Conservative Party

In an exclusive, the Telegraph claims the Prime Minister’s leadership is under threat.

Thirty Tory MPs have said they would back David Davis if he ran for the leadership, allies of the Brexit Secretary have claimed to The Telegraph.
Leading supporters of Mr Davis said he has been inundated with messages of support and encouragement after Theresa May’s election flop last month.
Two former cabinet ministers told this newspaper they personally pledged loyalty to Mr Davis in the last fortnight amid hopes he will take over as Prime Minister.
One said Mrs May should consider whether she is best placed to deliver Brexit, while another said Mr Davis’s humble roots left him well placed to lead a fightback against Labour. 

And the Times claims Mrs May’s husband has been targetted.

Allies of David Davis were accused of smearing Theresa May’s husband last night as they claimed that Philip May was urging the prime minister to resign.
A close friend of the Brexit secretary said that “those who love” May want her to take the initiative and stand down.
May and her husband are travelling to Switzerland next week for a walking holiday in the country where Margaret Thatcher used to relax. Friends of Davis are openly speculating that she could use the trip to decide to walk away from Downing Street. She used a hiking holiday in Wales at Easter to reverse her opposition to a general election.

Labour Party

Corbyn’s Labour is still pushing to take over at no. 10, says the Independent.

Jeremy Corbyn promised to carry on reminding voters in Conservative marginals that there “is an alternative” as he continued his election-style summer campaign with visits to two Tory-held seats on the south coast on Saturday.
The Labour leader told supporters in Southampton that Theresa May’s party should “step aside” for a Labour “government in waiting”, while he told fans in Bournemouth that there were “no no-go areas anywhere in the country” for his party.
Corbyn, who spoke for 45 minutes to dozens of supporters at a hotel in the traditional Tory stronghold, joked with supporters who peered through windows from outside – turning to them and saying: “Hello outside, I did not realise you were all out here.”

And the party has told it’s fans that it can choose its candidates, says the Independent.

Labour members must be handed greater power to choose the party’s candidates and leadership after their role in securing a strong election result, one of Jeremy Corbyn’s closest allies says.
Jon Lansman, who founded the Momentum group that formed from Corbyn’s first leadership campaign, said the party needed to ensure that the thousands of members who had signed up after being enthused by the Labour leader did not drift away.
In an interview with the 
Observer, Lansman suggested that the case for empowering members was stronger than ever, backing proposals that would allow local parties to nominate leadership candidates and another that would make it easier for members to select a new Labour candidate.

The City

Meanwhile, it seems that a leaked memo shows the true colours of the French, says the Mail.

France has boasted to City of London chiefs that it will use Brexit to sabotage the British economy, according to a bombshell leaked memo.
The memo, sent to Ministers, says the French government and banking chiefs are plotting to ‘actively disrupt and destroy’ the UK’s multi-billion-pound financial sector when Britain leaves the EU – even if France gains nothing.
The missive blames the ‘giddy’ effect of newly elected President Emmanuel Macron for an ‘assertive collective endeavour’ to wreck the City, which is worth £66 billion a year to the Treasury in tax receipts – around half of the entire budget for NHS England.

The Independent has picked up the story.

France is actively seeking to exploit Brexit to disrupt and degrade Britain’s lucrative financial sector, a senior City representative has warned.
Former foreign office minister Jeremy Browne, who acts as the City of London’s envoy on Brexit, said the French see the British as “adversaries” in the forthcoming withdrawal negotiations.

In a memorandum leaked to the Mail On Sunday, he said his talks in Paris  have been “the worst I have had anywhere in the EU”, with the French open about their desire to see the UK weakened.
Following a visit to the French capital earlier this month, Mr Browne said the mood had been made “more giddy and more assertive” by the election of President Emmanuel Macron

And the Sun accuses the French of a ‘plot’.

FRANCE has been accused of plotting to “disrupt and destroy” the British economy through Brexit.
City of London chiefs discussed the scheme in a leaked memo to the Daily Mail, with a stern warning that France saw Britain as an adversary – not a partner.
The memo, sent to Ministers, warned that the French government and banking chiefs wanted to see the “weakening of Britain” – even if France didn’t benefit as a country itself.
It was written after the City of London’s Brexit envoy, former Home Office Minister Jeremy Browne, visited Paris earlier this month for talks with the French finance ministry.


