Conservative Party

Looks like the Prime Minister is facing more pressure, this time on the financial front, says the Telegraph.

A leading Conservative donor is threatening to fund a new pro-Brexit party if Theresa May fails to deliver on the EU referendum.
Jeremy Hosking, a City financier who donated £1.5 million to the Leave campaign and has given £375,000 to the Conservatives since 2015, has carried out private polling he believes shows “clear support” for a new party that would help achieve “what the electorate thought it would be getting” following the 2016 vote.
Mr Hosking, who says Leave voters are “being heated up slowly like laboratory frogs”
under the Prime Minister’s Chequers plan, says there is a “gap in the political market”.

The Mail also has the story.

A wealthy Conservative donor has threatened to pull the plug on funding the party if Theresa May fails to deliver Brexit.
City financier Jeremy Hosking, who pumped £1.5million into the Leave campaign and has donated more than £375,000 to the Tories since 2015, said he has carried out private polling which showed overwhelming support for setting up a new party aimed at delivering promises made during the 2016 referendum campaign.
In a major intervention in the Brexit debate, Hosking claimed Leave voters were ‘being heated up like laboratory frogs’ – partly due to Theresa May’s Chequers plan. 

The Independent points out that Mr Hosking donated to the Leave campaign.

A businessman who donated £1.5m to the Leave campaign has threatened to fund a new party if Theresa May fails to deliver Brexit, according to reports.
Jeremy Hosking, a co-owner of Crystal Palace football club, suggested that the “fiasco” of Theresa May’s Chequers plan was a conspiracy to prevent the UK leaving the European Union.
He told 
The Sunday Telegraph that he had carried out private polling which showed “clear support for a Brexit party that will deliver what the electorate thought it would be getting”.

And if Mrs May quits, party members are lining up to take over. The Sun says:

AMBER Rudd has hinted at a “dream ticket” Tory leadership pairing with Boris Johnson.
The former Home Secretary – who has crossed swords with BoJo in the past – insisted they are “good friends” and that she admires the fact he is socially liberal.
Ms Rudd, forced to quit over the Windrush migrants fiasco, revealed she may throw her hat into the ring if there is a leadership contest in future, adding: “Don’t write me off yet.”
Asked if she could be the ex-Foreign Secretary’s running mate, she replied: “The other way round!”

Breitbart says the crunch meeting could come tomorrow.

Prime Minister Theresa May is to face an ultimatum on Monday’s Cabinet meeting where she will be urged to come up with an alternative to her Chequers plan or face resignations, according to sources speaking to The Telegraph.
The Monday cabinet meeting, initially scheduled to discuss the country’s immigration policy, is tipped to be dominated by the Salzberg meeting that occurred late last week, where the European Union’s 27 other leaders and the bloc’s top Eurocrats rejected the Chequers proposal for a soft Brexit, mocked Prime Minister Theresa May, and urged the country to vote again.

Westmonster says ministers are calling for a ‘plan B’.

Theresa May could see members of her Government resign on Monday unless she offers a plan B to Chequers after the EU  rejected her proposals in Salzburg.
The Telegraph reports a source who says: “Monday is the crunch point. That’s when every Cabinet minister will have to look again and reassess like Boris [Johnson] and David Davis did.”
Several Cabinet members are being speculated to resign in protest over Chequers, following Boris Johnson and David Davis’ decision, including Esther McVey, Penny Mordaunt and Sajid Javid.

General Election

It seems that preparations are being made for a snap election by several parties. The Telegraph reports:

Theresa May’s aides have secretly begun contingency planning for a snap election in November to save the Brexit talks and her job after EU leaders rebuffed the prime minister’s Chequers plan.
Two senior members of May’s Downing Street political operation responded to her summit humiliation in Salzburg last week by “war-gaming” an autumn vote to win public backing for a new plan.
In a telephone conversation on Thursday evening one of them said to another Tory strategist: “What are you doing in November — because I think we are going to need an election.”

The Morning Star quotes the shadow chancellor.

