The EU’s chief negotiator has the temerity to threaten the UK. The Express says:

MICHEL Barnier issued a stark warning to the UK government, urging the British negotiators to keep the country’s borders open or put companies at risk of major disruption.
The EU’s chief negotiator told London to strike a deal securing continued access to the European Union’s single market or the customs union.
If the British government was to opt for a so-called hard Brexit, severing all the current ties with Brussels, companies would face disruption to their supply chains.
Mr Barnier told the German Sunday newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung newspaper: “Should the British government decide in favour of a customs union with us, which is still possible, things would be much easier.”

Reuters has a measured report of Barnier’s comments.

Companies will face disruption to their supply chains if Britain leaves the European Union without securing continued access to the bloc’s single market or a customs union, EU chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier told a German newspaper.
“Should the British government decide in favour of a customs union with us, which is still possible, things would be much easier,” he told the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung newspaper in an interview to be published on Sunday.

There’s a growing problem in the little German town of Chemnitz, says Fox News.

Thousands of far-right protesters have started marching through a city in eastern Germany where a German man was killed almost a week ago and two migrants face charges in the slaying.
Leaders of Germany’s Alternative for Germany party and of populist group Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West wore dark suits and held white roses as they began what they called a “mourning march” Saturday night.
Several thousand people followed behind them in the city of Chemnitz. Many participants held German flags and posters of alleged victims of migrant violence.


In a column for the Telegraph the Prime Minister promises she will not comprise further.

Theresa May has said she will refuse to be forced into agreeing compromises on her Brexit plan that are not in the national interest.
Writing in The Telegraph, the Prime Minister states she is confident that the Government can broker a “good deal for Britain”.
In a stark appeal to Eurosceptic MPs who are opposed to her proposals and concerned that they could be further watered down, she says: “I will not be pushed into accepting compromises on the Chequers proposals that are not in our national interest.”

Several papers report the PM’s column. The Independent says:

Theresa May has insisted she will not be pushed around by Brussels as Brexit negotiations heat up, as it emerged that Sir Lynton Crosby, who advised her in last year’s general election, is reportedly manoeuvring to derail the PM’s European Union (EU) withdrawal agenda.
As the deadline nears for Britain to leave the bloc, the prime minister stood by the government’s controversial Chequers exit plan despite continued sniping against it from her own party’s benches.
Writing in 
The Sunday Telegraph, Ms May said: “I will not be pushed into accepting compromises on the Chequers proposals that are not in our national interest. 

The Sun says the PM has rejected a second referendum on Brexit.

THERESA May has faced down calls for a second Brexit vote, declaring it a “gross betrayal” of trust.
The PM promised not to give in to activists demanding another referendum — saying millions voted to leave the EU two years ago.
Speaking ahead of MPs returning to Westminster this week, Mrs May said voters “trusted that their vote would count; that after years of feeling ignored by politics, their voices would be heard”.
She said: “To ask the question all over again would be a gross betrayal of our democracy — and a betrayal of that trust.”

Sky News says a ‘People’s Vote’ is out.

Theresa May has said that “giving in” to calls for a second referendum on the final terms of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU would be “a gross betrayal of our democracy”.
The Prime Minister dismissed calls from the People’s Vote, a cross-party group that includes several high-profile figures and MPs, for a second Brexit vote.
Writing in the Sunday Telegraph, Mrs May said: “In the summer of 2016, millions came out to have their say. In many cases, for the first time in decades they trusted that their vote would count.

And the Express quotes an MP saying a clean Brexit will allow British fishermen to do their jobs.

BREXIT will free British fishermen from the “disastrous” quotas imposed by the EU’s Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) only if the government will head for a clean break from the bloc discarding the Chequers agreement, an MP warned.
Owen Paterson, Tory MP for North Shropshire, urged the government not to cave in during the Brexit negotiations and leave under the World Trade Organisation (WTO) rules if it wants to save the UK’s fishing industry.
The former Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Secretary highlighted how time sensitive it is for the UK to immediately leave the CFP.

Conservative Party

Back home it seems another alternative is being worked up according to Westmonster.

Pro-Brexit MPs continue to work on an alternative plan to Theresa May’s Chequers proposal, with it set to be put forward before the Conservative Party Conference.
Focusing on an advanced Canadian-style trade deal and No Deal, former Brexit Minister Steve Baker has said: “The Prime Minister should chuck Chequers and stand up for Brexit based on advanced free trade agreement with the EU, an agreement of the kind the EU has offered in principle.”

And the Mail claims a plot to replace her with Boris has been discovered.

Theresa May last night declared war on Boris Johnson after allies said they had rumbled a plot by her Election guru to install the former Foreign Secretary as the next Prime Minister.
Senior figures at Tory HQ claim that Sir Lynton Crosby is behind plans to mount a nationwide campaign against Mrs May’s Chequers agreement on  Brexit as the precursor to a Boris leadership challenge.
Australian-born Sir Lynton, who masterminded Mr Johnson’s London mayoral victory in 2008 and who remains a close friend, is said to be motivated by ‘revenge’ after No 10 blamed the strategist for last year’s botched General Election.

