Following the shattering Brexit vote there is a vacuum at the heart of our Nation.

Labour is looking to the past, hoping to find the future. Mrs May stumbles through the EU’s Brexit process and is locking us via new treaties back into the obligations that we voted to leave (but at least she has the grace to accept that we must be seen to leave). The rest of our saddo politicos actually want to reverse Brexit, oblivious to the monumental instruction to break free.

And what of UKIP? What are we doing now that we have momentarily staved off oblivion? Why have we dug so deeply into our collective pocket if not to grasp the opportunity to present a distinctive post-Brexit vision that can fire our national enthusiasm?

That the country is sick and tired of the petty squabbles that have so beset our politics is beyond doubt – why else would we have voted for such a stupendous upheaval to the status quo?

That the current mainstream cannot rise to the occasion is no surprise – they are the problem, they cannot be the solution. We voted for revolution – but we are doomed to more of the same unless we can articulate our vision for the future.

But it’s worse than that.

Our politicians are not simply lacking in vision, they represent the globalists when they they should represent us, their constituents. Our politicians have been hijacked by bankers and big business interests – including the armaments industry.

Anyone remember Tony Blair’s “dodgy dossier” by which he ushered in the Iraq war? Armaments are very lucrative – and need an enemy to justify them. After the Iraq war this was ISIS – now that ISIS has been virtually banished, are we/they lining up Russia via the Skripal saga and the alleged “chemical attack” event in Syria? Just when that war seems almost over bar the shouting? And just why are the Americans still in that benighted country? Will we look back in ten years time to the dodgy Skripal/Syria dossiers that led to a ruinous conflagration with Russia? (This is discussed elsewhere in UKIP Daily, see also UK Column).

To those who think such lies too evil to contemplate, I point out that our politicians have habitually lied to us for decades, certainly since Ted Heath led us into the EU with “no loss of sovereignty”. Why change their spots now? There is truth in the old joke “how do you know when a politician is lying?” – “When you see his lips move”. It isn’t funny when it leads to war.

But surely they couldn’t control all of the mainstream media …?

We of all people know that there is evidence that they can. And if for one purpose, then also for another.

A very great deal is hanging on UKIP now getting its act together. But before we can set out our policy stall we must agree on our beliefs. These are very powerful and we neglect them at our peril.

Our central belief is in independence and freedom:

  • Freedom of choice
  • Freedom from coercion by others
  • Freedom from arbitrary state powers
  • Freedom to follow our own beliefs subject to the law
  • Freedom for the family to bring up and educate its own children
  • Freedom from unmanageable debt
  • Freedom from unnecessary restriction
  • Freedom to speak one’s mind
  • Freedom of association
  • Freedom to own property
  • Freedom to trade
  • Freedom of information
  • Freedom to elect remunerate and recall our representatives in Parliament and local government.

Alongside freedoms come responsibilities:

  • To respect the exercise of these freedoms by others
  • To vigilantly defend and enhance our freedoms
  • To undertake a citizen’s duties (jury service etc)
  • To be truthful and honest in all our dealings
  • To honour our undertakings
  • To respect property
  • To live within our means
  • To be supportive of others, especially those less fortunate
  • To eschew violence (except in defence of self or neighbour)
  • To defend the innocent and track down the guilty
  • To support the old and the weak and to encourage the young and the strong
  • To treasure and develop our heritage, environment, and property in common
  • To be respectful of our history and careful of our future
  • To maintain sound money for the benefit of the population equally
  • To mercifully forgive that which cannot be repaid

These are principles but by themselves they are no more than “motherhood and apple pie” – yet they are hugely important.

So how to market ourselves to the voters?

UKIP needs to encapsulate what we stand for with simplicity, strength, and brevity – and then push the message home relentlessly at every opportunity.

To my mind UKIP stands for Integrity, for Independence, for Freedom, for the Family, for Justice promptly impartially and openly delivered, for Opportunity for all to fulfil their potential, for Support for those in need, and for Tolerance.

We stand for equal treatment regardless of race ethnicity social standing colour belief nationality gender sexual preference disability or other feature of humanity.

We stand on our Common Law and our historic Constitution, and for such necessary laws and Treaties as comply with these principles.

We assert that the people are supreme and therefore we stand for the democratic government of the people, by the people, and for the people as the best means of achieving these aims.

You may say that we know all this – it’s obvious, and it isn’t earth-shattering.

Actually, it isn’t at all clear until it is written down. There is plenty wrong with our country today that transgresses the above, including much of the acquis communautaire.

UKIP needs to define the beliefs that drive our policy agenda, otherwise we risk creating a mish-mash that will convince nobody and may lead to discontinuity as leaderships change.

Our beliefs are also important to point up the defective policies of our opponents as well as their own lack of principles.

We have a country to enthuse, a role in the world to develop, and little time.

Let’s do this right!

Mr. Punche-Bagge, April 2018

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