Life, vitality, optimism, prosperity. These characteristics are evident when you are in a successful environment. Well maintained buildings, functioning roads, well-kept green areas, vibrant markets, sports clubs, pubs and restaurants, prosperity and peacefulness – the absence of crime and poverty. And smiles on faces.

Wherever I have visited in the UK, whether north or south, rural or urban, I am always struck by the characteristics of those constituencies over which Labour has held power. Whether in Huddersfield, East Hull, Halifax, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, Middlesbrough, Bradford, Sheffield or Barnsley the lack of investment in the fabric of areas in these towns and their outskirts is shocking and depressing. What has Labour done for those who give them their votes?

My recent visit to Stoke took me to a council estate where I spent three hours walking the streets and delivering leaflets. The local school was surrounded by an eight foot metal fence – something I never saw in my youth. The three ‘community’ buildings were boarded up, unused and unmaintained. The potholes were deep and old, no evidence of competent maintenance. Or incompetent maintenance. The church looked boarded up and deserted too. The people with whom I spoke were talkative, polite. “Hello”..”Hello duck.”  There is much apathy, much despair. Thanks Labour.

In Stoke, the buildings are rotting, the factories derelict with absent roofs and foliage occupying former potter’s work stations. The highway drains are silted up, defunct, and the rivers form on the roads. The smiles are welcoming, yet sad. The spirit is present, but fatigued. These people of Stoke, our countrymen and women, have been deserted and abandoned. Thanks Labour.

Labour has overseen the governance of areas like Stoke for decades. Stoke Central has returned a Labour MP since 1950 when the constituency was created and Barnett Stross was elected. It was then a hive of activity, manufacturing, wealth and pots. The last individual selected by the Labour Party to be MP for Stoke Central was Tristram Hunt, who has now deserted the people to take up a position at the V&A, a position more suited to his limited talents I would suggest. I say selected, because the Labour Party has discovered that, the poorer their constituents are, the less prosperity they see, the worse their world becomes, the more they will vote Labour. It is a betrayal of the most inhuman kind. Labour keep their constituencies poor and divided, call the Conservatives evil and nasty, claim the NHS as Labour property and BINGO! Labour keeps power. Classic divide and rule.

That the Labour Party waste taxpayers money on foreign wars, short term giveaways, creation of non-jobs and the inflation of the public sector bureaucracy is not highlighted to their voters. That the local hospitals are crippled under the debt payments to corporations designed and implemented by Labour under their PFI schemes is hidden from the voters by our biased media. That the council fails to maintain local infrastructure or create new housing is blamed on others, ‘Nasty Tories’, rather those who have power to help – the local Labour Councillors.

Labour doesn’t care about Stoke. It doesn’t care about Stokies. It doesn’t care about Huddersfield, East Hull, Halifax, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, Middlesbrough, Bradford, Sheffield, or Barnsley. It cares about power. It cares about control. And to achieve this it has morphed from a party of the working class, a people’s party, to a cynical organisation with the sole focus of achieving power ‘by whatever means’. It has sacrificed and continues to sacrifice the wellbeing of the people of this country by maintaining poverty, expanding the gap between the haves and have-nots, and preventing those people who they claim to represent from improving their lot and advancing their prosperity.

The proof is there to see, whichever Labour ‘safe seat’ one wishes to visit. When traditional Labour voters wake up and see that the Party that was created to improve the lives, health and wealth of the working classes in the UK, that once attracted statesmen, patriots and working class heroes – like Hardy, Bevan, Benn, Shore or Foot – has been taken over by political ideologues and anti-Britons, then the Labour Party will be no more. There is nothing left in Labour, no ideas, no intelligence, no morality, no vision and no respect of Britons.

The people of Stoke, as elsewhere, need representation. They need a positive unifying message of hope and the vision of a more prosperous future. The Labour Party is dying and it deserves to die due to its betrayal of the British people. UKIP can provide hope to those who have been left behind. Whether sufficient people are opening their eyes, looking at Labour constituencies and asking “What has Labour done for us?” yet, we will know more on Friday this week.

Whatever the result of the Stoke Central by-election on Thursday, the facts will not change – Labour have betrayed the UK and the people need a Party that will represent everyone – rich and poor, old and young, male and female, healthy and ill. UKIP needs to continue rejecting the politics of division, promoting a patriotic and unifying message and staying true to its libertarian principles. Eventually, as more people see through the oratory and lies of Labour, they will look for a Party who they can trust.

Let us, together, make UKIP that Party. For Stoke, for England and for the UK!

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