The Telegraph reports that Italy is in financial trouble.

Italy is running out of economic time.  Seven years into an ageing global expansion, the country is still stuck in debt-deflation and still grappling with a banking crisis that it cannot combat within the paralyzing constraints of monetary union.

“We have lost nine percentage points of GDP since the peak of the crisis, and a quarter of our industrial production,” says Ignazio Visco, the rueful governor of the Banca d’Italia.

Each year Rome hopefully pencils in a fall in the ratio of public debt to GDP, and each year the ratio rises. The reason is always the same. Deflationary conditions prevent nominal GDP rising fast enough to outgrow the debt.


Several of the media report the comments by Boris Johnson in which he likened the EU to Hitler.

ITV News reports a Labour minister saying Johnson is playing a ‘nasty game’.

Boris Johnson has been accused of playing a “nasty game” following comments he made that EU efforts to build a superstate were comparable to Hitler’s attempt to take over the continent.

Yvette Cooper, a Labour former cabinet minister, called the comments “divisive” and dismissed them as an attempt to grab headlines.

“The more he [Johnson] flails around with this kind of hysterical claim, the more he exposes his shameful lack of judgement, his willingness to play the most divisive cynical politics, and the emptiness of his arguments,” she said.

She said the former London mayor was “desperately seeking headlines for a desperate campaign”.

“He should not try to play political games with the darkest and most sinister chapter of Europe’s history,” she said.

BBC News has a similar story.

Boris Johnson has compared the EU’s aims to Hitler’s, saying both involved the intention to unify Europe under a single “authority”.

The pro-Brexit Tory MP said both the Nazi leader and Napoleon had failed at unification and the EU was “an attempt to do this by different methods”.

Labour MP Yvette Cooper, from the Remain campaign, accused the ex-London Mayor of playing “nasty, nasty games”.

As does Sky News.

Boris Johnson has been condemned for comparing EU ambitions to rule the continent with a single government to Hitler’s attempt to dominate the continent.

The presumed head of the Vote Leave campaign said previous leaders such as Hitler and Napoleon attempted a similar goal, albeit using different methods.

“Napoleon, Hitler, various people tried this out, and it ends tragically. The EU is an attempt to do this by different methods,” he said in an interview with The Sunday Telegraph.

“But fundamentally what is lacking is the eternal problem, which is that there is no underlying loyalty to the idea of Europe.”

But the Independent claims Johnson is more trusted to tell the truth than the Prime Minister.

Boris Johnson is trusted to tell the truth about Europe by twice as many voters as trust David Cameron, according to a ComRes poll for The Independent. By a two-to-one margin, 45 per cent to 21 per cent, voters say that Mr Johnson is “more likely to tell the truth about the EU” than Mr Cameron.

By a smaller margin, 39 per cent to 24 per cent, campaigners for Leave generally are considered “more likely to tell the truth” than campaigners for Remain.

Breitbart also reports the poll.

Prime Minister David Cameron is struggling to convince voters he is telling the truth about why Britain should stay in the European Union and his main “Out” rival Boris Johnson is doing a better job, an opinion poll found.

Only 21 percent of respondents in the survey carried out by polling firm ComRes agreed that Cameron was more likely to tell the truth about the EU than Johnson while 45 percent said Johnson was more believable than Cameron.

With less than six weeks to go until the June 23 referendum on Britain’s EU membership and voters evenly split on how they intend to cast their ballots, the rival camps have stepped up campaigning.

Breitbart suggests that ‘Remainians’ are not telling the truth about their campaigning.

Pro-European Union (EU) campaigners have claimed to host the “biggest cross-party campaign day in UK history” – with reporting “1,000 rallies” across the UK.

But an analysis of the events and the live-tweeting from around the country reveals only around 325 events, with most consisting of fewer than 10 activists each. The events appeared to mostly consist of activists handing out leaflets outside shopping centres for a period of three hours or less.

It is perhaps no surprise given that Britain’s EU referendum debate has been punctuated by claims of falsehoods and propaganda, hurled by both camps at each other for the June 23rd vote.

Leaver Ian Duncan Smith has said the Prime Minister fouled up his previous negotiations in the Express.

DAVID Cameron has given away Britain’s most valuable European Union (EU) bargaining tool meaning remaining in the bloc will put us on the back foot, Iain Duncan Smith has said

The Prime Minister’s negotiations for a “reformed EU” in February have weakened Britain’s position in the union because he has given away the right to veto treaties, the former work and pensions minister told a packed-out Vote Leave launch meeting on Friday night.

