The answer to this very vexing question has become clear to me recently. I have an admission, and that’s why I have asked the editorial team to use the ‘Staff Writer’ author name so I remain anonymous: I’m using a dating site. No, I’m not cheating on a wife, I’m not married, but this is the kind of thing one doesn’t shout about to the whole world.

The site I’m using, which is a good quality site and is populated with only the nicest people (mostly professionals, and they can all write properly, no txtspk), has a political drop-down selection in your profile. The choices are:

  • Ask me later (I have seen the odd one)
  • I have no interest in politics (50% pick this)
  • Right of Centre (there’s a few, and it’s what UKIPpers have to use)
  • Conservative (lots of this one)
  • Labour (some of this one)
  • Liberal Democrat (surprisingly a lot of these)
  • Green (a handful)
  • Socialist (more about them later)
  • Left of Centre (used by socialists who don’t want to admit it)
  • Communist (not seen any of them yet)
  • Anarchic (nor seen any of them)

Noteworthy is the lack of UKIP as a choice.

I have communicated (mail, phone calls, and some initial meetings) with a few ladies who admit to voting UKIP as well! And, what is interesting is you can talk to any of them, whatever their persuasion, bar Socialists, and they will treat you like a normal human being who in a free world makes his own choices.

I found this quite surprising for those ticking Labour, Liberal Democrat or Green. They will happily have a political discussion with you and not get on their high horses … as long as you don’t get on yours!

Of course, those choosing Conservatives are the most likely to ‘score’, and many of them will admit to considering UKIP but be dissuaded by what the BBC or MSM told them, or didn’t tell them.

Those voting Green are also blithely unaware of the international socialist agenda of the Green Party, buried deep in its 2015 manifesto.

But, when it comes to Socialists, and closet Socialists (the “Left of Centres”), we are on a different planet. The minute they realise you are UKIP, or fervently want to get out of the EU, that’s it mate, you are persona non grata. You might have had half an hour or more of pleasant and relationship-building chat on the phone, and suddenly it’s like a switch is thrown. They can get quite unpleasant about it as well. You’re a “little Englander”, a “waycist”, have a “closed mind”, you’re not a decent human being basically, in their books.

That’s it. All over. They go stomping off the find a like-minded individual who will violently agree with their warped anti-democratic, politically correct, big government, green-taxing, open borders, Jeremy-is-wonderful and Obama-is-wonderful view of the world.

Why are they so different to everyone else? I’m not a psychologist, but I wonder if they are insane? Mind you, in their estimation, the rest of the world is insane for wanting true democracy, free speech, small government, cheap energy and transport, secure borders and politicians who aren’t called Jeremy or Obama.

We live and learn.

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