Westmonster outlines what the newly-appointed election guru can do.

Sir Lynton Crosby’s firm is said to be helping push the anti-Chequers, pro-Boris Johnson campaign as the Brexiteer backlash against Theresa May continues.
The group is said to be linked in with pro-Brexit group Change Britain and is aiming to stand up for Leavers unhappy with the Chequers capitulation.
A Conservative told the Sunday Times that: “Lynton’s firm is working with the ERG (Brexiteer MPs) to run this campaign to bring down Chequers.
“It looks like Lynton is hitting back after falling out over the election campaign and is trying to boot out the Prime Minister.

War is on the cards at the Tory party, says the Sun.

THERESA May has ‘declared war’ on Boris Johnson after rumbling a plot to oust her as Prime Minister, it has been claimed.
It’s reported Mrs May’s allies uncovered a plan to install the former Foreign Secretary as her successor.
According to The Mail on Sunday, senior Tory figures claimed that Sir Lynton Crosby is behind plans to mount a nationwide campaign against Mrs May’s Chequers agreement on Brexit as “the precursor to a Boris leadership challenge”.

There’s a plot, says the Times.

Theresa May was facing a fresh threat to her leadership last night as senior Tories said the man who ran her election campaign is secretly masterminding a bid to destroy her Brexit plan and install Boris Johnson in Downing Street.
Sir Lynton Crosby — the election guru who helped Johnson win two London mayoral elections — has ordered his allies to work with hardline Brexiteers in the Commons to run a nationwide campaign against the prime minister’s Chequers plan. One of Crosby’s senior staff at his firm CTF Partners is in close contact with the European Research Group (ERG) of Brexit hardliners run by Jacob Rees-Mogg and a campaign that is seen as a front for Johnson’s leadership ambitions.

The Express claims both the Conservatives and Labour are heading for a state of panic as their grassroots start revolting.

PANIC is spreading among sections of the Westminster elite at the strange rebirth of the party grassroots. Some MPs fear the influx is transforming their parties beyond recognition.
Many Labour MPs have long been bitterly at odds with hard-Left socialists who flooded into the party after the 2015 general election defeat and helped propel Jeremy Corbyn to the leadership.
Former minister Frank Field showed just how bad the atmosphere has become by resigning the Labour whip on Thursday, hitting out at the “culture of intolerance, nastiness and intimidation” in the party.
Some Tory MPs now fear their party is catching a similar ailment following a sudden rise in membership applications. Pro-Brussels Tories complain that hordes of so-called “Brextremists” are rampaging into Conservative associations in areas that voted firmly for Leave in the 2016 EU referendum.

Labour Party

In what the Sun claims is an exclusive, a no-confidence vote in the Labour leader could be forced.

A DOZEN Labour MPs threatening to quit could trigger a no confidence vote in Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership, we can reveal.
Talks are under way for a ballot following the leader’s handling of the anti-Semitism controversy. They want colleagues to vent their anger in a secret vote over the row that has plagued the party’s summer.
A furious Labour MP said: “Having a vote would be our way of telling the public that most Labour MPs do get what’s going on, we’re on your side – it would be about sending a message.

And the Express describes the party as in crisis.

THE LABOUR Party is in a fresh crisis after details emerged of a planned coup against Jeremy Corbyn via a vote of no confidence to aid a plot to form a new political party backed by opposition MPs.
Moderate MPs are hoping a no-confidence vote will help MPs feel safe in expressing their anger at the party’s leadership.
According to the Sunday Times, they hope the vote will give MPs the chance to see they are not alone in their frustrations and will give them the confidence to then quit the party and form a breakaway.

The Momentum boss speaks of the party’s anti-semitism in the Mail.

The founder of Momentum has suggested that up to 30 Labour MPs could be deselected as the anti-Semitism row continues to wreak havoc in the party.
Jon Lansman, 61, helped catapult Jeremy Corbyn  to the leadership and is one of the most influential figures in British politics.
The Jewish activist said he is ‘horrified’ by anti-Semitic comments made by people he calls friends – but there will be a backlash if MPs continue to be ‘hostile’.

The Guardian warns that unless the anti-semitism row is sorted, the party won’t win the next General Election.

A former defence minister who chairs Labour’s Jewish affiliate has said the party will lose its chance to form the next government unless it deals comprehensively with the antisemitism crisis.
In an interview with the Guardian, Ivor Caplin, who was defence minister under Tony Blair, said the row was no longer only affecting the Jewish community, but raising broader questions about the party’s commitment to equality across the country.

Plans are afoot to make deselection of MPs and acceptance of expelled members easier says the Sun.

PLANS to make it easier to deselect Labour MPs and to speed up the return of members previously booted out of the party will be revealed at the party conference, it was reported last night.
A proposal to make it easier to accept supporters from hard-left groups is also due to be unveiled at the party’s conference.
As the row over anti-semitism and bullying intensifies, local Labour groups want to overhaul party rules to give more power to the membership, The Observer reported.


There’s plenty of support for the former Scottish leader, says Sky News.

