Until this week it had been a pleasure to be in this leadership contest for UKIP, which I joined partly because of its commitment to freedom of speech, truth, honesty and its stand against political correctness.

On Sunday 6th June, I completed a leaders’ questionnaire for Support4The Family (see here), which I updated on Tuesday 8th June to clarify one of my answers.

On Wednesday 9th August an article appeared in a blog publication entitled ‘Pink News’ which was in my opinion a hatchet job designed to cast me in the worst light possible, for the consumption of the liberal metropolitan elite. It is unsurprising that this has caused a backlash among the politically correct media class, but the response from some quarters in UKIP has been astonishing.

Without contacting me at all, some people, including another candidate for the leadership and another person who previously attempted to have me deselected as a candidate for the London Assembly, have either attacked me publicly or signed an open letter calling for my exclusion from the contest, simply for expressing traditional views and mentioning the results of some studies.

I have always stated my opposition to teaching sex education in primary school, and been clear about my belief that secondary school sex education should simply teach the scientific facts about reproduction and chromosomes. Parents are the primary educators of their children and the current push to sexualize them, particularly with transgender education from a very young age, is harmful and damaging to children’s natural development as boys and girls.

I also stated that my personal opinion is that marriage is between a man and a woman. This is the definition of marriage in the vast majority of countries, and my personal opinion is that the millennia old definition of marriage we had in Britain should not have been changed in 2013. This is an issue of conscience, but in the event that there were a free vote on it, I would vote to restore traditional marriage.

Another of the main points of the survey was the point of reasonable accommodation. This is a tolerant country, but as we have seen recently, with the Ashers bakery case, the National Trust debacle and the closure of Catholic adoption agencies, tolerance is turning into forced participation of the ‘progressive’ agenda.

UKIP must be the party which stands up against political correctness, or cultural Marxism to give it its proper name. If we do not, then the country will lose its freedom.

With the Conservative party now fully embracing the ‘progressive’ agenda, only UKIP is left in the political sphere to fight for the freedom for people to express traditional, Judaeo-Christian values and the right to say that you believe in traditional marriage and the traditional family.

The most contentious point of the blog headline is the implication that I believe that homosexuality is caused by child abuse. This is not what I said, and it is not what I believe. I did not suggest at all that all homosexual people have been abused. What is true, however, is that there is no evidence for a ‘gay gene’ – a specific set of codons in our DNA which pre-determine sexual orientation. It is also true that some studies have concluded that there is a higher incidence of childhood abuse among homosexual people, including Johnson and Shrier (1985), Tomeo (2001), Wells (2010) and Lehovat, Molina and Simoni (2012).

If it is now politically incorrect within UKIP to mention and discuss the conclusions of independent scientific studies, however contentious to politically correct orthodoxy, then we have succumbed to totalitarianism ourselves. I will, however, continue to fight political correctness and act in favour of seeking truth through honesty, debate and discussion. Part of that is to fight for traditional values, which have now been replaced in this country by ‘modern values’. The Conservative Party has joined in with the ‘progressive’ left in undermining traditional marriage and the family.

For the sake of the nation, it is vital that UKIP does not go the same way. It is not surprising that people have entered UKIP who also support the agenda of cultural Marxism, as UKIP stands for freedom and liberty. It is now clear that there are certain entryists who wish to close down the ‘wrong opinions’ just as much as the mainstream media who we must to continue to fight for our freedom of speech.

I hope that I will be allowed to stand in the leadership contest so that members have a choice of whether we are to truly be a party which stands for freedom of speech or not.


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