Breitbart reports on the leaked report showing the impact immigration is having on the UK.

Mass immigration from the European Union is having a “disproportionate” impact on Britain and damaging social cohesion, a leaked government analysis has said.

The document states that citizens of other EU states are overwhelmingly the best performers in Britain’s jobs market, accounting for 75 per cent of the growth in the UK’s employment figures.

Eastern Europeans especially are taking low-skilled jobs and then having their income topped up by “generous in-work benefits, without having contributed, from Day One”.


In an exclusive, The Sun quotes Margaret Thatcher’s economics guru saying Brexit would leave families £40 BETTER OFF a week.

MAGGIE Thatcher’s economics guru stormed into the referendum battle last night, claiming Brexit would cut living costs by £40 a week.

Professor Patrick Minford accused EU chiefs of imposing over-inflated prices on everything from food to cars.

And he calculated tearing down trade barriers after we leave will boost growth and bring consumer prices down by 8p in the Pound.

Prof Minford said: “Prices are 20 per cent higher inside the EU compared with world prices.

“The system is designed to keep prices up and consumers are paying for this.

“But if we pulled out, your average Sun on Sunday reader would be 40 quid a week better off.

“Everything from food to things like cars, fridges and washing machines will all be much cheaper.”


In other news, the Independent reports that an under-staffed hospital has been refused military medical help.

A crisis-hit hospital was forced to request support from military medics to care for patients at its chronically under-staffed A&E department, it has emerged.

Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust held talks with the local barracks as it sought to resolve a dire staffing shortage in the emergency department of Chorley Hospital, which has since been forced to suspend its service.

The A&E had only eight of the 14 middle-grade doctors it required to continue running a safe service. But the request to the military was unsuccessful as the right grade of medic was not available. National NHS bosses are also said to have advised against the request, warning that military personnel should be requested only in the “the last resort”.

And in the tussle between junior doctors and Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt, a cross-party team of MPs has urged Mr Hunt to run a regional trial first before rolling out his proposed contract, says the Mirror.

Junior doctors have given Jeremy Hunt a chance to stop next week’s two-day strike – by putting his new contract through a medical trial.

They have vowed to call off the walkout this Tuesday and Wednesday if the Health Secretary agrees not to impose new terms while his scheme is put to the test.

In a letter written by Heidi Alexander, Labour urge Mr Hunt to accept a trial involving hundreds of junior doctors across “a number of NHS Trusts”.

The plan, backed by Tory, Lib Dem and SNP MPs, has been brokered by Shadow Health Secretary Heidi Alexander.

A similar story is covered by ITV News.

Junior doctors could abandon their planned two-day strike if Jeremy Hunt agrees to a limited trial of his new contracts.

Under the deal, put forward by a cross-party group of MPs, the health secretary must agree not to impose any new terms.

In a letter to Mr Hunt, Labour’s Heidi Alexander, Conservative Dr Dan Poulter, Lib Dem Norman Lamb and the SNP’s Dr Philippa Whitford say they believe the British Medical Association (BMA) would not go ahead with next week’s strike if the government agreed to the proposed trial.

Thousands of junior doctors across England are due to go on strike for two days next week, starting at 8am on Tuesday, with the walk-out expected to cause massive disruption.

A BMA source said that if the government agreed to limited trials of a pilot of the contract, representatives would be prepared to meet them to discuss the possibility of calling off the strike.

And Sky News.

The Labour Party has put forward proposals they hope could prevent next week’s planned junior doctors’ strike.

Shadow health secretary Heidi Alexander has written a letter calling on Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt to agree to a trial of the proposed contracts at a number of NHS trusts, and to set up an independent study into the impact.

In the letter Ms Alexander says that the evaluation would include “an audit of mortality cases to identify the cause of death and whether it could have been avoided”.


Sky News reports a suggestion by the Commons Defence Committee which says that if armed forces personnel die in training, they should be treated like a civilian employer.

Families of British armed forces personnel who have died in training have welcomed a recommendation that the Ministry of Defence be prosecuted for avoidable deaths.

At the moment the MOD is exempt and can’t be taken to court, even if failings are found to have taken place.

But The Commons Defence Committee has said such a situation “must change”, adding: “The lives of serving personnel are worth no less than those of civilians and those responsible for their deaths must be equally liable under the law.”

In 2013, three men died during an SAS selection exercise in the Brecon Beacons. An inquest found they had been neglected on the 16-mile march. If it weren’t for immunity the MOD would have been prosecuted. The victims’ families have welcomed the recommendations.


The row over pro-EU comments made by US president Barack Obama continues.  The Telegraph accuses him of ignorance.

