Ed: it gives me great pleasure to publish this update or ‘further statement’ by Paul Oakden, which some but not all members received a short while ago. we recall his statement on Monday which we published that same evening here

From that statement it was obvious to us that the special meeting was supposed to take place on Thursday, Jan 18th 2018. We also were told in no uncertain terms that nobody of the ‘central party’ would speak about this or anything related to it to anyone. 

I shall refrain from mentioning that the leader, Henry Bolton, broke this rule himself by giving a videoed interview for ‘Westmonster’ which most of you will have seen, so I won’t link to it here. Yesterday morning, one member of the NEC posted the following on his Facebook page:

Henry Bolton gave an interview yesterday to Westmonster declaring his refusal to resign.This was despite the NEC agreeing to give no interviews until our next meeting to discuss him. We,including him were bound by NEC confidentiality.

He has spoken, he will cling to his job whatever.

i now openly call for him to resign as so many members wish and to save the party money. To force him to leave needs a vote of nine NEC members with seven days plus notice followed by a members EGM

There seems to have been at least one other person involved who broke the NEC Omertà – because earlier today the link to this report made the rounds which said that the NEC meeting was being postponed. The report mentioned their evidence came from ’email chains’ which they had seen. Upon inquiring, I also was made aware of such emails. These emails had been sent to single members. No general statement of this postponement to all of us however … until now. Furthermore, in the last couple of days I was made aware of rumours hinting at this postponement, but was told not to mention it for fear of retribution. 

I think we can conclude that Orwell was right: some animals are indeed more equal than others, or: some leakers are more equal than others. I accept that the leak about this postponement was due more to ineptitude than malice, but the fact remains: some who knew were not allowed to speak out while others who knew wrote emails with the postponement date stated baldly.

Thus the statement below, half a day after the first leak was published:

Dear ….

On Monday, you received an email from me giving notice that a meeting had been called to discuss the recent press coverage of our Leader, Henry Bolton.

At the time of drafting the statement, the NEC had intended holding this special meeting ten days later. However, in order to ensure maximum attendance it has been agreed that the meeting should be held at a weekend so as to ensure all NEC members have their opportunity to be present to represent your views.

As a result, the meeting will take place on Sunday. 21st January.

I will report back to members after the meeting on its outcome.

Kind Regards 

Photo by DRVMX

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