The Sun reports that the port of Calais was after 400 people trying to get into the UK breached security.

FIFTY migrants stormed a cross-Channel ferry in France last night – hours after Jeremy Corbyn told refugees he’d welcome them to Britain.

A mob of 400 cut through a fence after a demo near the Calais terminal and 50 of them managed to climb aboard the waiting ship.

In astonishing scenes, the crew of P&O ferry Spirit of Britain fired water hydrants to keep the chanting throng at bay until police restored order.

Officers were quickly on the scene and closed the port leaving hundreds of travellers stranded.

Pictures tweeted from the area showed a group of migrants at the front of the ferry. Worried relatives of those thought to be on board also took to social media to ask if passengers were safe.

The port was sealed off as workmen were called in to fix the gaping hole.

The Telegraph reports 24 of them were arrested.

The port of Calais was temporarily closed on Saturday after a ferry was stormed by 50 migrants from the nearby “Jungle” camp, earlier visited by Jeremy Corbyn.

Up to 500 migrants had broken off from a protest march through the town about migrants’ conditions, according to the mayor, Natacha Bouchart.

Around 150 then broke through the port’s perimeter fence, and 50 made it to the gangplanks of the P&O ferry Spirit of Britain. Photographs later showed the migrants standing on the upper decks of the ferry.

Police have arrested 24 migrants.

A further 11 people believed to be from the No Borders activist group were also detained after being found on the ship.

ITV reports a haulage boss’s comments that the incident was a ‘shocking breach of security’

A “shocking breach of security” allowed 50 migrants to storm a ferry in Calais on Saturday, the chief executive of the Road Haulage Association said.

Richard Burnett said that the incident was the latest in a string of instances at the Port of Calais and called for the French military to intervene.

He said: “This shocking breach of security clearly shows that the migrant mayhem in and around Calais is not being tackled.

“This latest episode has made the headlines, but the many incidents of attacks and intimidation faced by our British drivers on a daily basis are going unreported as, depressingly, they are now being regarded as routine.

“It is now time for the authorities to acknowledge and meet our demand for the French military be deployed to secure the port and its approaches.”

And Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has said that the UK should process migrants from Calais, says Sky News.

Jeremy Corbyn has told Sky News that the Labour Party is too defensive about its immigration record – and said up to 3,000 people waiting in makeshift camps in Calais should be processed if they want to come to Britain.

Following Dame Margaret Beckett’s report into the party’s failure at the General Election, the Leader of the Opposition said he had read “some but not all” of the report and that “the party needed to discuss and debate it”.

The Labour grandee had concluded that UKIP successfully exploited the claim that the major parties were “out of touch on immigration”.

Mr Corbyn said: “I think we didn’t sufficiently explain the role migrant communities have played in Britain, the work done in the NHS and education and industry. We were too defensive on (immigration).”

Speaking at a warehouse in Calais where dozens of British volunteers come every weekend to sort donations of clothes and to cook meals for migrants, Mr Corbyn denied that public opinion was now against taking extra refugees.

“Look at his warehouse – all this aid and support coming from ordinary people in Britain,” he said.

The Express quotes a former defence secretary saying the migrant sex attack gangs could come to Britain if we stay in the EU.

BRITAIN would be more secure against terror attacks and crime if it left the EU, former defence secretary Liam Fox said last night.

The former Tory leadership contender was the surprise guest at the launch of the new Grassroots Out campaign, which has brought together 37 MPs to present a united, cross-party, voice to counter friction between rival Out camps.

Ukip leader Nigel Farage has also thrown his support behind the movement, saying: “The time is now – we must put our petty differences behind us and work together as one united voice.”


The Telegraph reports that an alliance of 40 backbenchers will challenge David Cameron.

The Tory truce over Europe began to crumble on Saturday as David Cameron faced an angry backlash from MPs over his attitude to his party in the referendum campaign.

An alliance of 40 Conservatives wrote to the Prime Minister requesting a meeting to discuss concerns that he will fail to restore Britain’s “sovereignty” over setting tax rates and laws.

They fear he is not asking for sufficiently radical changes to EU membership and want him to be more ambitious in his negotiations to wrest back powers. Mr Cameron rejected the request to meet his MPs, who were said to be backed by 10 Government ministers and aides, sparking a furious response on Saturday night.

And the Telegraph quotes a home-shopping tycoon saying  ‘There are many Labour MPs who do want out of Europe but won’t say so’

John Mills is rather good at selling ironing board covers. He has sold around 25 million of them around the world, and reckons that one in three of all UK households have one.

