Yesterday, I could barely restrain my fury and rage. Today is the time for an icy-cold look at what happened. Yesterday, Anne Marie Waters said it all in her tweet:


Today, I say: we mustn’t stop talking.

How many times have we warned about a mass terrorist attack here in our country? How many times have we said that, yes, islam is to blame? How many more times do our government, media and Chief Constables think they can get away with their mantra of ‘lone wolf – mentally ill – nothing to do with islam’? How big must that elephant in the room become before they accept the truth: it is everything to do with islam?


I won’t rehash the rolling reports in Tuesday’s papers (see this one, for example), nor will I report, even with gritted teeth, what our PM and Party leaders had to say. It was all too predictable. We could have written the scripts for their speeches ourselves.

Our dear politicians of all stripes – yes, our UKIP leaders as well  – announced a moratorium from campaigning on Tuesday morning. What now can we expect for the rest of the campaign?

The MSM will forthwith condemn any candidate who dares mention the connection between that attack and islam as ‘trying to score political points on the backs of terrorist victims, how disgusting’, saying that it is shameless to talk about this on social media. So it remains again for us ordinary voters to ask the inconvenient questions of politicians and MSM alike wherever we can.


Some observations on Monday’s terrorist attack and the aftermath are certainly in order:

The Security services occasionally tell the MSM how many putative terrorist plots they have prevented. I am sure they have – but as a Hamas ‘representative’ once said in regard to rocket attacks on Israel: ‘they have to get lucky all the time, we only have to get lucky once’. Monday evening, they got lucky and our kids died. One girl they killed was eight years old.


Last year in Germany, there was an attempt by a ‘refugee’ to do exactly the same thing. He went to an open-air pop concert, with a bomb in his rucksack. He was caught, he was shot. Might we ask: Did our security forces know this? If not – why not? Was it impossible to prevent such attack? Or are there now too many potential terrorists to be observed by the security forces? One wonders how that came about …


I will mention this report: the terrorist “may have been” known to the police, and they are now looking for accomplices. So, not really a ‘lone wolf’ then, as our government keeps telling us. Will they now accept that there are no ‘lone wolves’?

There was another report yesterday indicating that this attack happened ‘outside the security zone’. There are other speculations, such as that there were tweets warning of this attack four hours before the event. Others pointed out that ambulances and police were at the scene very quickly and in large numbers, asking if they might have had an inkling …

But these are speculations. The actual facts are well known by now. Only, we are not supposed to ask, we’re not supposed to talk about them. We’re supposed to believe what government tells us, namely that nothing can be done against lone, mentally ill wolves; that anyway, such things are ‘part and parcel of living in a big city’ and that this has of course nothing to do with islam.
Let me be blunt. This and previous governments have abdicated their duty to protect us, the citizens they have sworn to protect. That’s the stark truth. They have let and are still letting potential terrorists into our country (see this report) because not doing so would be xenophobic. We citizens, we voters, are of no account. We don’t need no protection. We’re just islamophobic.

There are however two personalities whose public reaction in the MSM yesterday do need to be mentioned:

Andy Burnham, Mayor of Manchester, said early yesterday that we must try and keep ‘business as usual’, if possible. ‘Business as usual’ while the bodies were still being counted after that terrorist attack: yes, that will console the families of the 22 dead kids! But wait – he called for a candle-lit vigil on Tuesday evening. Tealights and teddy bears: that’s how we combat islamic terrorism!

The Bishop of Manchester also had to say something – and wouldn’t you know, he told us that it’s the muslims who are the real victims … That is what the families of the dead and injured young people really needed to hear from their Bishop!

We ordinary people whose children were targeted, we ordinary people whose relatives were mown down by a vehicle in London: we have no right at all to be afraid of muslim attacks! We’re only bigoted racists. We’re only stupid islamophobes. Muslims however – they have a right to fear for their lives, because of a ‘backlash’. How many backlashes do you recall? Were there any?

“A society that cannot defend its children has no future”, said the man most hated and vilified in the West, Vladimir Putin. How true!

Our children haven’t been defended for decades, they’ve been sacrificed on the altar of ‘diversity’ and ‘community cohesion’. That’s why Rotherham is everywhere. And if they cannot groom and rape our children, they kill them, as on Monday in Manchester.

Meanwhile, here’s the latest government ‘mantra’, from Amber Rudd, Home Secretary: “This will not divide us”. Oh really? Katie Hopkins tweeted:


I can’t begin to tell you how much ”Je suis sick of this shit”! Not just of the terrorism, but also of the vapid, stupid, irresponsible utterings by our political “elite”.

I leave you with this statement by our UKIP Daily author and PPC for Barnsley East, James Dalton:

Ah well – Ramadan starts this Friday … they won’t bomb us during their holy month, will they?






Photo by Lorie Shaull

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