Before I talk about Tommy Robinson I’d to make an announcement.

One of the founders of Democratic Football Lads Alliance, Justin Smith, was arrested at Schiphol airport in the Netherlands on 29th May. Many of you will know Justin Smith as an organiser of previous rallies, in particular the Free Speech Rally held here on 5th May.

Justin has been detained in prison without charge since then, and he is awaiting extradition to Switzerland on a European Arrest Warrant, on what he says are totally unfounded allegations. The circumstances of his arrest and detention are extremely suspicious.

Justin has asked me to let you all know of his imprisonment. And that his lawyers are working to secure his release as soon as possible.  He’ll tell the full story when he gets out.

Lord Pearson has said in his video what he is doing to keep Tommy Robinson safe while he is in prison. And we all want him to be released as soon as possible.

In my opinion Tommy’s sentence was not a free speech issue as such but gives rise to serious questions about the fair application of the law. The questions are: was he really in contempt of court, did he really breach the terms of his suspended sentence, and if he did, was his sentence of thirteen months proportionate to his offence?

Those things are debatable, but in my view, Tommy Robinson was imprisoned not so much because of what he is supposed to have done but more because of who he is, and what he says.

Tommy Robinson is not faultless, as I am sure he would agree; but he has become a symbol of opposition to much that is rotten in our national life.

Some people call Tommy Robinson a criminal. He has indeed occasionally broken the law. But a real criminal is someone who preys on the weak and defenceless. Tommy Robinson has chosen to defend the weak and defenceless.

Some people who have broken the law have gone on to become heroes and heroines.  The Suffragettes broke the law. The are now regarded as national heroines.

Mahatma Ghandi broke the law. He was arrested and convicted thirteen times between 1908 and 1942.  He is regarded as a hero of Indian independence.

Nelson Mandela served 28 years for terrorist offences in South Africa.  He was conspiring to murder people. Yet he is now regarded as an international hero.

These people were convicted criminals, but history has decided that they were on the right side of a great cause.

Robin Hood was an outlaw who broke the law of his time.  He hunted the King’s deer in the King’s forest. Technically he was a criminal. Robin Hood defended his own people. The Sherriff of Nottingham oppressed those people.  Whose side would you rather be on: Robin Hood’s or the Sherriff of Nottingham’s? Whose side do you want to be on now? Tommy Robinson’s, or the Establishment’s?

History will judge Tommy Robinson to have been on the right side of a great cause.  A struggle between good and evil. He talks about and combats the greatest social scandal in England’s history: the industrialised and commercial sexual slavery of underage and vulnerable children by organised paedophile rape gangs.

This is an issue that the authorities did not want to confront for decades, and only reluctantly are they doing something about it. Almost every week we seem to hear of a new paedophile rape gang trial. It is given minimal coverage in the media and then forgotten about until the next time.

The great British media do not want to talk about the group identity of the rapists, or the ideology that inspires them. The rape gang members are predominantly followers of the Cult of Mohammed.

They can justify their crimes to themselves because their ideology tells them that non-cult followers are lesser human beings. It tells them that women are the property of men. The founder of their cult was himself a paedophile who kept sex slaves.  And he is held up to be a perfect model for them to follow for all time.

But we, the Infidels and Kaffirs, are not supposed to talk about it. And people who do face possible criminal prosecution under our so-called ‘hate-laws’.

So, it is hardly surprising that we now have a big problem with some of the more literally minded of the Mohammedan Cult followers. Tommy Robinson’s real crime is to be prepared to confront those issues when those in authority don’t want to.

Our great British media don’t want to talk about it. Out political class don’t want to talk about it.  But Tommy Robinson is prepared to stand up against evil and he is paying the price. He will go down in fame, they will go down in infamy.

Our Government has become the enemy of its own people.  Nowhere is that more obvious than in Mrs May betrayal of Brexit. Two years ago, the British people voted in the Referendum to leave the European Union. Mrs May’s proposals of last week-end show that she intends to betray that decision.

That betrayal is absolutely blatant. And she doesn’t even care that it is blatantly obvious. Mrs May is now doing exactly what she always intended to do.  She intends to agree a deal with the European Union whereby we may leave in name, but we will remain in reality.

The Leave side won in the Referendum against all the odds. Ordinary decent British people voted to regain their freedom. Their desire to be free will not be crushed.  But the fight is only really just beginning.

Our Government and both houses of Parliament are full of traitors, collaborators and quislings. The House of Lords contains convicted criminals who can make laws over us.  It must be swept away. We are governed by MPs who would rather see us ruled from Brussels than by our own democratically elected fellow countrymen.

It is great that so many people will come out to be counted in rallies like today’s. But you know that our elected politicians do not care how many thousands of you turn out on marches and rallies. The only thing that our treacherous political class fear is losing votes and losing their seats in Parliament.  If you want to make a difference you have to organise politically. And that means joining a political party.

Since becoming UKIP’s leader last February its members and I saved the Party from destruction, and we are building it up for the future.

UKIP secured the Referendum and won the Referendum. Now UKIP has to fight the battles of the future. We are raising money. We are recruiting new members. We are going up in the opinion polls. I want UKIP to be a populist party.  I want our policies to be popular with a majority of the population.

I want UKIP to be the party of freedom. Freedom from the European Union.  Freedom to live under our laws, not Brussel’s laws. And for those laws to be made by a Parliament of patriotic MPs – not a Parliament of traitors, collaborators and quislings.

I want Freedom of speech. Not for that freedom to be abused, but the freedom to discuss ideologies and ideas without the fear of being arrested for voicing an opinion or stating a fact. I want us to have the freedom to speak the plain truth without fear.

I want the Freedom for us to be once again be proud of our own history and our heritage. I want our descendants to be free not to have to live in a Britain dominated by Islam. As Winston Churchill rightly said in 1898, “Islam is the most regressive force on earth”.

If you want those things then I ask you to rally to UKIP’s banner.  Be among the steadily growing number of people joining UKIP. UKIP is the only real opposition to the political establishment of Theresa’s Traitors and Corbyn’s Commies.

Today, the 14th July, is the 229th anniversary of the storming of the Bastille and the start of the French Revolution. We need a democratic revolution in Britain. A peaceful revolution through the ballot box.  Only you the people can make it happen. Don’t delay, or your freedom may be lost forever.

Join UKIP, make us stronger, help us carry the fight for freedom onwards. It won’t be easy. It will take time. But the alternative to freedom is serfdom and slavery.

Join the struggle to be free. Let’s give Tommy Robinson something to celebrate when he gets out.


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