The Express reports that Parliament is gearing up to address new Bills.

MINISTERS have been sent a memo telling them to avoid new “domestic” legislation as the Government prepares up to 15 Brexit bills.
The department heads are to find non-legislative approaches to policy aims, such as using secondary legislation and statutory instruments, subject to less Parliamentary scrutiny.
The Brexit bills which must be passed alongside a single “Great Repeal Bill” – to revoke the European Communities Act 1972 and incorporate EU law into domestic law – will dominate the Parliamentary agenda.
The passage of these bills is likely to be especially fraught given the Government’s narrow Commons majority. 

And the Telegraph claims the sovereignty of Parliament will be paramount.

Detailed plans for restoring the UK Parliament’s sovereignty after Brexit are to be published within days, the Telegraph understands.
Proposals for converting EU law into UK law and repealing the legislation that took Britain into the bloc will be published when Brexit is triggered.
A small number of drafts of the White Paper – which is said to be around 50 page long – have been circling Whitehall in recent weeks.
Government sources said the document will be published when Theresa May formally triggers Article 50 by the end of this month. Whitehall figures believe the date will be March 29.
Proposals will reveal full details for how the Government will end the rule of European law by introducing legislation dubbed the “Great Repeal Bill”. 

But there are still Remoaners speaking out, says the Mail.

John Major has delivered a thinly veiled attack on Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson for saying that the economy will be ‘perfectly OK’ if Britain is forced to leave the EU without a trade deal.
The former Prime Minister says Mr Johnson is part of a group of Tory ‘Ultra Brexiteers’ determined to silence all opposition to a ‘complete break’ with Brussels, with ‘disastrous’ consequences for the country.
Sir John’s ‘Ultra’ comment – in an article in today’s Mail on Sunday – is highly provocative as the term is often associated with violent far-Right football fans.
Although he does not name the ‘Ultras’, he leaves little doubt that he is referring to Mr Johnson and fellow prominent Tory Brexiteers Michael Gove, Iain Duncan Smith and Jacob Rees-Mogg.
Mr Johnson said last week: ‘It would be perfectly OK if we weren’t able to get an [EU trade] agreement but I’m sure that we will.’


Across the Channel, it seems that the German Chancellor is already speaking of the EU as one country, says Breitbart.

In the first joint press conference between U.S. President Donald Trump and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the German leader claimed that a trade deal between the U.S. and the EU would be like a trade deal between two countries.
Trade was the topic of much of the press conference between the two leaders as President Trump has made the subject one of the pillars of his administration. During the press questions, a reporter from German paper 
Die Welt asked Ms Merkel if she thought that a trade agreement between the EU and the U.S. would be multilateral or bilateral.
Merkel said and agreement like the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) would be bilateral, indicating that she viewed the European Union as its own country, rather than a federation of countries.

And the Express claims a good deal between the EU and the UK is vital for both sides.

EUROPE has a “vital interest” in securing an open and wide-reaching trade deal with Britain because of its pivotal role in trans-Atlantic trade and investment, a landmark report concludes today.
Economic experts said Brussels would be foolish not to seek favourable terms with the UK, which is by far the biggest focus for American economic interests on the continent.
Britain accounts for an astonishing 22 per cent of all US investment in Europe – which includes non-EU states like Switzerland and Russia – a whopping 10 times greater than France and Germany.
And it is the top destination for both trade and investment flowing across the Atlantic, with most US businesses choosing Britain as their main base in Europe.

Breitbart also reports that Turkey’s ambitions of joining the bloc may be fading.

Germany’s foreign minister says Turkey’s chances of joining the European Union are dwindling, but the country might one day hope for a privileged partnership with the bloc.
Sigmar Gabriel told German weekly Der Spiegel in an interview published Saturday that “Turkey is further away than ever before from EU membership.”
Gabriel, whose center-left Social Democrats have tended to back Turkish membership in the EU, says he was always skeptical of the idea.
He says upcoming negotiations about the EU’s future relationship with Britain might provide a blueprint for Turkey “in the long term.”

And Breitbart also reports problems in Hungary.

The Hungarian government says it will appeal a ruling by the European Court of Human Rights compensating two asylum-seekers from Bangladesh who were deported to Serbia in 2015.
Gyorgy Bakondi, Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s chief security adviser, defended Hungary’s migration policies on Saturday, saying they were legally sound and protected Hungarian and European citizens.
Bakondi also reiterated the government’s prediction that the number of people reaching Hungary through the Balkans would grow as the weather improves and because of the deterioration of Turkey’s deal with the European Union meant to stem the migrant flow.
Bakondi said the construction of a second fence on the border with Serbia was advancing at full speed. Orban has said the new fence will stop “even the largest crowds arriving from Turkey.”

