I know this is a strong letter, but our party is dead, and drastic action is required to breathe life back into it.

What is the definition of an idiot? To keep doing the same thing again and again, and expecting the same result.

That’s not us. We are not afraid to try something new, to win an election, are we, my fellow kippers? You are ready and eager to read this email and adopt some guerilla warfare/marketing techniques!

THIS IS IMPORTANT. If we are to do this election properly, we need to think strategically.

The official UKIP leaflet is SHOCKINGLY bad and has zero value. The alternate design circulating has a very, very, very good choice of nice font/colours; similar to the design I myself drew up with Martin. But the message needs far more FOCUS, or that leaflet is going straight into wheelie bins. Every time, every election, this is done wrong. Friends, this stops now! It is time to FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS.

You are on a battlefield, thousands of men charging at you. Are you, alone, going to like an idiot wander out there with your rifle and try to take them all on? No! You are a kipper. You are smart.

You will stop and think. You must be strategic. You have to toughen up to the reality of the situation, rather than burying your head like the proverbial ostrich, and you adapt.

You acknowledge that you are going up against a Tory/Labour dominant force, which is better funded, better marketed, and better organised, with more activists. YOU HAVEN’T GOT A CHANCE IN A HEAD ON BATTLE! So don’t use conventional methods! It must not be ignored. The generic soundbites on this leaflet won’t work!

You are a guerilla! You hide in a tree, you keep your head down, and you take that one shot, and kill the king. You take out the leader. The army is lost. Chaos. The attack on yourself is halted. Victory. FOCUS. As Eminem said, “You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow” – yes, I am sure you all knew exactly who I was quoting, which just shows the need to delegate to Millennials (age late 20s, 30s) if you want to connect with our age group, the core electorate, and win more votes.

If you want to win a seat locally, stop fighting every bloody issue! FOCUS! STOP TALKING ABOUT WHAT LABOUR AND TORIES DO! If a liberal politician is what people want, they won’t vote for a copycat when they can have the genuine slimebag!

You need to find one LOCAL issue that the other parties are not talking about. No, not Brexit. This isn’t the referendum. LOCAL LOCAL LOCAL. ONE issue (not 4 billion!!) that everyone in your neighbourhood is PISSED OFF with the Tory/Labour parties for not dealing with. A unique selling point. Something the locals really want.

DO THIS OR DON’T CAMPAIGN!!! Look on Facebook groups. Talk to people on the street (NOT THE DOORS! Go to the High St and just chat to people!) Google the web like mad. Find that issue and OWN IT. Otherwise, there is little purpose to handing out flyers.

A local issue is crucial. Everything on the flyer must be about that. The quote. The big letters at the top. (Get rid of UKIP in large bold letters on the top! Most people hate UKIP and think it is racist. Be good if they could see something that will entice they see the UKIP logo at the bottom. I’d also suggest the candidate’s name is in larger letters.)

Also, leaflets are so last century. Shortcuts don’t work. You are going to interact more with people. Set up a campaign group. Get out there with your mobile phone and take photos. Get that phone, and film yourself, 60 seconds, once a week, banging on about that one LOCAL issue.

Many people in UKIP are producing these retro 1980s PDF newsletters. I am sure you mean well, and you love UKIP, and you put hours of hard work into that, and you are a wonderful person…. and thank you, but to be honest, they make me want to stab my eyes out. This is not how to inspire the next generation to carry the torch.

We want to see NO MORE pages of boring black text on white that no one will read. We must have short, pithy, snappy passages. Use images, even videos – everyone has a mobile. If you are not into this, you need to delegate. This party needs to engage Millennials.

No more PDF attachments that DO NOT WORK WELL ON MOBILE!!! Who is going to read that on the train to work, or while checking their phone on their lunch break? No one! …you need to delegate to a student or someone who can use a REAL newsletter service like MailChimp.

PLEASE. I wish everyone rode horses these days: the romance of it; I’d really love to gallop around like one of the Musketeers, I really would, but sometimes we have to let go of the past and move with the times!


Luke Nash-Jones

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