The Express claims an exclusive story that the population of Britain will rise by 30 million this century because of immigration.

BRITAIN’S population will expand to 90million by the end of the century, mainly due to immigration.

Figures show that newcomers and their children will create “all or nearly all” of the growth from 25 years onwards.

This will mean that a new home must be built every seven minutes to house new migrants for the next 20 years.

If there were no immigration, the numbers would rise only slightly in the next 20 years then fall to current levels by 2100.

However, immigrants and their descendants are expected to push the UK population up 30 million by the next century, according to official statistics.


In another exclusive, the Express reports Nigel Farage’s call for the security services to be given the tools to fight extremism.

NIGEL FARAGE last night called for security services to be “given the tools to do the job” in tackling extremism in Britain.

He questioned whether the Government “has the will” to properly equip the spy services to combat the threat of radicalism.

The Ukip leader spoke out after MI5 was accused of letting Jihadi John Mohammed Emwazi “slip through its fingers”.

Talking exclusively to the Sunday Express at his party’s conference in Margate, Kent, he said: “The two biggest areas of radicalisation in the UK are the education system and the prison system.

“These are both things that are under public control, therefore these are both things that if we have got the will we can do something about.

“I am very struck that Michael Gove, as the Education Secretary, was getting to grips with radicalisation in Birmingham and was sacked for his trouble.

“So what I am asking is does this Government have the will, really have the will to deal with it?

“We have spent billions fighting wars since 2001.

“I don’t believe those wars have made the streets of London safer, I really don’t.”

General Election

A poll reported in Breitbart shows that Nigel Farage is on course to win a seat in Parliament in May.

Nigel Farage is on track to win a seat in the House of Commons in May. A new poll has revealed that he currently enjoys an 11 percent lead over the Labour Party, whilst the Tory incumbents will be pushed into third place. This is the first poll to name the candidates in the questions.

Previous polls from Survation and Lord Ashcroft in South Thaney, where the Ukip leader is standing, have put Farage behind. Lord Ashcroft polled in the constituency last November, predicting the Conservatives to hold the seat by taking 33 percent against Ukip’s 32 percent, with Labour trailing on 26 percent.

But the new poll by Survation has revealed the full effect of the “Farage Factor” – the name recognition that will help to boost the leader’s election bid. Yesterday’s results showed Ukip taking a commanding lead, with 38.6 percent of the vote. Labour were second on 27.6 percent, and the Conservatives one point behind on 26.6 percent, despite winning the seat in 2010 with a majority of over 7,600.

Ukip is often derided as being a party for the elderly, but the party will take cheer from results showing that a very healthy 43 percent of 35-54 year olds are planning to vote for Mr Farage.


In yet another exclusive, the Express has calculated that Britain is to spend more on foreign aid than on the armed forces within 15 years.

BRITAIN’S spending on foreign aid will exceed the defence budget within the next 15 years, according to a new analysis.

The figures, based on current trends, sparked immediate fury among Tory MPs in the wake of warnings from former military leaders that Britain would be unable to defend itself in the event of a Russian attack.

Conservative MP Philip Davies said: “This is the inevitable consequence of the idiotic decision to enshrine overseas aid spending into law and not the defence budget.

“If the political elite in Westminster think the public want the Government to spend more and more on overseas aid, and less and less on our armed forces and the defence of the realm then I am afraid they are even more out of touch than the public already suspect.”

Figures in the Treasury’s Public Expenditure and Statistical Analysis show defence spending has fallen by an annual average of 1.8 per cent over the past five years, to a projected £35.54 billion in 2015/16.

International spending, by contrast, has risen by 8.4 per cent per year, to £8.43 billion in 2015/16.

Assuming these rates of change continue unaltered, international development spending would be higher than defence spending by 2030/31.

Nurse’s pensions

The Royal College of Nursing has claimed that it is examining Labour’s plans to take money it needs to cut university fees out of nurses’ pensions, reports the Express.

LABOUR has been accused of launching a raid on the pensions of long-serving nurses in order to fund a cut in tuition fees.

Last night the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) said it was examining Ed Miliband’s proposed pension tax to ensure nurses would not be “negatively affected”.

Dr Peter Carter, chief executive of the RCN, said: “Helping students financially is important.

“However, this must not be at the expense of hardworking nurses and we will need to examine these proposals in detail to ensure their pensions will not be negatively affected.”

Miliband has pledged to tax pensions to raise £2.9billion, to cut tuition fees from £9,000 to £6,000 a year from 2016.

