The Telegraph has a story about a compromise over the European Court of Justice.

Theresa May is heading towards a version of Brexit that effectively fails to withdraw Britain from the European Union, a former senior judge and an 
ex-leader of the Tories have warned.
Sir Richard Aikens, a Court of Appeal judge until 2015, told the Prime Minister that a proposed “compromise” on oversight by the European Court of Justice was “dangerous” and would be “tantamount to reversing the result of the 2016 referendum”.
His warning comes amid a growing Cabinet row over the plans.
In an article for the Telegraph, Iain Duncan Smith, the former Conservative leader and one of the party’s most influential Eurosceptics, agrees with Sir Richard and warns that the move could lead to European judges overseeing trade disputes.
Mrs May is facing mounting protests over the plans from within her Government.


In other Brexit news, the Mail reports the results of a survey.

The EU has taken advantage of Theresa May’s ‘botched’ Election to run rings around Britain in  Brexit talks – and has used her weakened position to ‘punish’ us with a massive ‘divorce’ bill.
The backlash was revealed in the first major opinion poll since it emerged that the Government is ready to pay around £50 billion to ensure EU negotiations progress to a new round of trade talks.
According to a Survation study for The Mail on Sunday, there is no doubt who is judged to have ‘won’ the first round of talks between EU negotiator Michel Barnier and Brexit Secretary David Davis.
A total of 43 per cent said the EU had got the best deal – only 16 per cent said the UK had come out on top. And they believe the £50 billion bill has more to do with vindictiveness than fairness.
Asked why the EU had demanded so much, the top choice among those surveyed was ‘because the EU wants to punish us’, followed by Mrs May’s weakness after her Election gamble backfired. The least popular answer was that it reflects what the UK owes Brussels.
A total of 57 per cent of voters believe the UK should not give the EU £50 billion, with only 20 per cent in favour. 

The Times lists the ‘red lines’ that it claims the PM should not cross at her meeting with Juncker tomorrow.

Senior Eurosceptics have fired a warning shot at Theresa May, issuing seven new “red lines” she should not cross when she meets Jean‑Claude Juncker tomorrow to try to kickstart trade talks with the European Union.
Their demands will pile pressure on May to talk tough when she has lunch with Juncker. The meeting is designed to clear the way for the commencement of talks on Britain’s future relationship with the EU to be given approval at a Brussels summit on December 14. The government has so far signalled that it will continue to accept free movement and EU regulations during the transition and May says she wants a full trade deal.

And the Sun puts it more bluntly – discuss trade or the deal’s off.

THERESA May was urged to issue a final ultimatum to EU chiefs last night – stop dragging your feet or Brexit talks are off.
Senior allies say she must refuse to hand over a penny of our divorce bill until she know what Britain will get in return.
Mrs May is expected to offer £40billion at a crunch lunch with European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker in Brussels.
But she has been told to throw down the gauntlet and tell him bluntly he won’t see a penny unless our demands are met.
In a letter to the PM, 40 senior MPs, peers, economists and business leaders have told her to play hard ball.
They say she must demand a tariff-free trade deal by the end of March, Britain’s total withdrawal from the European Court of Justice and freedom to sign and implement trade deals with the rest of the world from March 2019.

Mrs May should not agree to anything with conditions, says BBC News.

Leading Brexit supporters have urged the prime minister not to settle the UK’s “divorce bill” unless the EU agrees to a series of conditions.
The Leave Means Leave group, which includes ex-cabinet ministers, says Brussels must end the European Court of Justice’s jurisdiction over the UK.
It also wants freedom of movement to the UK for EU citizens to stop when Britain leaves the bloc in March 2019.
Theresa May is to hold more meetings next week on the terms of the UK exit.
The UK is hoping to move on to talking about trade but the EU will only do this when it deems “sufficient progress” has been made on three areas – the so-called divorce bill, the rights of EU citizens in the UK after Brexit and the Irish border.
The prime minister has said discussions were continuing over the amount the UK will pay to meet obligations arising from its membership but has already indicated ECJ rulings will apply during a planned two-year transition period.

And the Express urges Mrs May to refuse to pay anything at all.

LEADING Brexiteers are urging Theresa May to serve notice on EU bosses at crunch talks tomorrow that they will not get a penny unless British demands are met.
They have signed a letter calling on the Prime Minister to lay down red lines when she meets European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker and his chief negotiator Michel Barnier in Brussels.
The move comes amid continuing brinkmanship ahead of a summit later this month where EU leaders will decide whether to give the go-ahead to the next round of Brexit negotiations, including talks on a free-trade deal.
The hard-hitting letter, organised by Leave Means Leave and signed by business leaders and politicians across the political divide, accuses EU negotiators of acting in “a manner sadly unbecoming of an international body”.
It also accuses the EU of demanding “vast sums of money from the UK but declining to set out what the UK will get in return”.