JOHN McDONNELL has called on Theresa May to “move over” and call a general election following her humiliation at the hands of EU chiefs in Salzburg.
“The government clearly can’t negotiate a deal. They should just move over and let us get on with it,” he told reporters on arrival at the Labour conference in Liverpool today.
He cautioned against the clamour for a second referendum on EU membership from the so-called People’s Vote campaign, which is fronted by figures from Labour’s right wing including Chuka Umunna and Lord Adonis, saying that the Labour leadership remained clear that “we’re accepting the original vote.”

And the Independent reports the launch of a plan to force an election.

Labour will launch a plan to force an election by seeking a motion of no confidence in the government within days if Theresa May’s  Brexit deal is defeated in parliament, The Independent has learnt.
Jeremy Corbyn and his top team will launch an attempt to force the Conservative administration to go to the people at what they believe will be a moment of maximum weakness for the prime minister.
Multiple sources confirmed party chiefs have game-planned their approach if Ms May’s beleaguered proposals are vetoed in a crucial commons vote or if she fails to get a deal in Europe.

The Labour Party have already drawn up the Queen’s Speech to be delivered when they win the GE, says the Mirror.

Labour have drawn up urgent plans to take power and deliver a Queen’s Speech if Theresa May is destroyed by Brexit .
Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell outlined how the party is now preparing to govern if it wins a snap General Election.
Speaking exclusively to the Daily Mirror ahead of the Labour party conference, he said: “We want to hit the deck running”.

The Mail speaks of two senior No 10 advisers who are making plans for a GE.

The EU’s shock rejection of Theresa May’s Chequers plan threw Downing Street into a tailspin.
An agreement already loathed by large sections of her party for cleaving too close to Brussels had been thrown out by European leaders for being too advantageous to the UK.
It is that mind-numbing difficulty – of devising a plan acceptable to the EU that would also be voted through a hung Parliament – which has led two senior No 10 advisers to advocate the previously unthinkable: another snap General Election.

Labour Party

With the party conference this week, the Times reports a new poll.

Labour could haemorrhage almost 1m votes at the next general election because of the row over anti-semitism engulfing the party, according to a new poll.
The survey, commissioned by the campaign group Labour Against Antisemitism, suggests the subject could affect how 900,000 people vote. The Conservatives beat Labour by 758,224 votes at last year’s general election.
Turmoil over anti-semitism is having the biggest impact among potential Labour voters, including those who do not vote Labour but say they may in future.

The Mail quotes the Labour leader.

Jeremy Corbyn has said he would support another Brexit referendum – if Labour members at the annual party conference call for it.
The Labour leader said that he would prefer to have a general election to settle the issue, but admitted he could not ignore calls for a second referendum if party members demand it.
It comes after Tom Watson also in a newspaper interview the party should not ignore party members if they make their voices for another referendum heard loud enough.

The Mirror says it’ll be easier to deselect MPs at odds with their constituencies.

Labour chiefs tonight agreed sweeping rule changes that will make it easier to deselect sitting MPs.
Local members will find it much easier to force a full open selection process against their MPs if the changes are passed by 1,600 delegates at the party conference on Sunday.
But the NEC stopped well short of backing a full system of mandatory reselection for every MP.

The Times also reports on the possibility.

Labour MPs could face a lower threshold for deselection after the party’s ruling body backed rule changes to make it easier for constituency parties to challenge incumbents.
At present MPs face a trigger ballot — which could force them to step down — if a majority of members from both local branches and unions back it. Under the reforms endorsed last night by Labour’s national executive committee (NEC), which will be put to a vote at the party’s conference in Liverpool, the support of only a third of local members and unions will be needed.

Sky News says the leader might back a second referendum.

Jeremy Corbyn has said he would back a second EU referendum if Labour members demand he do so at his party conference.
The four-day gathering gets under way in Liverpool today in the wake of another Brexit setback for Theresa May, whose Chequers proposal 
was widely rejected by EU leaders in Salzburg earlier this week.
Mr Corbyn believes a general election would be the best way to resolve the political crisis enveloping the negotiations.