Barack Obama has been accused of showing “woeful ignorance” of the damage the European Union does to British national security, in a growing backlash over his intervention in the referendum campaign.

Penny Mordaunt, the Armed Forces minister, hit back at the American President for his failure to appreciate how European judges and laws on migration undermine transatlantic efforts to tackle terrorism.

In an exclusive column for The Telegraph earlier this week, President Obama, warned of the risks of Brexit and urged Britons to vote to Remain in the EU in this summer’s referendum.

But Ms Mordaunt attacked the President for failing to grasp the true threat to security that the EU poses to Britain.

And several of the media report Mr Obama’s US colleague Hillary Clinton’s comments upon the same lines.  Sky News reports that thinks it would be wrong for Britain to go it alone.

US presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton has joined the battle over Britain’s EU future by throwing her support behind the campaign to remain in the European Union.

Her intervention came a day after President Barack Obama bluntly told Britain it should remain in the EU to preserve its remaining global clout.

Mrs Clinton’s senior policy adviser Jake Sullivan told the Observer: “Hillary Clinton believes that transatlantic co-operation is essential, and that cooperation is strongest when Europe is united.

“She has always valued a strong United Kingdom in a strong EU. And she values a strong British voice in the EU.”

Mrs Clinton, who spent four years as US secretary of state during Mr Obama’s first term, has made her foreign policy credentials a central piece of her campaign for president in the November 2016 race for the White House.

The Guardian has a similar story.

Hillary Clinton has thrown her weight behind the campaign to keep Britain inside the European Union in a major new boost to David Cameron’s hopes of winning a Remain vote on 23 June.

After Barack Obama used his farewell trip to the UK as president to make the economic and security arguments for membership, Clinton, who is the favourite to win the Democratic nomination in July and become the first female US president, makes clear that if she enters the White House she will want the UK to be fully engaged, and leading the debate, within the EU.

In a statement to the Observer, her senior policy adviser, Jake Sullivan, said: “Hillary Clinton believes that transatlantic cooperation is essential, and that cooperation is strongest when Europe is united. She has always valued a strong United Kingdom in a strong EU. And she values a strong British voice in the EU.” Sources close to the former secretary of state’s campaign said she stood fully behind Obama’s opposition to Brexit, which the president said on Friday would not only undermine the international institutions, including the EU, that had bound nations closer together since 1945, but would also mean the UK being at “the back of the queue” when negotiating new trade deals.

As does the Independent.

Hillary Clinton has said she wants the UK to stay in the European Union, adding her voice to that of US President Barack Obama in backing the Remain campaign. The front-runner for the Democratic party’s presidential nomination is favoured to become the first female US Commander-in-Chief, which would make her a key diplomatic partner for the UK and EU, whether or not British voters choose Brexit in June.

In a statement to The Observer, Ms Clinton’s senior policy adviser, Jake Sullivan, said: “Hillary Clinton believes that transatlantic cooperation is essential, and that cooperation is strongest when Europe is united. She has always valued a strong United Kingdom in a strong EU. And she values a strong British voice in the EU.”

And ITV News.

US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has waded into the Brexit debate, echoing calls by President Barack Obama that Britain should remain in the European Union.

Clinton, currently the frontrunner for the Democratic nomination, has indicated that if she goes on to become the US president she would want Britain fully engaged with the EU.

According to a statement from Ms Clinton’s senior policy adviser printed in The Observer newspaper

The Mail reports London Mayor Boris Johnson claims the US President’s comments are ‘ridiculous and weird’.

Boris Johnson has launched an astonishing attack on Barack Obama’s ‘ridiculous and weird’ arguments for Britain to stay in the EU.

In an outspoken assault last night, the London Mayor mocked the US President’s controversial claim that Anglo-US trade would be hit by Brexit.

And he stepped up his war of words with Obama over Winston Churchill, claiming that the wartime leader and the US both stood for democracy – and that the EU didn’t. Brexit cheerleader Johnson spoke out as infighting broke out among senior figures in the ‘Leave’ campaign after Obama’s devastating intervention.

And finally, UKIP MEP Jonathan Arnott has released a new video explaining how the European Union is strangling Britain.

Using the example of the United States receiving a new flag, anthem, and being ruled remotely by a parliament  in Guatemala, the video explainer shows why the British are so fed up of EU membership, and why U.S. president Obama is misguided in his forthcoming intervention.

Showing national control over Congress, the Supreme Court, the military, healthcare, and even world trade expatriated the film makes the point the United Kingdom and other EU members are forced to put up with enormous abuses of power that average Americans would never stand for at home. Yet Mr. Obama will encourage Brits to vote to stay during his visit to the United Kingdom this week.

See the video on

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