Our failed has-been Prime Minister is still stirring the Brexit pot says the Mirror.

Tony Blair has warned that electing Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister could leave Britain ‘flat on its back and out for the count’ as he urged politicians to think again over Brexit .
In his first intervention since the general election, the former Labour PM admitted he “did not foresee” Mr Corbyn’s shock success on June 8.
But Mr Blair insisted the “determining factor” in Mr Corbyn’s impressive result was actually the dismal Tory campaign.
And he said there are still huge “risks” for Britain if an “unreconstructed” Mr Corbyn does eventually win the premiership, just as we head for a “damaging” hard Brexit.

Sky News claims he is sorry for our current PM.

Tony Blair has told Sky News he “feels sorry” for Theresa May after her election gamble backfired, leaving her clinging to power.
The Prime Minister lost seats and failed to secure an outright majority in the Commons last month.
Her Government is now being propped up by Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party.
There is speculation she could face a Tory leadership battle and many commentators do not think she will take the party into another general election due in 2022. 

ITV News also reports the former PM’s return to politics.

Tony Blair said he would be getting back into the political debate and today he went straight for the biggest challenge facing the country – Brexit.
He also told me Labour could now actually win an election from “a far left position”.
At his home in central London this morning he said the damage Brexit would do was now so clear both to the British electorate and European leaders that he thought the whole thing could be stopped.
He thinks Europe has found a new reformer in President Macron, and that they could be willing to cut the UK a better deal on immigration if we will stay “I think they are open to the discussion because they know the damage Brexit will do” he says.

And Breitbart claims Blair has declared ‘war’ on Brexit.

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair has stepped up his war on Brexit, declaring that it is “possible” and “absolutely necessary” that the United Kingdom does not leave the European Union.
Speaking to Sky News four months after Article 50 was triggered and two days after the Great Repeal Bill was published, setting Britain on the path to exiting the EU, Mr. Blair, said: “I think it’s possible now that Brexit doesn’t happen.
“I think it’s absolutely necessary that it doesn’t happen because I think every day is bringing us fresh evidence that it’s doing us damage economically, certainly doing us damage politically,” said Blair, who was once tipped to become President of the European Council.
However, a recently published report suggests the British economy will in fact outperform those in the Eurozone over the coming years, and Office for National Statistics (ONS) figures  released this week show that unemployment has plunged to a 43-year low.

Huffington Post also covers Blair’s words.

European Union leaders may be prepared to be flexible on the free movement of people in order to accommodate Britain as a way of reversing Brexit, Tony Blair has said.
The former Labour Prime Minister has said that the option of reversing Britain’s planned withdrawal from the EU must be kept on the table, adding that it is “absolutely necessary” Brexit does not happen.
He claimed that the Tories lost their majority in the election because large numbers of people voted to deny Theresa May the mandate for a so-called “hard” Brexit.

But the Independent quotes the Shadow Chancellor’s criticism of Blair’s words.

John McDonnell has hit back at Tony Blair’s criticism of Labour’s failure to fight a hard Brexit, describing him as out of touch with the public.
The former prime minister did not spend time talking to voters “in the pubs, the clubs and school gates”, the Shadow Chancellor noted.
In an article insisting EU withdrawal can be stopped, Mr Blair said Jeremy Corbyn’s “ambiguity” about leaving the single market was a policy that could not be sustained.
He warned it “puts us in the same damaging position for the economy as the Tories” – making it impossible for Mr Corbyn to end austerity, as he has pledged. 

The Sun has a laugh at the ex-PM’s comments (and has a lovely picture of him dressed as a fairy, if you’d care to look).

TONY Blair was branded “away with the fairies” last night over his claim the EU wants to strike a deal to keep in Britain.
The ex-PM says leaders have told him they are ready to cave in to our demands for reform — including curbs on mass migration.
But he refused to offer any evidence, or name those behind the move.
Mr Blair said he had held conversations with key players in Brussels who are willing to compromise on free movement if the UK stays in the single market.
He insisted the mood had changed from the Brexit vote a year ago and declared: “Europe is looking at its own reform programme. They will have an inner circle in the EU that will be part of the Eurozone and an outer circle.
“They will make reforms that I think will make it much more comfortable for Britain to fit in that outer circle.”