Mr Duncan Smith, who resigned from the cabinet in March over proposed cuts to disability benefits, said the only thing the European Commission wanted from the negotiations was to reclaim Britain’s ability to veto – and they succeeded.

He also revealed he was told by the Government the veto was not as strong as everybody thought, but EU legal experts told him the opposite.

And the Morning Star claims the head of the IMF is trying to bully the UK into staying.

CHRISTINE LAGARDE was accused of trying to “bully” Britain into remaining in the EU yesterday after warning an exit would spark a recession, writes Luke James.

The French head of the IMF said the consequences for Britain’s economy would be “pretty bad to very, very bad” if voters backed a split with Brussels on June 23.

She predicted a stock market crash and steep fall in house prices if the public defies David Cameron’s pleas to stay.

But Leave campaigners pointed out the IMF was EU-funded and therefore not impartial and argued Ms Lagarde was an “employee” of Chancellor George Osborne, who sits on the IMF’s governing body.


The Mail claims a London borough is being besieged by foreigners,

Cockneys are becoming an endangered species in a London borough after 70,000 immigrants have moved in over the past 15 years, a BBC documentary has revealed.

The white population of Newham is leaving in droves, according to the Last Whites of the East End, which claims 73 per cent of the local population is now made up of ethnic minorities and Black British.

It was previously almost all white working class, with the majority dockworkers, but has now become the most multicultural place in the UK, with 147 languages spoken across the borough.

Although many of the area’s new residents consider themselves ‘proper East Enders’, some say the differences in culture and religion are creating divides, with ethnic groups sticking together.

Breitbart has a similar story.

London’s Cockney culture is being driven out of one of its last remaining bastions, Newham in East London, which has seen its white population halved in the last 15 years. The area now has the lowest white population in London leading to pubs and working men’s clubs are closing down and a loss of Christian traditions.

The borough of Newham lies just five miles east of the City of London, banking capital of the world, but locals say it now looks less like a British city, more like Baghdad.

And The Sun has calculated the cost of education migrants’ children.

EDUCATING the children of EU migrants costs our schools £3.2billion a year, it was revealed last night.

The bill has almost doubled in a decade as the influx eats cash meant for classroom improvements, more staff and books.

Nearly 700,000 pupils have a parent who is a citizen of another European country — up almost 400,000 since 2007.

Employment Minister Priti Patel blasted the titanic cost as a stark impact of “uncontrolled immigration”.


In other news, the Mail reports that English football could be at risk of an attack.

French security chiefs have placed two of England’s Euro 2016 matches on the highest level of alert over concerns terrorists may strike and hooliganism.

The tournament will involve the biggest police and security operation ever for a football competition, months after 130 people were murdered in the Paris attacks.

England’s games against Russia on June 11 and Wales five days later are on the highest alert.

The other group matches on that security level are Turkey v Croatia, Germany v Poland and Ukraine v Poland.

People smuggling

Sky News reports the failure of EU naval action.

An EU naval mission is failing in its aim to tackle people smugglers and stem the flow of migrants crossing the Mediterranean, according to peers.

While Operation Sophia had played an important search and rescue role, the House of Lords EU Committee said it had not reduced the number of people making the journey to Europe or disrupted the smugglers’ networks “in any meaningful way”.

It had only been responsible for low-level arrests, while the destruction of vessels had caused the smugglers to shift from using wooden boats to rubber dinghies, which are even more unsafe, said the Lords report.

The peers found there were also “significant limits” to the intelligence that could be collected about onshore smuggling networks from at sea.


The Mail claims London’s gangs are spreading out of the capital.

There seemed little to disturb the army of well-heeled shoppers floating round the Georgian colonnades, the bars and boutiques of Royal Tunbridge Wells this weekend – little, certainly, to cause fear let alone disgust.

So how to explain this to Theresa Dodd and her husband Charles, a retired solicitor: that three of their four privately educated daughters would become heroin addicts, reduced to the shame of begging on the streets of the genteel spa town, desperate for a fix?

Or that their drugs were bought and sold not in the pubs of South or Central London, but supplied by specialist dealers in Tunbridge Wells itself, supposedly the epitome of affluent respectability? It seems hardly credible.


The Telegraph reports more trouble for the high speed rail line.

HS2 has admitted that “nothing is ruled out” in a cost-cutting exercise which could see sizeable parts of the controversial high-speed project shelved.

The Cabinet Secretary Sir Jeremy Heywood and Treasury officials are conducting an urgent review of the £55.7 billion rail line amid growing alarm at its spiralling price-tag.

HS2 may also be taken away from the Department for Transport after officials there were deemed to have lost control of the scheme.

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