Several of the media report that the NHS is in deep trouble. ITV News says:

The NHS is close to breaking point and hospitals will have to make “unpalatable” decisions about care levels and jobs unless the they receives more funding, the head of one of the service’s largest trade bodies has warned.
Chris Hopson, the head of NHS Providers, warned that without further funding the NHS would need to consider greater rationing of care, staff layoffs and a relaxing of targets.
Writing in The Observer, he said the health service was “increasingly failing to do the job it wants to do, and the public needs it to do, through no fault of its own” and said there was a need for “an open, honest, realistic, national debate on what gives” if no more money is made available.
NHS services are already showing the strain – Mr Hopson’s warning comes after ambulance response targets were missed for the 14th month in a row , according to figures from NHS England.

The BBC News also covers the story.

NHS leaders in England say they have reached a “tipping point” and cannot maintain standards for patients on the funding they are getting.
Chris Hopson, chief executive of NHS Providers, said many hospital bosses wanted to “sound a warning bell” to political leaders.
It comes after latest figures showed record levels of delayed hospital discharges and patient waiting times.
The government has said it is giving NHS England the £10bn it asked for.
NHS Providers, the organisation that represents hospitals in England, says unless urgent funding is provided it will have to cut staff, bring in charges or introduce “draconian rationing” of treatment.
It highlights that 80% of England’s acute hospitals are in financial deficit, compared with 5% three years ago – while missed A&E waiting time targets have risen from 10% to 90%.

The Mirror has a different NHS topic.

There are increased calls for NHS parking to be made free after revenue at 41 trusts shot up from £36.9million in 2011 to £45.4million last year.
Rip-off parking charges are raking in millions more for NHS hospitals , despite Tory promises of a clampdown.
Parking revenue at 41 hospital trusts shot up from £36.9million in 2011 to £45.4million last year – a rise of almost a quarter.
Government guidelines state relatives of seriously ill patients should be given free parking or reduced charges.
Concessions should also be offered to disabled patients and NHS staff.
Katherine Murphy of the Patients Association said it was a tax on the sick.
She said: “It should not be shouldered by the injured and vulnerable.”

Which is also covered in the Sun.

TOP medics have warned junior doctors they have no mandate for crippling five-day strikes.
Senior members of the British Medical Association Council urged the docs to hold new ballots before launching walkouts.
They issued their warning after The Sun on Sunday told last week how less than five per cent of junior doctors backed the strikes ordered by committee bosses for October, November and December.
The first walkout, originally due to start this week, was called off by the Junior Doctors Committee.
Militant members of the JDC claim they have a right to order the fresh strikes following a national ballot last November.
It gave a year-long mandate for industrial action. But support for five-day strikes is much weaker.

And another angle is also covered by the Mirror.

Ambulance crews have been told not to take children to an A&E unit because a lack of junior doctors makes it unsafe.
West Mids Ambulance Service has been warned not to take sick kids to Alexandra Hospital in Redditch.
An ambulance official said: “As a result, we will take all such patients, whatever their condition, to the nearest alternative A&E that has paediatric services.”
Dr Andrew Short of Worcs Acute Hospitals said: “The trust regrettably has to take the difficult decision to temporarily centralise in-patient paediatric beds.”
In Kent, GPs have been told to use ambulances only when “clinically appropriate” as the service is struggling, Pulse magazine reported.



Sky News retains its interest in getting us out of the EU.

Boris Johnson is to spearhead a potentially confrontational new move by leading Brexit campaigners to force Theresa May to deliver on the EU referendum result.
The Foreign Secretary is backing a new campaign, Change Britain, made up of major Vote Leave figures including senior Tories such as Michael Gove, Steve Hilton and Graham Brady, as well as Labour’s Gisela Stuart and Frank Field.
In a statement that appears to put pressure on the Prime Minister to deliver on Brexit, the campaign says its aims are to “return control over borders, laws, money and trade from the EU to the UK”.

And the Telegraph runs the same story.

Theresa May must trigger the start of Britain’s formal withdrawal from the European Union within weeks, John Whittingdale says.
In an interview with he Telegraph, the former culture secretary criticises the Prime Minister for delaying, warning that it leaves the door ajar for Remain campaigners hoping to stop Brexit.
Mrs May has said she will wait until early next year before triggering Article 50 of the EU treaties, which begins the formal two-year negotiating process that culminates in leaving. But Mr Whittingdale says he cannot see any reason to delay.
Article 50 is the beginning of the process rather than the end,” the leading Leave campaigner says.
We do need to get the formal process under way. I don’t say that it has to happen tomorrow but I would like it to happen pretty soon, and by that I mean weeks, not months.”