And the Telegraph is focusing on holiday homes.

Labour’s leader is to announce a levy targeting holiday homes during the party’s conference in Liverpool.
The tax would be based on the value of each property and “equivalent to double the current rate of council tax”, a Labour spokesman said.
The announcement will intensify the fears of higher earners already bearing the brunt of his economic plans, amid heightened talk in Westminster of a general election if Theresa May fails to secure a Brexit deal that can be approved by Parliament.

The Times also reports the proposed tax.

Labour plans to tax holiday homes to raise £500m for families living in temporary accommodation, targeting properties in some of the most desirable parts of the country.
John Healey, the shadow housing secretary, will announce the new tax proposals at the party’s conference in Liverpool. He said the plan would “put a brake on the growing gap between Britain’s housing ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots’”.

People’s Army

Four leading Brexiteers have joined forces to fight for a hard Brexit, says Breitbart.

MEP Nigel Farage, Labour MP Kate Hoey, and Conservative former Brexit Secretary David Davis launched the “rebirth of the People’s Army” to stop the “betrayal” of Brexit.
Organised as part of Leave Means Leave’s 
Save Brexit Campaign, the ‘Stop Brexit Betrayal’ rally in Bolton on Saturday afternoon saw the three Brexiteer heavyweights barnstorm for support of a clean Brexit with a free trade deal over Prime Minister Theresa May’s Chequers plan.

The Times also reports the launch.

Nigel Farage has kicked off a campaign to build support for a hard Brexit, insisting that “no deal” would be “no problem” for UK.
The former Ukip leader told an audience at the University of Bolton stadium that he wanted to counter the “endless negative narrative” surrounding the UK’s negotiations with the EU.
The MEP branded the EU as “a bunch of gangsters” and claimed UK politicians “do not want to give us Brexit”.

And BBC News claims Farage has endorsed ‘no deal’.

A no-deal Brexit is “no problem”, Nigel Farage has said at a rally of the Leave Means Leave campaign group.
The former UKIP leader told an audience in Bolton the current government negotiations on Brexit could plausibly end in an agreement.
But “far from being a cliff edge”, the UK would prosper without one, he said.
Ex-Brexit Secretary David Davis told the rally the PM’s plans were a “weak compromise” and the government had to deliver Brexit “without dilution”.

Sky News reports a particular comment made by our former leader.

Nigel Farage has told a rally of supporters that the EU are a “bunch of gangsters” and a campaign is needed to stop a “Brexit betrayal”.
Speaking in front of more than 1,000 people in Bolton, the former UKIP leader said out-of-touch “career politicians” did not want to respect the UK’s 2016 vote to leave the European Union.
He said a cross-party campaign was required to keep the country on course for Brexit, regardless of whether a deal could be made between the UK and EU.
He said of the EU: “They are a bunch of gangsters.
“We will explain a free trade deal is possible, if that’s what the gangsters in Brussels want.

And the Express calls it a ‘scathing attack’.

NIGEL Farage has given a scathing attack to the EU “gangsters”, saying “no deal – no problem”, as he launched his campaign to stop the “Brexit betrayal”.
The former UKIP leader, sharing a platform with former Brexit secretary David Davis and Labour Brexiteer MP Kate Hoey, said it is time the UK’s own politicians “began to feel the heat” over attempts to overturn the referendum vote.
Mr Farage was speaking before 1,000 cheering supporters at the first Leave Means Leave rally in Bolton.


Following the weekend’s conference, the Independent has picked out one of the stalls for a report.

The kitemark on the back of the Nigel Farage  branded “hard Brexit” condoms confirm they are fully compliant with EU regulation, but they are about the only thing at Ukip’s annual conference that are. Ukip’s youth wing shifted 160 of the things just on day one, raising £160 for their cause. For the same price they could have bought 32 copies of A Proposed Charter of Muslim Understanding by Gerard Batten MEP, which was “reduced” to £5 long before the gift shop opened for business.