Now he wants us all to buy Brexit; not such a smooth ride perhaps. Yet the 77-year-old multi-millionaire founder of JML, the TV home-shopping channel, is confident that Britain’s 45 million voters can be persuaded to leave the European Union at the forthcoming referendum.

“The latest polls are looking much stronger for the ‘outers’. It’s interesting that men and women are showing similar voting patterns, whereas in the Scottish referendum women were more cautious,” he says.

Grassroots Out

Breitbart reports on the launch of the Eurosceptic group.

KETTERING, United Kingdom – UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage was joined on stage today by Labour’s Kate Hoey MP, Conservative Party MPs Philip Hollobone, Peter Bone, and Tom Pursglove, as well the Democratic Unionist Party’s Sammy Wilson and former UK Defence Secretary Dr. Liam Fox.

The “Magnificent Seven” plus special guest Dr. Fox launched the “Grassroots Out” campaign in Kettering today, in front of a capacity crowd of around 2,000 attendees.

Fake passports

The Mail reports that 3,000 Indians have got into the UK with fake papers.

Thousands of Indians entered Britain illegally using fake documents bought from criminals exploiting an immigration loophole exposed by The Mail on Sunday last week.

The forged papers entitle holders to obtain EU passports using a bizarre but entirely legitimate back door which gives those living in former Portuguese colonies the right to come to Europe.

An estimated 3,000 Indians have entered the UK in this manner with the help of a gang operating in Lisbon, London and Leicester, paying the criminals up to £22,000 a time.

Last night, MPs demanded that David Cameron force Portugal to end the loophole. Tory MP Bill Cash said: ‘This blatant abuse needs to be closed down immediately.’


A Labour frontbencher claims his fellow MPs are revolting, reports the Mail.

Labour frontbencher Chris Bryant has mounted a revolt against Jeremy Corbyn after the Labour leader’s controversial call for talks with Argentina over the Falklands.

At a private meeting of the Shadow Cabinet last week, ex-Foreign Office Minister Mr Bryant demanded to know if Mr Corbyn had ditched Labour’s official policy of giving Falklands residents the final say over the fate of the South Atlantic islands.

Shadow Commons Leader Mr Bryant surprised colleagues by saying: ‘You can’t make policy up on the hoof over the Falklands.’

Frontbenchers have launched a revolt against Labour leader Corbyn after he suggested last week on the Andrew Marr show that Britain should open talks with Argentina over the Falklands

The Mail on Sunday understands that Mr Bryant was supported by Hilary Benn, the Shadow Foreign Secretary.

A source said: ‘Hilary just tapped the table firmly and said, ‘‘We have not changed our policy on the Falklands.’’

‘It was a clear rebuke to Corbyn from both Bryant and Benn, who both actually know something about a sensible foreign policy.’

And ITV reports a study showing that MPs must be given greater protection from the public.

MPs must be given greater protection from the public, it has been claimed, after a study found four out of five respondents had been victims of intrusive or aggressive behaviour.

Of the 239 MPs that took part in the survey, 43 said they had been subject to attack or attempted attacks, 101 said they had received threats to harm them and 52 had faced threats of property damage.

82% of the 239 politicians surveyed said they had been subject to attacks, attempted attacks or threats.

Abuse has left 36 politicians afraid to go out in public, put marriages under strain and led to some being treated for depression and anxiety, experts found.

Of the 192 MPs who said they had experienced problems, half had been targeted in their own homes.

Murder capital of Britain

The Mail reports that the town with the highest number of murders or attempted murder also has the highest increase in migrants in the country.

The murder capital of Britain is actually a sleepy Lincolnshire town – which has also seen the highest increase in migrants in the country.

Boston came top of a list of the local authorities with the most cases of murder, attempted murder or conspiracy to commit murder per 100,000 people, recently released by the Home Office.

The town recorded 10 such cases in the year up to September 2015 – two homicides and eight attempted murders – meaning when adjusted for the population there were 15-per-100,000 people, placing it above the likes of London and Manchester.

It meant that Boston is the place where it was most likely someone would kill you, try to kill you or plot to kill you.

And census figures reveal it is also the authority with the highest increase in the number of foreign-born residents, which has caused controversy among residents for years.

Research by the Migration Observatory, based at Oxford University, showed that there was a 467 per cent increase in the number of people born abroad between censuses in 2001 and 2011.

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