Westmonster is equally scathing about Blair.

Tony Blair has said EU nations would be willing to let Britain have control over immigration if we choose to stay in the EU, and thinks it’s “absolutely necessary” that we do.
He said: “The French and Germans share some of the British worries, notably around immigration, and would compromise on freedom of movement.”
Blair added that Emmanuel Macron’s election as French President changes the dynamic in Europe and could lead to changes to the EU.
“Reform is now on Europe’s agenda. The European leaders, certainly from my discussions, are willing to consider changes to accommodate Britain, including around freedom of movement,” said Blair.

And our own interim leader has also criticised the ex-PM on the UKIP website.

Steve Crowther, the UKIP interim leader has responded to the claims of disgraced former Prime Minister, Tony Blair, who claims that the EU will reform, that jobs are being lost and that the UK is changing its mind over Brexit as “taking people for fools”.
“Tony Blair’s latest intervention into the Brexit debate proves two things: that he is absolutely unaware of his own reputation in the country; and that he simply cannot stop taking the British people for fools.
“Talk of a ‘reformed EU’ being prepared to ‘meet us halfway’ is precisely the same nonsense that David Cameron was spouting before the Referendum. The EU had a chance to offer reform and meet us halfway before we voted, but they were too arrogant and complacent to do so.


Even the avidly pro-eu LibDems are drawing back from their anti-Brexit stance says the Express.

INCOMING Liberal Democrat leader Vince Cable has disowned his party’s pledge to make “hell” for Theresa May over the Brexit process.
Mr Cable, set to take over on Thursday, has promised constructive opposition instead.
His comments come after the Prime Minister appealed for opposition parties to “contribute, not just criticise”.
Outgoing Lib Dem leader Tim Farron  had warned Mrs May that she would face hell trying to get the Repeal Bill, which will copy all EU rules on to the British statute book, through parliament.
However, Mr Cable said: “Our current party leader said he was going to make hell. My approach is more constructive opposition. I don’t think being negative just for the sake of being negative is the right approach. We have got to treat it seriously.”


But north of the border, the ScotNats are not going to be so accommodating, reports BBC News.

Scotland’s Brexit Minister Mike Russell has urged MSPs to back calls for changes to the repeal bill to guarantee protection for devolved powers.
The legislation will convert EU law into British law.
First minister Nicola Sturgeon has described it as a “naked power grab” as it does not immediately return EU powers to devolved administrations.
But Scottish Secretary David Mundell has insisted the bill would result in a powers “bonanza” for Holyrood.
Now Mr Russell has written to all MSPs seeking support for the Scottish government’s position.


In other news, the Express claims our politicians are seeking an alternative to the ECJ.

SENIOR ministers are engaged in high-level talks with the European Free Trade Association (Efta) court as they seek out post-Brexit alternatives to the ECJ, can reveal today.
Top officials including Brexit secretary David Davis have met with counterparts at the court in Luxembourg, which is recognised by Brussels but independent of EU rule.
Sources said interest in joining the Efta set up has “grown considerably” since last month’s General Election, when Theresa May failed to win a convincing mandate for her exit strategy.
The idea of future membership of the body has been raised at the highest levels of the UK Government, including with the Prime Minister herself, and is being actively considered by the Department for Exiting the EU (DexEU).


But there are still problems in the Mediterranean, reports the Sun.

ITALY is threatening to issue 200,000 migrants temporary EU visas which would enable them to travel anywhere in Europe in a move described as a “nuclear option.”
Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni is furious that European neighbours have reneged on their commitment to take in a quota of migrants fleeing war-torn countries in North Africa.
The Italians are not plotting to use a little known Brussel’s directive, drafted after the Balkans conflict, which gives displaced people temporary entry to Europe, reports The Times.
And Gentiloni is threatening to use the loophole to allow 200,000 migrants to leave Italy as the country struggles to cope with its high numbers of refugees particularly from Libya.

