The politics of contempt were still on display on BBC2 Newsnight on Monday evening.

An assorted clique of political insiders – two journalists, one a Tory the other New Labour, along with a former LibDem adviser – were desperately trying to airbrush away UKIP’s astonishing success in the local and European elections.

Might UKIP succeed in electing MP’s next year? “Fantasy!” sneered Phil Collins, a Times columnist who once wrote speeches for Tony Blair.

Should Cameron do a deal with UKIP? Oh no “they’re too toxic in the eyes of the electorate” opined Tim Montongomerie, Conservative blogger and Times journalist.

Meanwhile Miranda Green of the LibDems thought that life would pretty much carry on as usual for her party.

Witness Matthew Parris, former Conservative MP, journalist and columnist in The Times who recently declared with Olympian self regard: “Yes, Mr Farage speaks for millions. But no – he speaks nonsense and millions speak nonsense and nonsense should not be indulged.”

These people cannot comprehend that there are those of us who dare to disagree with their North London dinner party certainties – people whose views, thanks to an inconvenience called democracy, might just win the debate and win the day

– Correction! People whose views are winning the debate and the day.

Meanwhile Phil, Tim, Miranda and Matthew et al are no doubt wondering when they’re going to wake up from what just has to be the most awfully bad dream.




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