Do the old political parties make you feel blue or see a scruffy yellow?

Do their policies cause you to see red?

Or when you pierce the green shell of your watermelon, do you also see red?

If you suffer from any of these, then you need UKIP with its remarkable cleaning powers!

Bid farewell to their stains on your character, say cheerio to their smears on your opinions, shout goodbye to their grubby behaviour and discover UKIP.

See how UKIP:

  • sweeps away inertia
  • brushes aside doubt
  • cuts through the grime of Westminster
  • attacks stubborn blockages
  • removes unsightly Marx
  • restores tarnished trust
  • washes its hands of EU restrictions
  • scrubs the flaws of political correctness
  • wipes the smile from arrogant officials
  • renovates our porous borders
  • resists blots on the landscape
  • and neutralises the stench of The Establishment.

UKIP, with extra Farage, has a unique formula of listening to voters and believing in Britain; gone is the stigma of patriotism.

See how its common sense approach turbo charges democracy by tackling the issues others would rather ignore; watch as it refreshes the tired fabric of society and breaks the mould of British politics.

UKIP, with its rapid, self-cleaning action expels the dirt the rest leave behind. Banish the LibLabCon blemish with fast-acting, multi-purpose UKIP,  the only nuclear detergent Britain needs.

This spring, exchange the drab material of your old party for the bright, rejuvenating properties of UKIP. Try new, bold UKIP for a visible difference and make your neighbours green with envy.

Available 7th May from all good polling booths or order earlier by post through your local council.

UKIP, to get the job done.

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