Several aspects of the prospects of the UK leaving the EU are discussed today.  The Times claims there are already ongoing discussions over Turkey’s membership of the bloc, despite the Prime Minister saying the country will not join the EU.  There is also a cover-up of these discussions.

British diplomats secretly discussed granting visa-free travel to the UK for more than 1m Turks, according to leaked diplomatic cables seen by The Sunday Times.

The cache of five documents also suggests that EU officials are attempting to keep any visa deal with Turkey under wraps until after the referendum on June 23.

According to the telegrams, senior diplomats have advised ministers that the proposed EU deal with Turkey on visa-free travel within the Schengen area could lead the UK to consider extending the same privilege to up to 1.5m “special passport holders” from Turkey.

The Independent claims a Brexit vote will trigger the collapse of the whole of the EU.

Brexit could cause the European Union to break down by triggering efforts by other nations to secede, the Swedish foreign minister has said.

An exclusive poll for The Independent found that the campaign for Britain to leave the EU has opened up a 10-point lead against Remain in a reversal of the position one year ago.

Margot Wallstrom, the foreign minister of Sweden, said other nations could follow the UK with referendums and demands from reform if it votes Out on 23 June.

And the Express claims Downing Street is panicking.

DOWNING Street is to launch an 11th hour offensive in a desperate bid to keep Britain in the EU amid panic that support for Brexit is surging.

Emergency battle plans are being drawn up to try to win over voters and save the Prime Minister’s career after a series of opinion polls put the Leave campaign ahead.

The plans will see David Cameron take a back seat in the campaign after polling showed he has lost the trust of voters on the referendum issue.

Instead Labour will be put in charge of winning over wavering voters in the North of England.

Remain campaigners will also seek to nullify the threat of Turkey joining the EU.

But it seems the European Parliament does not know what to do about Brexit, according to Breitbart.

Reports from the last session of the European Parliament before the UK’s referendum on European Union (EU) membership suggest that Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) do not know how to react to the unprecedented situation.

The June plenary session of the European Parliament addressed issues as diverse as endocrine disruptors, the ongoing migrant crisis and a new set of EU proposals to tackle tax evasion. However, according to EurActiv, the subject of UK membership was conspicuous by its absence.

Migrant sex assaults

The question of whether migrants have committed sexual assaults on young girls is covered by two of the papers.   The Mail claims police have covered up such attacks.

Police were last night accused of burying allegations that a gang of Syrians sexually assaulted two teenage girls in a Newcastle park.

Three young men and a teenage boy, at least one of them a refugee, were arrested last month over claims two 14-year-olds had been attacked in the centre of the city.

But even after the suspects were charged and appeared in court, Northumbria Police – which claims to have made sexual violence a top priority – did not announce the case to the public or press. Even the local MP only heard about it last week.

And Breitbart reports an incident in Germany of the same nature.

Three teenage girls colluded to cover up sex assaults against them because they felt bad for their attackers and didn’t want to see them “discriminated against”.

Pupils at the Herder school in Kassel, Germany have been subjected to months of sexual assault by “much older” migrant males on their way to and from school, dating back as far as September 2015. The three girls aged between 16 and 18 were repeatedly touched inappropriately and verbally abused, but they refused to report the incidents to the police or their school because the perpetrators were “refugees”.


The Star reports that there will be terror attacks during the European football tournament.

BRITISH Special Forces officers are supporting a French Counter Terrorist team who fear that a ‘sleeper cell’ from the UK may already have entered France to attack the Euro16 football championships, the Daily Star Sunday can reveal.

The French concern comes as Europol and the UK secret services review the worst case scenarios as thousands of British fans head to see the month long competition which Islamic State extremists have threatened to attack and kill western civilians as part of their Jihad.

UK Counter Terrorist commanders have revealed that at least 300 British born Jihadis have gone to Syria to fight for Islamic State and at least 100 ‘sleepers’ are in the UK – these include dozens with extreme views, but less than 50 actually prepared to mount at attack.

Conservative leadership

The Mail claims Boris Johnson is progressing his ambition to become Prime Minister.

Boris Johnson was embroiled in an extraordinary row last night after he admitted discussing the possibility of a leadership challenge against David Cameron with a fellow Tory MP.

Mr Johnson, the clear favourite to be the next Tory leader, met Alec Shelbrooke in his Commons office and speculated about the number of Tory MPs prepared to back a no-confidence vote in the Prime Minister.

According to one version of the encounter, Boris said: ‘Are there 50 names?’ – a reference to the number of renegade MPs required to trigger a contest.

The former London Mayor last night confirmed that he met Mr Shelbrooke in his office and held a conversation about how many Tory MPs backed a coup – but insisted he had talked about ‘how vital it was to keep the party together under Dave’s leadership’.

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