UKIP’s South East Region Committee (“Secom”) met on 1 September 2018, at Epsom.

Present: – Toby Micklethwait (Surrey, chairman); Patricia Mountain (East Sussex); Ian Garbutt (E.Sussex, treasurer); Philip Wray (E.Sussex); Nicole Bushill (Kent); Ben Fryer (Kent); Roger Arthur (W. Sussex/policy); Tony Blewett (Hants); Beverley Roberts (Berks); John Wallace (office of Ray Finch MEP); Helena Windsor (Surrey, scribe); Gerald Gravett (SE Regional Officer); Jane Duckworth (Bucks); David Tavener (Bucks); Piers Wauchope (NEC); John Perry (Statistics/Hants); Geoff Cox (guest, conference stall) Julia Searle (guest, Patriots Business Club); Ryan Waters (Kent, guest)

Apologies: Mike Glennon (W. Sussex), Jim Stanley(Oxon);   apologies from invited guests Redvers Cunningham (newspaper editor), Sebastian Cheek (YI) and Russell Hicks (poster trucks)


Meetings in future will be 6 times per year.


The OutPost newspaper, written by Redvers Cunningham, was printed on 4.9.2018.  The research that went into the OutPost was superb.

The newspaper was marketed nation-wide.

The quantity sold was a record;  but we are still NOT satisfied.

The number of households in the country is 27.2 million.   What do you think would amount to decent coverage?  May I suggest 5 million.   Let’s aim for that.

The cost, at 4p each, would be £200,000.   That sounds achievable.

We will also need enough activists to deliver.   We have lots of new joiners.   Let’s ask each one.    If every new joiner can deliver 2,000 (during Sep Oct Nov) and if we have 3,000 new joiners, then that looks like 6 million newspapers, delivered by new joiners alone.   It’s just a question of keen branch management.

UKIP’s top management has undertaken to help us get orders for a reprint of the (superb) Autumn 2018 newspaper.

The Spring 2019 newspaper will print on 28 January 2019.   We plan to take orders for that during November 2018.   Again, with the help of UKIP’s top management.

A newspaper has far more influence that a flimsy leaflet.   A newspaper is a thing of substance.   A newspaper can persuade.   People will sometimes take a newspaper with both hands and say “thank you”.

Our message to party members:   “For heaven’s sake stop delivering flimsy leaflets.   Your time is scarce”.

Strong areas of UKIP are buying the Autumn 2018 newspaper and distributing it in large quantities.

The best branch is Woking, which has taken 20,000.

If we all try hard we can aim for that 5,000,000 target and make UKIP influential again.

The Out Post Autumn 2018 Press Ready v5 by Mark angel on Scribd


Geoff Cox will run the Secom stall at conference.

We shall distribute the “OutPost” newspaper and sell beermats.

We shall promote a pusher for getting newspapers through doors.

We shall display photos and contact details of our county chairmen and specialists.  11 of those chairmen and specialists will run the stall, in rota.    Please come and meet them.

The conference is for conferring.  You can hear the speeches later on YouTube.

We shall mount a simple quiz with a bottle of prize-winning English champagne to the winner (sponsored by the Patriots Business Club).

Patriots Business Club

We have started a Patriots Business Club.

The Club will discuss and promote British Patriotism; run entertaining events; and represent politically the views of small and medium businesses.

Legally the club is called “South East Region Patriots” and is a branch of UKIP.

We plan that the Club shall be profitable for UKIP SE.

The manager is Julia Searle, businesswoman and 2016 Surrey PCC candidate.

The club will be based on a format that Julia has used in one of her companies.   Julia will bring her business links to the Club.

UKIP members will be invited, by email, to join the Club.

The first event will be in Eastbourne in October 2018.

County Improvement Plans:

Bucks will be revitalised by Jane Duckworth, who used to run Duckworth Dairies.

Oxfordshire has merged into one branch, but plans to demerge when strong.   Already Henley is flexing its muscles.


We want a PPC in every constituency, ready for a snap election.

We shall run two assessment sessions in October 2018:   one in the coastal counties, and one in the inland counties.


Patricia Mountain has got mailchimp running in the South East.   We shall be sending a short news item every Friday to each of our members.


We have recruited a top expert, John Perry.

Toby Micklethwait, Chairman, UKIP South East, 01932-873557

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