South Thanet

In Kent, the General Election result is still causing problems, says Breitbart.

The scandal in South Thanet is deepening, with police investigating claims the Conservative Party recruited unemployed people to pose as local activists during the 2015 General Election.
it is now reported that an unnamed woman, asked if she was a Tory activist after leafleting for the party in Sandwich, Kent, replied, “I’m not. I was at the job centre and saw this advert for a job with an unknown employer”.
Daily Mirror reports  that she was allegedly given a party rosette, brought to South Thanet on the now infamous Tory battle bus, and sent out onto the steets to campaign.
The source of the story has been interviewed by police at least twice, most recently by the Kent and Essex Serious Economic Crime Unit.


And our former leader has called for a new General Election to be called to sort out the trouble, says Westmonster.

Following fines and revelations about Tory rule breaking over expenses, Nigel Farage has called for Westminster to “drain the swamp” and for a General Election to be called.
After news that the Tory MP who won in South Thanet (the seat Nigel Farage stood in) has been questioned by police, Farage has said:
“Mrs May should get rid of all who were involved in the South Thanet campaign and call a General Election. She should do so with the absolute promise that time has come to clean the stables.
“As Trump attempted to drain the swamp in Washington, the same thing should now happen in Westminster.”


North of the border, former PM Gordon Brown has issued a warning, says the Telegraph.

Gordon Brown has warned that Nicola Sturgeon is pursuing a “more extreme and hard-line” form of independence than in 2014 that would leave Scotland outside the British single market and inflict devastating damage to its economy.
The former Prime Minister challenged the Nationalists “to face up to the fact” that Brexit means an independent Scotland in the EU single market could not also remain part of the UK’s internal market.
He warned that “a more dramatic set of consequences” would follow for Scotland as 65 per cent of its trade is with the rest of the UK, compared to only 15 per cent with the EU.
But Ms Sturgeon claimed that a separate Scotland in the EU single market would become a “magnet for talent an investment” from all across the UK, raising the prospect of a brain drain from England of people who are opposed to Brexit.

And a new poll in the Independent shows the country is split.

Scotland is split over whether Theresa May is right to block a second independence referendum while Britain negotiates its exit deal with the European Union, according to a new poll for The Independent.
The survey comes against the backdrop of a constitutional stand-off between the Prime Minister and Nicola Sturgeon, the Scottish First Minister, who renewed her assault on Downing Street’s “intransigence” and indifference to Scotland.
Pollster ComRes found that 44 per cent of Scottish respondents agreed with the statement: “Theresa May should insist that any second Scottish referendum on independence takes place only once Britain has concluded the process of leaving the EU”. But 48 per cent disagreed and 8 per cent said they didn’t know.

Labour Party

The Mail reports a Labour MP who said her leader should resign.

Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership hit a humiliating new low after a Labour MP told him to his face: ‘Why don’t you just go?’
And the challenge by Angela Smith was rammed home in a separate tirade from John Prescott.
The former Deputy Prime Minister reportedly told Mr Corbyn: ‘You’re not a leader and you never will be while you have a hole in your a***.’
The astonishing onslaught highlights the growing despair among Labour MPs and peers over Mr Corbyn’s ratings and inept leadership.

And it seems plans are afoot to swing the party even further to the left, says the Sun.

JEREMY Corbyn supporters are plotting to seize control of the Labour party by joining forces with super-union Unite, it has been revealed.
The Observer reports Jon Lansman, founder of Momentum, was secretly recorded addressing a meeting of a new branch of the organisation in Richmond, south London, earlier this month.
In a revelation which will worry Labour moderates and the MPs who sought to oust Corbyn last summer, he told supporters the left needs to be better represented at all levels of the party so it can secure the installation of a left-wing successor to Corbyn.
He said this would involve a change to party rules which state leadership candidates must have the backing of at least 15 per cent of MPs and MEPs.


The Mail reports on all the buildings owned by the NHS but lying idle.

The NHS is sitting on at least £100 million worth of empty buildings, which is costing taxpayers £10 million a year to maintain, official figures reveal.
Dozens of GP surgeries, 16 cottage hospitals, more than 20 care and nursing homes and 36 office blocks are lying vacant, according to statistics from NHS Property Services.
The agency values the neglected estate, which comprises 217 buildings, at around £100 million – which could pay for thousands more doctors and nurses.
But this is ‘just the tip of the iceberg’, says former Health Minister Dr Dan Poulter, who unearthed the statistics in a series of parliamentary questions.
The Tory MP believes that the 217 empty properties are actually worth much more. And he said that NHS Property Services only accounted for a tenth of the NHS estate in England.