A leading Brexiteer claims he has a solution to the Irish question, says the Express.

JACOB REES-MOGG has offered a brilliant solution to the Irish border situation, which threatens to derail Brexit trade negotiations.
The prominent Brexiteer put the ball in Ireland and the European Union’s court to erect a hard border between Northern Ireland and the Republic if they pleased.
European Union bosses have been adamant that Britain will not be allowed to start trade talks until Brussels’ three key issues are met – the so-called divorce bill, EU citizens’ rights and the Irish border.
Simon Coveney, the Republic’s newly appointed Deputy Prime Minister, warned Theresa May, despite seemingly settling two of the three issues, she still has one major hurdle to jump.
Speaking to reporters, Mr Coveney phase two Brexit talks can not begin without credible unstinting of the implications for the Irish border.
Responding to the Irish politician’s comments, Mr Rees-Mogg told Sky News: “The solution was actually set out to the committee by the head of HMRC, on Wednesday, when he said that there was absolutely no need for hard border between the UK and the Republic of Ireland, he could implement Government policy and there are declarations that people could make on customs, the same way they do with VAT, and he had no problem with implementing Government policy.


Meanwhile, the Tory leader’s position is under threat again, says the Telegraph.

Theresa May is “hanging on by a thread” and businesses should prepare for a government led by Jeremy Corbyn, the world’s largest financial exchange operator has warned.
A paper issued by CME Group entitled “What to Expect from a Prime Minister Corbyn” was sent to investors and business leaders last month, and included a prediction that a Labour government would lead to a possible “nightmare scenario for the pound”.
It is one of a series of cases of major organisations preparing for Mr Corbyn coming to power in the weeks Mrs May’s minority government has been rocked by a series of damaging rows and Cabinet resignations, as well as growing uncertainty over negotiations with Brussels over Britain’s departure from the European Union.

And Breitbart reports on high-level reports with Mrs May’s potential successor.

Former Trump chief strategist Steve Bannon met in London on Thursday with Jacob Rees-Mogg, Conservative Member of Parliament and “a favourite among Conservative members to be the next party leader,” according to The Guardian.
Breitbart London Editor in Chief Raheem Kassam set up Bannon’s meetings with Rees-Mogg and other UK political figures, including former UKIP leader Nigel Farage, to discuss how the populist conservative movement can win in Britain.
Asked about the meetings, Kassam said: “Brexit and the election of President Trump were inextricably linked, so the discussions focused on how we move forward with winning for the conservative movements on both sides of the pond, how you build movements, on the ground and digitally, and what Steve’s brand of economic nationalism – which puts the interests of ordinary people first – can do in the US and United Kingdom.”
Rees-Mogg’s “Moggmentum” followers have attracted comparisons with the US Tea Party as they champion rightwing ideas, grassroots activism and shaking up the conservative establishment.


Labour are doing better in the polls, says the Mail.

Jeremy Corbyn has stretched his lead over the Tories to eight points – the largest gap in any poll for five months.
The poll by Survation, which was the only company to accurately forecast June’s General Election result, puts Labour on 45 per cent, with the Conservatives trailing on 37 per cent.
The findings will be greeted with dismay inside No 10, which had taken heart from the fact that despite Theresa May’s multiplying political problems – her disastrous conference speech, the loss of Sir Michael Fallon from her Cabinet in the sex harassment furore and the pornography row hanging over First Secretary Damian Green – it had not fed through into a significant lead for Mr Corbyn.
A fortnight ago, Mrs May’s chief of staff, Gavin Barwell, tweeted after a poll was published giving the Tories a four-point lead: ‘When you are still at your desk 17 hours after you arrived at work, this is the kind of news you want to see.’
A previous Survation poll, on October 5, gave Labour a six point lead. 

But the Guardian claims the hard left is trying to take over the party.

Labour is facing the biggest crisis in its history as the leftwing pressure group Momentum tries to purge it of moderate MPs and councillors in a systematic takeover of the party, former deputy leader Roy Hattersley has warned.
His dramatic intervention comes as details can be revealed of a vicious power struggle between moderates and leftwing forces in Momentum and the Unite union that now threatens to split the ruling national executive committee (NEC) and reopen party divisions.
The row, over the selection of Labour’s parliamentary candidate in the marginal seat of Watford, has led local party officials to launch an official complaint to the NEC after they were ordered to place a Momentum-backed senior official of Unite on their final selection shortlist, days after having rejected him at interview.
In a letter leaked to the 
Observer, members of the Watford party who sit on the selection committee claim that party democracy is being subverted.

