The Daily Telegraph reports Doctors paid up to £3,000 a shift, official figures show.

Doctors are being paid as much as £3,000 per shift by NHS hospitals to fill “endemic” staff shortages in Accident & Emergency units, an investigation by The Telegraph has found. On at least 2,300 occasions last year, locum doctors were paid in excess of £1,000 to plug the gaps in rotas at crisis-hit A&E departments, according to official figures. This included consultants being paid rates of more than £3,000 per shift, with nurses paid up to £1,600.

The Mail on Sunday has the same story.

And after yesterday’s story about Alder Hey in Liverpool there is also a report in the same paper on children’s deaths in Bristol Royal Hospital for Children. The Independent puts a very personal complexion on this story with: ‘Pick up the reins, stand to post, and sort this out’: Father’s tweet makes NHS director order fast-track inquiry into child deaths at Bristol hospital.


The Telegraph asks the question – Britain’s new homes: do you want to live here?


Councils in some of the areas worst affected by Britain’s flooding crisis have published plans to build hundreds of homes on land that is currently under water. Dozens of potential sites have been earmarked for development in areas hit by the floods, such as the village of Wraysbury in Berkshire and Chertsey in Surrey. Potential housing development is also scheduled for Walton-on-Thames and Molesey — two riverside sites in Surrey that are subject to “severe” flood warnings involving danger to life.

In The Guardian, Ed Miliband appears to have become an expert climatologist by saying: Climate change is an issue of national security

Britain is sleepwalking towards disaster because of a failure to recognise that climate change is causing the extreme weather that has blighted the country for more than a month, Ed Miliband has warned. The Labour leader says in an interview with the Observer that climate change is now an issue of national security that has the potential not only to destabilise and cause conflict between regions of the world, but to destroy the homes, livelihoods and businesses of millions of British people.

The Mail on Sunday is able to dismiss this politically opportunistic claim with: No, global warming did NOT cause the storms, says one of the Met Office’s most senior experts.

The Independent sticks to the facts with UK weather: Respite at last, but five left dead in storm’s wake.

The Mail on Sunday comes up with its own “gay issues cause floods” story with: Why did floods agency spend hundreds on ‘equali-tea’ gay awareness mugs… and £30,000 on gay pride marches? As Britain counts cost of shoddy defences, we reveal bizarre spending by quango bosses

The Express reports on a move to exempt flood restorative purchases and services from VAT: Call for PM to stop taxman’s £85million ‘profit’ on flood misery


The Telegraph also has reports that Record number of foreign criminals cannot be deported.

A record number of foreign criminals won appeals against deportation on human rights grounds last year in a major blow to the Government’s tough stance on immigration, The Telegraph can disclose. Home Office data, disclosed for the first time, shows that 602 appeals were allowed by the immigration courts in 2012-13. They included 324 criminals who won the right to stay in Britain under the controversial “right to private and family life” set out in Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights.

The Observer can be relied on to present the other side of the coin with: Congolese asylum seekers face ‘torture with discretion’ after removal from UK.

A top-secret document circulating among senior police and security chiefs in the Democratic Republic of Congo suggests that individuals deported from Britain may face torture on their return to their home country. Details of the document have emerged as the Home Office begins to detain dozens of Congolese nationals for removal, despite concerns over human rights abuses.

Labour Party

The Observer has: Labour women candidates expected to be elected in record numbers.

The Labour party is on track for record numbers of women to win seats in Westminster and Brussels in forthcoming elections, party data shows. The findings will put more pressure on Conservatives after MP Anne McIntosh was deselected by her local association this month and announcements from three new Tory women MPs that they will step down next year.

The Mirror triumphantly reports that Ed Miliband’s Labour Party is on track for general election victory.

Today’s Sunday Mirror/ComRes survey puts Labour up two points on 37 per cent – no party with an unbroken two-year lead has failed to win in the past 40 years.  Labour are on course for election victory after enjoying an uninterrupted lead over the Tories for TWO years, our poll reveals today. No party with an unbroken two-year lead has failed to win the following election in the past 40 years.

Liberal Democrats

The Independent syays Nick Clegg’s rivals for the Lib Dems leadership told to rev up.

The strongest contenders to succeed Nick Clegg as leader of the Liberal Democrats have been warned to start forming their campaign teams or risk losing the crown to party president Tim Farron by default. Senior MPs and peers said this weekend that Lib Dem Cabinet members Ed Davey, Danny Alexander, and Alistair Carmichael should be preparing themselves in the event of a vacancy after next year’s general election.


The Independent turns the heat on an energy supplier with a statement that your bills help British Gas to £600m profit.

Anger towards the Big Six energy suppliers will intensify this week as British Gas-owner Centrica prepares to reveal a bumper £2.5bn profit while households struggle with rising energy bills. The 2013 profits will be unveiled just a week after the Secretary of State for Energy, Ed Davey, called for regulator Ofgem to launch a full-blown investigation into the profits the Big Six make from selling gas to households. He said he suspected energy companies of overcharging, and identified British Gas as the supplier making the biggest profits from gas.

No mention of “green” taxes and subsidies contributing to the cost of energy in the article, of course.


The Mail on Sunday highlights how the EU is helping to create more doublespeak with: Bankrupt? No, say EU language police, it’s ‘debt adjusted’, as Brussels tries to remove the stigma of going bust.

The EU is trying to erase ‘bankruptcy’ from the English language and replace it with the term ‘debt adjustment’. A drive by Brussels to remove the ‘stigma’ of going bust would include a ban on the word, which has been in use in Britain since the mid-16th Century. It raises the bizarre prospect of businessmen who run into financial trouble having to say: ‘Bad news. I’ve been declared debt adjusted.’

The Guardian reports that Swiss vote on immigration boosts far-right parties through rest of Europe.

In Austria, the Freedom party, once led by Jörg Haider, has seen a rise in working-class votes

A shame that the main UKIP website has nothing on either the Swiss Referendum or the Austrian party.

To Close – EU and Scotland

The Telegraph has this item: Jose Manuel Barroso: nearly impossible for Scotland to join EU, but this is balanced in the Mail on Sunday by a Peter Hitchens comment piece on why he thinks Scotland WILL vote to leave the Union.


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