BBC News reports a comment from our leader.

UKIP should become a “radical, populist party” standing up for free speech against the “politically-correct thought police”, says its leader.
Its “interim manifesto”, unveiled on the eve of its conference, also urges a “clean exit” from the EU.
Leader Gerard Batten said the policies unveiled aimed to help “the people who form the backbone of Britain”.
He is the fourth person to lead UKIP since Nigel Farage quit in the wake of the 2016 EU Referendum.
The party has also suffered a funding crisis and was saved from insolvency by public donations.

Our former leader has commented on the current direction of the party in the Guardian.

Ukip faces “utter marginalisation” if it continues along its current hard-right direction, Nigel Farage has said, as the party he formerly led opened its annual conference with a range of new policies targeting Muslims and equalities laws.
Farage, who stepped down as Ukip leader after the EU referendum in 2016, criticised the current leader, Gerard Batten, for seeking to bring in Tommy Robinson, the far-right anti-Muslim activist and founder of the English Defence League.
Farage said it “really upsets” him that Ukip, which began its two-day conference in Birmingham on Friday, was even considering allowing entry to Robinson, the political stage name of Stephen Yaxley-Lennon.

Children’s services

Away from front-line politics, the Times reports a charity may be called in to help beleaguered councils.

Barnardo’s is in talks to help run children’s services across one-tenth of England for councils overwhelmed by problems, from sexual exploitation to drug dealing.
Javed Khan, the charity’s chief executive, said that in the longer term it is prepared to help provide English councils with services for “the whole of the country”.
He said statutory services were facing a “perfect storm” in the range of problems facing children, spilling over into knife crime and gangs forcing children to sell drugs.


The Mail reports on a warning from a chief constable. Pity it’s journalists can’t spell even the opening word of the piece!

Theives are being ‘encouraged’ to pursue lives of crime because the courts won’t send them to jail, according to police chiefs.
An official report seen by The Mail on Sunday reveals concerns about a ‘vicious cycle’ which has seen judges and magistrates increasingly reluctant to lock up crooks due to overcrowding in the prison system.
The warning features in a report by Hertfordshire Constabulary and is endorsed by Charlie Hall, its Chief Constable.
The Force Management Statement, published last week, says: ‘There is strong evidence that the general lack of prison capacity is having an effect on remand decisions/sentencing.


The Independent says the service is in yet another crisis.

Labour has warned that the NHS is teetering on the brink of another major winter crisis  after accusing the government of “breathtaking complacency” in the face of last year’s chaotic scenes.
Jonathan Ashworth urged ministers to reassure patients there will be no repetition of the “worst ever” winter where intense pressures forced hospital bosses to defer thousands of routine operations.
He also demanded ministers at least guarantee there will be no relaxation of mixed-sex ward rules, a practice that the government had promised to eliminate because many patients find it humiliating and inappropriate.


ITV News has a story of another supermarket group doing it’s bit.

The Co-op is to end single-use plastic in a move which will replace millions of carrier bags with an environmentally friendly alternative.
The retail giant said it will reduce its use of plastic packaging within five years and stop using hard-to-recycle materials such as black plastic.
Lightweight compostable carrier bags, which can be reused as food waste caddy liners, will be rolled out to almost 1,400 Co-op food stores.
The new ethical strategy will see all of the Co-op’s own-brand packaging become easy to recycle by 2023, while own-brand black and dark plastic packaging, including black ready meal trays, will be eliminated by 2020.


Breitbart reports a top diplomat’s views that immigration is wonderful.

Debate in Europe framing illegal immigration from the third world as a problem is “dangerous”, the United Nations (UN) refugee chief has warned, insisting that the mass movement of peoples has been “a source of progress and prosperity since people first began to migrate”.
“Distorted” political debate on the subject has led to Europe becoming “obsessed” with a migrant crisis that “does not exist”, Filippo Grandi said, urging EU politicians to stop squabbling “over a few boats” [of illegal immigrants].

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