And the Mirror reports on plans to save the service a whole load of money.

A radical plan to save the NHS £1billion by ending hospital bed blocking is unveiled today.
The scheme involves 35,000 new and specially-converted properties that only hospitalised over-60s can move into.
The NHS would liaise with local social services over ­patients who have no medical need to be in hospital but are still there because they cannot return to their own homes.
Many such people have difficulties with issues like stairs and toilets or live in areas too remote for access to care. Some even lose their homes while they are in hospital.

The Sun claims staff are struggling into work when they’re not up to it.

SUFFERING NHS staff have admitted to turning up for work ill.
Fifty-five per cent who answered a survey said they had clocked in even though they were unwell.
The staff poll also found 71 per cent did extra hours to keep the service running last year.
A third of the 420,000 who took part said they could not meet conflicting demands on their time.
And 47 per cent said they didn’t feel the NHS had enough staff for them to do their job.

The standards set for NHS services are impossible to be met, claims ITV News.

NHS Services in England face a “mission impossible” to meet the standards required by the government as they face steep cuts, health bosses say.
NHS Providers, which represents hospital, mental health, and ambulance trusts, made the warning, saying front-line services simply do not have enough money to be able to cope.
The trade association predicts that there will be longer waits for hospital operations and more delays in A&E as a result.
But ministers insist that the NHS has been given the funding it needs to continue.
While it estimates that the budget available for its members will increases during this Parliament by 2.6%, it is just half of the 5.2% rise in demand that is expected.

And the Independent claims the staffing situation is deteriorating.

NHS nurses from EU countries are quitting their jobs in record numbers, causing critics to warn that Theresa May is making the NHS staffing crisis worse by refusing to guarantee the rights of European citizens.
The figures have prompted calls for a so-called “NHS passport” to be offered to the 59,000 public sector healthcare workers from the EU, along with demands for the Government to immediately reinstate the nursing bursary scrapped this year.
Almost 2,700 EU nurses handed in their resignation letters in 2016, compared to 1,600 in 2014 – a jump of 68 per cent, according to freedom of information requests filed by the Liberal Democrats.
In total, some 6,433 EU nationals quit the NHS in 2016, up from 5,135 in 2014, responses from 80 of the 136 NHS acute trusts showed.

The Mirror claims patient safety is being put at risk.

Thousands of NHS nurses say they no longer have time to look after patients safely.
Fewer than one in 10 nurses polled by the Sunday Mirror in an exclusive survey said they were always able to deliver adequate care.
We polled 3,000 stressed-out and overworked lifesavers. A shocking 81 per cent said patients are receiving a worse standard of care in the NHS now than five years ago.
Equally alarming is that nearly half of Britain’s nurses have seen patients suffer needlessly due to brutal Tory cuts.
And such is the level of strain nurses are under, more than half say they are looking to quit the NHS – creating the potential for a staffing timebomb at a time when there are already more than 20,000 vacancies.

And the Conservatives’ pledge to do away with mixed-sex wards is not being kept, says the Express.

THERESA MAY has been accused of breaking a manifesto pledge after figures showed that the number of patients in mixed-sex wards rose by 50 per cent in a year.
Hospitals breached guidelines to put male and female patients on separate wards 1,750 times in January and February 2017, up from 1,164 occasions over the same period last year, according to 
NHS England figures.
The jump in “unjustified mixing” was labelled a “failure” by shadow health secretary Jonathan Ashworth, who said the Prime Minister had “given up on her manifesto promise to eliminate mixed sex wards.”
The 2015 
Conservative manifesto said the party will “continue to eliminate mixed-sex wards”.

North Korea

The problems in the rogue Asian state could be increasing, says ITV News.

North Korea’s state media says the country’s military has tested a new high-performance rocket engine.
Leader Kim Jong Un said the test was “a new birth” for the North’s rocket industry, state news agency KCNA said.
He said the engine will help North Korea achieve world-class satellite launch capability, it added.
The move comes as US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is visiting China, which is Pyongyang’s biggest ally and supporter.
After personally monitoring the test, Mr Kim apparently “emphasized that the world will soon witness the great significance of the epoch-making victory we achieved today,” KCNA added.

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