The Sun has picked up the story.

A LABOUR councillor – who is the son of a miner – has been deselected by Momentum activists because he is “too working class”.
Kieran Harpham’s bid to stay on as councillor for Broomhill and Sharrow Vale, Sheffield, has allegedly been rebuffed as the electoral ward has been taken over by hard-left activists, according to reports.
Reciting their claims, Labour insiders said the 27-year-old appears “too authentically working class” and he’s “not Left-wing enough”, the Daily Mail reported.
But an anonymous former council member, slammed their suggestions and told the newspaper: “Kieran’s deselection is absolutely bonkers. What kind of situation is it when a shadow minister’s stepson isn’t left-wing enough?”


A boost for manufacturing is covered by the Sun.

BRITAIN’S factories are growing are at their quickest pace for four years, it emerged today.
The fall in the value of the pound after Brexit has provided a massive boost for exporters by making British goods cheaper to buy abroad.
New figures today showed strong growth in the UK’s manufacturing sector.
The purchasing managers’ index (PMI) for November came in at 58.2 – the highest rating since August 2013.
Experts said the soaring figures were thanks to strong domestic demand as well as a rise in exports.
New orders have been pouring in from Asia and the Middle East as well as our traditional trading partners in Europe and the Middle East.

And Breitbart has picked up the story.

UK factories are experiencing their best business conditions for four years, with factories needing to increase hiring to cope with the rising demand.
British factories are experiencing strong demand in production, not just at home but from abroad with export demand being particularly high, beating City expectations, reports 
The Guardian.
Research firm IHS Markit and the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply’s monthly industry health check found that all manufacturing sectors are at their most upbeat since the summer of 2013, with the manufacturing performance index growing from 56.6 in October to 58.2 in November.
According to IHS Market, it was the 10th best showing in the survey’s 26-year history.

Westmonster reports a thriving industry.

Britain’s factories are thriving with growth the highest it has been for years. The IHS Markit/CIPS manufacturing purchasing managers’ index has seen the industry with a reading of 58.2, the highest since August 2013.
A weaker pound has made UK-manufactured products a more attractive proposition for those how want to buy from overseas.
British factories are on a hiring spree to keep up with demand, providing more jobs.
This is the latest in a long line of incredibly strong figures for British factories, with companies now seeing their biggest number of new orders since 1988.
Factory output has also grown at its fastest rate since 1995.
More good news the Remoaners will ignore…


Will Prince Charles ever be king? The Express addresses that question.

PRINCES William and Harry may not allow Charles to make Camilla his Queen when he becomes King, it has been claimed.
Courtiers believe Charles would need the backing of his sons to make her his Queen, rather than “Princess Consort”.
But it is unclear whether William or Harry would offer any such support.
One of Prince Charles’ friends has said: “He has little influence over the boys these days beyond the fact that he controls their money.”
Moreover, an old friend of Diana’s who went to Kensington Palace earlier this year to discuss the boys’ plans for a statue of their mother, told the Mail: “It was pretty clear they don’t have a good word for Camilla.”

The Star also covers the possibility.

PRINCES William and Harry may not help Camilla become Queen amid growing royal tensions, insiders claim.
Clarence House said in 2005 that Camilla would become Princess Consort after she married Prince Charles.
It is thought Charles will require the backing of his two sons to instead make Camilla Queen.
However, it is unclear if they will provide enough support as “they are not close” to the Duchess of Cornwall, sources claim.
One of Prince Charles’ friends told the Daily Mail: “He has little influence over the boys these days beyond the fact that he controls their money.
“But he’s so absorbed with his own life, with Camilla and the extra work he is accumulating from the Queen and his father, he doesn’t have the time anyway.”
It was earlier claimed Charles may step aside to allow his son to take the throne.

Capital of Culture

Following the EU’s hissy-fit over the prospect of a British city becoming the Capital of Culture, the Times reports a call for us to have our own winner.

Lord Bragg, the arts broadcaster, led calls this weekend for Britain to brush off rejection by Brussels and nominate a city to be our capital of culture for 2023.
He said the hard work of five contenders need not be wasted, despite the decision by the European Commission to cancel Britain’s turn to hold the year-long city of culture event in 2023 because of Brexit.
The Sunday Times is calling for one of the five to be crowned the British victor in defiance of the EU’s decision.
Bragg, who is best known for presenting The South Bank Show and Radio 4’s In Our Time, said the event “transforms a city for a year, it gives a city pride, music — it’s very, very good news.

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