: the Tories will do it, who needs UKIP!

Instead, undermine the new leader with scurrilous accusations which find their way even here into UKIP Daily: every single one of them aimed to damage him as much as possible. The MSM have no patch on disgruntled Kippers, it would seem!

It’s a bit like the Clintonistas trying to get rid of Trump, regardless, with the additional frisson that we in UKIP really need to have yet another new leader leave within a month. Another leadership election is exactly what the Party needs to go to the country in next year’s local elections: a winner! And what if there’s another snap election?

It doesn’t matter, does it? Corbyn, the Tories, the rest of them: we’re not interested, we’re only fighting against Islam!

So – now what? Kill off UKIP because only the pure, anti-Islam thing is now worth fighting for? Because that pesky little thing called Brexit doesn’t really matter? For that we have the Tories so don’t need UKIP, right?

Someone tweeted that we can fight for Brexit and speak the truth about Islam. Well – that’s what some rather prominent Kippers, MEPs no less, have been doing for some time, like Gerard Batten and Margot Parker. But I suppose that wasn’t good enough – too ‘home counties’, like the new leader, so let’s make him “The Enemy”: he it is who needs to be fought, not Mrs. May, not Mr. Corbyn.

That’s it then, isn’t it: kill off UKIP. Thanks, mates!

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