The Telegraph has a quote from EU leaver Michael Gove in which he says we’ll do very well outside the EU.

Britain will thrive outside the European Union, Michael Gove declares, as he rejects warnings that Brexit will cause a recession and urges the country to “vote for hope”.

In a passionate appeal to the public to set the country free from Brussels rule, the Vote Leave leader predicts the economy will prosper from a decision to pull out of the EU in this week’s historic referendum.

Mr Gove says voters should have confidence in Britain’s capacity to achieve “great things” as an independent country that is wholly run by MPs who are democratically elected by the British people.

The Mail reports that a former army officer has switched to ‘Leave’ over fears of a European army.

Former defence chief Lord Guthrie has boosted the hopes of Brexit campaigners by dramatically switching sides from Remain to Leave over ‘dangerous’ European army plans.

Only four months ago he signed a Downing Street letter from military leaders arguing that Britain would be safer in the EU.

But the Field Marshal, who ran our armed forces in the 1990s, now says that was a ‘mistake’ and that being out of the EU is ‘better for defence’, fearing that a future European army would hinder Nato forces.

The Independent claims ‘Leave’ voters would be happier if they win than ‘Remains’.

Voters feel more strongly about leaving the EU than they do about staying, according to an exclusive ComRes poll for The Independent. Asked how they would feel in the event of a Leave vote on Thursday, 44 per cent said they would be “delighted”, whereas only 28 per cent would feel the same about a Remain vote.

And if there were a vote to Remain, 44 per cent said they would be “disappointed”, while only 33 per cent said the same about a Leave result.

When it comes to the strongest negative reaction, however, the two sides are evenly balanced, with 27 per cent saying they would be “terrified” if Britain votes to remain, and 28 per cent who say the same about a vote to leave.

The Guardian reports the two sides are neck and neck.

The tumultuous and often bitter EU referendum campaign has left the two rival camps – Remain and Leave – locked in a dramatic dead heat with just four days to go before the British people decide their European future.

The final Opinium/Observer poll before referendum day on Thursday puts both sides on 44%, with 10% saying they are undecided.

The online survey of more than 2,000 people was taken between last Tuesday and Friday, with 80% of the polling conducted before the murder of the Labour MP Jo Cox, which led to the suspension of all campaigning.

And the Independent also reports calls for the scrapping of the poll in the wake of the MP’s death.

A petition to cancel next week’s European Union referendum has surged in support in the days following the killing of MP Jo Cox.

As of lunchtime on Saturday over 20,000 people have signed the statement on the Parliament website in the last few days calling for the vote to be called off at the last minute.

The call comes amid consternation at the tone of the referendum campaign and the temporary suspension of activities by both sides in light of the MP’s death.

Euro 2016

The Times claims terrorists have been thwarted in their attempts to target British fans.

Belgian police have smashed an Isis terror cell which they believe was planning an attack on a fan zone in Brussels where supporters watched ­yesterday’s Belgium v ­Ireland Euro 2016 football match.

Dozens of houses and more than 150 lock-up garages were raided in 16 municipalities in and around the city on Friday night; 40 people were taken in for questioning, 12 of whom were arrested.

Prosecutors said last night three of the 12 had been charged with ­terrorist offences. The remaining nine were released.

The Mail has a similar story.

A Belgian minister has warned of more Euro 2016 terror plots as it emerged a dozen suspects remain in custody following a series of raids.

In a mass operation, police arrested 40 people in Brussels, Liege and Anderlecht in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Amid fears of an ‘imminent’ attack on Euro 2016 football fanzone, Interio Minister Jan Jambon warned: ‘It’s not over’.


The Express claims the Prime Minister’s Tory party is split down the middle.

DAVID CAMERON is preparing to launch a “policy blitz” in the wake of the referendum in an attempt to divert attention from the civil war raging within the Conservative Party.

The Prime Minister’s closest aides are drawing up a raft of new policy announcements as part of a secret battle plan aimed at keeping him in power.

A “rescue reshuffle” which will see key members of the Leave campaign promoted is also expected to take place as the PM attempts to unite warring factions within his party.

It comes amid claims he could face a leadership challenge within hours of Thursday’s poll, irrespective of the result, with a number of backbench MPs poised to submit letters to the 1922 Committee on Friday declaring that they have no confidence in Mr Cameron’s leadership.


The Express quotes a Polish leader as saying the EU itself is on the verge of collapse.

THE European Union is on the verge of tearing itself apart because nations rejected Christianity and no longer have shared values, said former president of Poland.

With Britain on the verge of voting to Leave, Lech Walesa said the bloc was in urgent need of reform.

Polls have revealed a 10-point swing towards Brexit with just a week to go until the historic EU referendum.

And on the eve of that vote, Mr Walesa delivered a scathing criticism of the 28-country bloc saying Europe is in crisis because there are no shared values.

House of Commons

Sky News claims MPs will not sit together along party lines during the recall planned for tomorrow.

MPs are getting behind a plan to break with the usual political divisions in the House of Commons and sit together when Parliament reconvenes to pay tribute to murdered Labour MP Jo Cox.

Mrs Cox died on Thursday after being attacked outside her constituency surgery in Birstall. A 52-year-old man appeared in court charged with her murder on Saturday.

Tory MP Jason McCartney, who represents Colne Valley, not far from  Mrs Cox’s constituency of Batley and Spen, has written to the Speaker asking for the traditional seating arrangements to be set aside.

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