Alex Salmond is shutting his controversial crowdfunding campaign that raised money for a court battle after more than £100,000 was donated – double its target.
The cash is to help with the cost of his fight with Scotland’s government over its handling of sexual misconduct allegations he faces.
The former Scottish first minister’s decision earlier this week 
to ask the public for financial aid was criticised by opposition politicians as “unprecedented” and “unbelievable”.

ITV News also has the story.

A controversial crowdfunding campaign launched by Alex Salmond to help fund his legal challenge against the Scottish Government’s handling of sexual misconduct allegations against him has been halted after it raised just over £100,000.
The former Scottish first minister announced he was asking for money to help with his court battle at the same time as he dramatically quit the SNP.
But after his heavily criticised funding campaign raised double its £50,000 target, Mr Salmond announced he was closing it.

Scallop wars

Problems in the English Channel continue, says the Times.

The scallop war in the English Channel intensified yesterday with reports that the lone British vessel still in the area had been intercepted and possibly boarded by the French navy.
The action against the Morning Star followed a warning from a French government minister that British skippers should consider themselves barred from the Baie de Seine, scene of recent clashes between UK and French fishermen.


Criminals are to be investigated in Ireland after a surge in immigration applications, reports the Times.

British passport holders are falsely claiming to live in Ireland in order to exploit a loophole that allows them to bypass Britain’s strict immigration laws and bring foreign family members to live in the UK.
A surge in such applications has prompted the Irish authorities to start investigating criminal gangs in the UK.
In the past three years, Irish immigration authorities have encountered more than 10,000 suspicious family reunification applications submitted by non-EU nationals who already have residency rights in Britain.

Child abuse

The Mail reports on the Home Secretary’s response to allegations of paedophilia.

Paedophiles operating online are becoming as cunning as terrorist gangs as they seek to evade capture, the Home Secretary warns.
Sajid Javid is to reveal how child abusers are using the ‘dark web’ – a network of hidden websites and untraceable online activity – and creating dozens of fake identities in order to evade detection.
But he will insist that the Government is determined to crack down on the scourge of online child sexual exploitation, using new tools such as a program known as Project Arachnid that has trawled through 1.3 billion web pages looking for illegal images.

And the Guardian reports that councils can’t keep up with the numbers of reports of child abuse.

Ministers are facing demands for emergency funds to protect thousands of vulnerable children after figures revealed that child social care services plunged more than £800m into the red in a single year.
In the latest sign of the cash crisis engulfing councils across England, senior local government figures now warn that children’s services are reaching a tipping point as the numbers needing help continue to grow and budgets continue to shrink.
Observer understands that the Treasury was repeatedly approached for more funding by concerned ministers before the last budget, but the requests were turned down.

Traffic jams

Technology could be used to help avoid holdups on the roads, says the Times.

It is a common enough problem — finding yourself stuck in traffic, surrounded by thousands of motorists all cursing the roadworks ahead. Surveys report that the average British driver spends 30 hours a year in traffic — almost long enough to fly to Australia and back again.
The government wants to reduce that figure with a £10m investment in technology to help drivers avoid delays and road repairs.
The money is for a digital planning service called Street Manager that will be launched next year.
The service will generate real-time data that will be free for technology companies to access.


Police stations are closing at an alarming rate, reports the Times.

More than 600 police stations have shut since 2010 in the largest closure programme in policing history.
Some forces have closed more than half their stations. In Gloucestershire, 21 out of 28 police stations, including Tetbury, Bourton-on-the-Water, and Moreton-in-the-Marsh, have shut.
Cities such as Bath and St Albans no longer have a dedicated station. St Albans police station was closed in 2015, and residents in the city of 140,000 are directed to a “free telephone to police control room” outside the council offices.

And the police’s attitude to diversity could change, says Breitbart.

Police will soon adopt a raft of “enhanced inclusivity” measures including celebrating “culturally-focused events like Black History Month” as forces across Britain are ordered to treat minority representation like a “critical incident”.
According to Police Oracle, a plan set to be  launched next week will see every force create a “gold group at chief officer level focused on diversity”, with identity politics to be made a major priority.
Senior officers, staff associations, and members of various “communities” will work together towards meeting so-called diversity targets, the law enforcement news outlet said.


Help to Buy is in trouble, reports the Telegraph.

The government’s Help to Buy scheme is facing the axe amid concerns it is helping wealthier households and pushing up house prices.
The Telegraph understands that ministers are planning a “fundamental review” of the policy that could see it replaced with a scheme that is “more targeted on those it is meant to be helping.”
New research published last week showed that one in five households on Help to Buy have used it to upgrade their homes rather than to get onto the housing ladder. 

Puppy farms

Where would you go if you wanted to buy a puppy? ITV News has a warning.

Almost a third of puppies bought online die or fall ill within their first year, a charity has warned.
Research found 18% of people who bought their pet directly over the internet after finding an advert online said their dog had been sick before its first birthday, with the illness continuing throughout its life or until its death.
A further 13% said their puppy had fallen ill in the first 12 months but went on to recover.

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