Breitbart reports that the top man in the EU has now realised that open borders have a bearing on the terror situation.

Donald Tusk, the President of the European Council, has slammed open borders, linking migration to the terror threat, and insisted the European Union (EU) must “never again… allow our borders to be overrun with irregular migrants as in 2015”.
Mr. Tusk echoed right-wing leaders by insisting “uncontrolled irregular migration, terrorism and fear of globalisation are three main challenges for Europe” and “securing our external borders” should be the EU’s top priority.
The comments about the 2015 migration crisis will be seen as a thinly veiled attack on German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who is widely blamed for “ inviting the chaos after suspending the Dublin agreement border rules.

And the Daily Star reports a claim that IS terrorists are ready to hit the EU.

AT LEAST 500 Islamic State fanatics are hiding in Germany, ready to strike at any moment, a minister has warned.
Interior minister Thomas de Maiziere revealed there were at lease 520 potential “attackers” waiting to strike with a further 360 “relevant” people known to authorities.
The harrowing warning comes after the country saw a spate of terror attacks including two Islamic State-inspired killings in July.
Mr de Maiziere said: “The terror threat now stems from foreign hit teams as well as fanatical lone wolves in Germany.
“The hit teams are secretly smuggled into Europe and prepare their actions without being noticed, as we saw with the attacks in Paris and Brussels.
“But it’s even more difficult to uncover the fanatical lone wolves.”
Despite the efforts from security authorities to hunt down and stop Islamic extremists, Mr de Maiziere believes many more blood-thirsty terrorists are waiting to attack.
He said: “The authorities are assuming there are undiscovered lone wolf terrorists out there.”

The Times reports that our borders are still potentially letting in terrorists.

More than 4,000 “high risk” flights a year may be landing in Britain without going through the proper security checks, according to a report on the Border Force.
Officials from the agency did not realise that 23 suspicious flights over a two-day period had landed in the country, says the report, raising fresh concerns over border security.
Such flights are largely charter planes and private aircraft that land at remote airfields, and which have not provided advance passenger information to UK authorities. However, they can also include commercial flights from terror hotspots such as Pakistan, Turkey and Yemen.



Following the Prime Minister’s decisions on grammar schools, the Guardian follows a pupil.

On a drizzly morning in Stroud on Saturday, anxious parents sat in their cars across from Marling school as 300 boys sat a two-paper entrance test. One of seven grammar schools in Gloucestershire, Marling offers 150 places for entry next September.
One father had brought his son 30 miles from Swindon for the test. “It was an easy choice because every parent wants the best for their kids, and at least we can say we tried. We told him this will not determine his success in later life. Ultimately it’s a decision he would have to make as well.”
A mother who had made the journey with her son from Malmesbury, 17 miles south of Stroud, said she was studying all the options. “I’m not sure we’ve made a choice yet,” she said. “It’s just increasing our options. I’m quite relaxed about it. Our local secondary school is amazing, so most people go there.”

And the Labour leader plans to reverse the PM’s decision, reports the Mirror.

Jeremy Corbyn today vows to reverse Theresa May’s plan to flood the nation with grammar schools.
The Labour leader says in an exclusive article for the Sunday Mirror he will scrap the changes if he becomes PM.
Mr Corbyn writes: “Theresa May has no mandate to make these changes. If these divisive plans go ahead I will make it a top priority to reverse them when Labour is back in power.”
The Tory PM announced on Friday that all schools would be allowed to select pupils by ability, existing grammars could expand and that new ones could be created.
She said that would stop the wealthy choosing their children’s school by buying a house near it.
But Mr Corbyn says her plan to open new grammars up to poor children wouldn’t work.
Labour banned more grammar schools from opening in 1998 under Tony Blair . They were replaced with comprehensives – where children of all abilities are taught together in the same schools.


Last Night of the Proms

Following reports that the event was due to be swamped with EU flags, Breitbart reports that Leave.EU would be distributing Union Flags.

The founder of the Eurosceptic Leave.EU movement is distributing 10,000 Union Jacks at the Last Night of the Proms concert tonight, to counter a Europhile plan to hijack the traditionally patriotic event with European Union (EU) flags.
The move by Arron Banks, a multi-millionaire UKIP donor, opens the prospect of the iconic classical music concert – broadcast live on the BBC – descending into a flag waving battle for national identity.
Leave.EU posted on Facebook today: “Is anybody free to help us hand out flags tonight, outside of the Royal Albert Hall? Message us on here, or email press@leave.eu for more details!”

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