Among his proposals include cutting the tax-free annual allowance on a pension from £40,000 to £30,000.


The Guardian reports that Nigel Farage has claimed another Tory MP could defect to UKIP.

There is still a chance that another Tory MP could defect to Ukip before the general election, Nigel Farage has suggested.

Farage said there was still “one conversation” going on with a Conservative about switching sides.

Unlike Douglas Carswell and Mark Reckless – who both triggered and won byelections – the defecting MP would be almost certain to hold on to their seat until it came up for grabs in the nationwide ballot.

Asked in an interview with the Sunday Telegraph whether he was in discussions with any Tory MPs, the Ukip leader said: “The last time I spoke about this I said I would be surprised if there were not more.

“There is one conversation we are still having. But do you know what – it is not very relevant now. Last year it was a big deal.”

A further defection before 7 May could cause major disruption to David Cameron’s party. It could also help restore momentum to Ukip following a series of polls suggesting its support is slipping and Farage’s admission that he used a party conference speech to deny rumours of serious ill health after party donors had raised their concerns with him.

‘Save Dave’

The Times claims that top Tories are planning a campaign to avoid their leader having to resign if the party does not win May’s election.

SENIOR Conservatives have launched a “Save Dave” strategy to prevent David Cameron being ousted as leader if the Tories fail to be the largest party after the general election.

George Osborne held a dinner with Conservative whips on Monday night to discuss tactics for the days after the vote on May 7.

Two senior MPs revealed that Tory high command is preparing to argue that Cameron has won a “moral victory” if he secures more votes than Ed Miliband — even if he has fewer seats.

In the event of a fragile Labour-led coalition taking power, they would argue that there could be a second general election within months and it would be better to stick with Cameron than hold a bloody leadership contest.

Thrown out of the Commons chamber

The Times claims Labour is planning to introduce a system where any MP who heckles another will be ejected from the chamber.

ANY MPs who shout, heckle or make crude gestures face being issued with “yellow cards” under plans to be unveiled by Labour.

Angela Eagle, the shadow leader of the House of Commons, who was once told by David Cameron during an exchange to “calm down, dear”, wants to make it easier for the Speaker to eject MPs from the chamber. A first warning would see an MP banned for an hour with a second leading to exclusion for up to three sessions.

The proposal for a “sin bin” follows complaints by MPs, and research showing the public are turned off by boorish behaviour. The Labour MP Sarah Champion complained recently of a sexist atmosphere in the chamber where, she said, male MPs were “very good at gesticulating” about female MPs’ breasts and bottoms as they tried to make speeches.

‘Never lie, but don’t always tell the truth’

The Independent reports on Tony Blair’s former spin doctor’s advice.

One of the UK’s best-known spin doctors has offered his guide to political success: emulate Chelsea manager José Mourinho, never lie, but don’t always tell the truth – and never think that you can control social media.

Alastair Campbell, loathed and feared in equal measure by political opponents during his tenure as director of communications in Tony Blair’s government, offered a masterclass in realpolitik as he spoke about his new book,Winners and How They Succeed, at The Independent Bath Literature Festival on Friday. He had interviewed a number of leading sports figures, including Mourinho and the Formula 1 Mercedes team, for his book and said that politicians would do well to study their tactics.

“If you’re in these positions of leadership, you have to manage upwards, downwards and sideways, with [Roman] Abramovich as your owner and the players who are multi-millionaires in their own right. The fans love him [Mourinho], as do the sponsors, and the media eat out of his hand. They are all skills that a politician might require,” Mr Campbell said.

Three parent babies

The EU has called the creation of babies with three parents illegal, says the Telegraph.

Britain has breached EU law and ‘violated human dignity’ by allowing the creation of three-parent babies, MEPs have claimed.

The European Commission has been asked to step in to prevent mitochondrial DNA transfer which will allow the genetic material of a ‘second mother’ to be used to repair faults.

Earlier this month, Britain became the first country in the world to allow the procedure which will prevent conditions like muscular dystrophy. The first babies could be born next year.

But 50 MEPs have written to David Cameron urging the Prime Minister to withdraw legislation and warning him that the new laws breach the EU’s Clinical Trials Directive which ban genetic alterations which can be passed down to future generations.

Slovakian MEP Miroslav Mikolask has also tabled a written question in the European Parliament asking the European Commission to ‘take steps’ over the UK’s ‘lack of compliance’ with EU law.

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