Our historic ability to be governed by and enjoy the freedoms of an independent sovereign nation has been removed, largely by stealth, over the past 46 years. Prior to his signing of the Treaty of Accession on 22 January 1972, Heath lied about the impending loss of our sovereignty. There can be no doubt that he was aware of the implications as stated in the response by Lord Kilmuir to Heath’s enquiry some years earlier.  It is now clear that Heath was guilty of treason in signing us up to the EU.

In the 1975 referendum we were lied to again in respect of what membership of the EU would mean for us in the future, much of which has already become evident.

It seems odd that Margaret Thatcher, who was apparently against ‘ closer union’, signed the Single European Act. Maybe she thought that we could avoid becoming part of that union and stick at a free trade agreement.

In 1992 John Major signed us up to the so called Maastricht Treaty which transferred many more powers to the EU; another act of treason. By this time, Thatcher opposed his signing of that treaty; possibly one reason for her prior removal.

It is not just government that is guilty in removing our sovereignty, even our Queen has acted a number of times against her people.  Convention might mitigate against her, as a constitutional monarch, speaking out but surely anyone in her position would have realised the implications and should have done so, particularly when her signing of such legislation was in direct breach of her Coronation Oath.

Another such act, not well publicised, was her effective submission to the pope when visiting the Vatican in May 1961. That act was her conforming to the required dress code for someone showing submission to his greater authority.

A ray of hope emerged when Ross McWhirter and Rodney Atkinson laid charges before the magistrates’ court in Hexham, Northumberland under the process known as ‘Misprision of Treason‘ on 9th September 1993.  Of course nothing has been done to investigate or progress those charges to the present day.

All the above is now compounded by the failure of government to respect the choice we made in the referendum and make our exit from the EU to be anything but that which was on the ballot paper, i.e. exit from the EU with no conditions declared. Every day it seems we read more of May’s capitulation to ever more extreme and unacceptable demands from the EU.

After all these treasonous acts it is perhaps wrong to refer to ‘saving’ our sovereignty; we have to recover it, not just for ourselves but for the generations who come after us. If we fail to act then we effectively condemn them to living in a truly Orwellian world.  ‘SOS’ in its conventional meaning is appropriate; we are in a situation which threatens our way of life.

What can we do?

As I see it we have few choices to recover our sovereignty:

  1. Gain sufficient seats in Parliament to shift the vote to opposing any subservience to the EU
  2. Gain sufficient share of the election vote to put government under threat
  3. A campaign of ‘civil disobedience’ to overthrow government

Should the above fail then our action of last resort can only be an armed uprising. However all actions require the support of the majority so we must try to engage those who live their lives, for example, Facebooking or following sports to the exclusion of all else. We must do our best to open the eyes of the Remainers to the reality of continued EU membership.

We have the opportunity to give government a bloody nose in the upcoming local elections but time is short. UKIP should put aside any rivalry for now and engage with the other anti-EU parties to avoid diluting the vote by opposing those with conforming policies on the EU.  Similar plans need to be in place for upcoming national elections too. Candidate selection from the pool so created may then be made on the basis of which candidate has the best chance of election in a particular constituency.

We have to accept that it might already be too late to recover our sovereignty at this time, but the fight must go on. Perhaps UKIP should adopt a headline policy of removing all EU control and/or influence from our government, at both local and national levels.

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