Breitbart also carries the story.

Senior Italian government figures are threatening to issue European Union visas to 200,000 migrants, granting them unrestricted access to the bloc’s borderless Schengen Zone.
Deputy Foreign Minister Mario Giro and Senator Luigi Manconi told 
The Times that the government was discussing issuing migrants with temporary visas which would allow them to leave Italy and move freely through the bloc’s 26 Schengen countries.
Mr. Giro and others from the ruling Democratic Party believe Italy can exploit the little-known European Council Directive 2001/55, drafted after the Balkans conflict, to give temporary EU entry permits to ‘displaced people’ – triggering another wave of mass migration into Northern Europe.


The Times has an analysis of the costs of the white elephant known as HS2.

The HS2 high-speed rail line will cost more than £400m per mile, making it the most expensive railway in the world, according to new calculations for the government.
The estimate, commissioned by the Department for Transport (DfT), was produced by Michael Byng, the expert who devised the standard method used by Network Rail to cost its projects.
Byng said that under his “rail method of measurement” the line’s first phase from London to Birmingham would cost almost £48bn, double the official figure and almost 15 times the cost per mile of the latest TGV line in France.


It seems the Labour- and Brexit-supporting BBC has been forced to reveal how much it pays its stars, says the Telegraph.

The BBC will this week publish the salaries of its highest earners, which, according to insiders, will reveal a stark gender pay gap.
The list of the top-paid stars will have “astounding omissions” that will expose the fact that women are not being paid as much as men in the same jobs, sources claim.
They warn the revelations will be “very embarrassing” for the corporation.
Government sources say Karen Bradley, the Culture Secretary, is preparing to challenge the BBC, as she “cares deeply” about pay disparity.

The Times says viewers could be shocked by the sums.

Television viewers may be shocked by the salaries paid to popular presenters when the BBC discloses its leading earners on Wednesday — but perhaps not as shocked as the stars who discover they are not doing as well as they thought.
“Some of the biggest egos in the land are there and they will discover what the other big egos are paid,” said Peter Sissons, the former News at Ten presenter, who warned that things might get ugly between the corporation and any miffed millionaires.
The day of reckoning for television talent follows Theresa May’s new rules requiring the BBC to identify staff earning more than £150,000 a year — close to the prime minister’s salary.


Schools have come under the spotlight of the Times.

Schools facing tougher GCSE exams, taken for the first time this summer by about 700,000 pupils, are threatening children’s chances of getting a “broad and balanced education”, the chief inspector of schools warns today.
Amanda Spielman said she was concerned that schools were drilling pupils too narrowly for GCSEs and were already extending courses from two years to three years to try to ensure good results.
Spielman said this meant subjects such as art, music, sport, humanities and drama were being squeezed as children were forced to decide which subjects to study or drop aged just 13.

And Westmonster claims youngsters are being ‘indoctrinated’.

Schoolchildren are being “indoctrinated” with a “lefty way of thinking”, according to the teacher who starred in the government’s ‘I Chose to Teach’ campaign.
Calvin Robinson appeared on posters and adverts urging people to get into teaching, but now he’s lifted the lid on the “very evident” left wing bias going on in British classrooms.
He said: “Our young people are being indoctrinated to a left-wing mentality from a very young age. Pretty much throughout their entire educational career, young people are being trained into a lefty way of thinking.
“Some of the behaviour I’ve seen from teachers is outright disgusting – a very evident bias not only in their teaching practices, but in the way they present their arguments.

North Korea

Thousands could die very quickly if the rogue state starts a war, says the Star.

NUCLEAR war with North Korea would kill tens of thousands of people in the first few hours of conflict, experts have chillingly predicted.
All-out war between the Hermit Kingdom and the US is looking increasingly likely after both sides continue to threaten each other with military action.
Kim Jong-un has vowed to bomb all US bases in South Korea if forces are not removed from the Korean peninsula immediately.
And the US responded by launching military drills with 30,00 troops with Australia, who have also been threatened by the tubby tyrant.
But nuclear experts have predicted that Kim’s huge arsenal would kill around 64,000 people in the first three hours of war being declared.

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