The Times claims Nigel is about to launch a new party.

Nigel Farage is poised to launch a new party if the anti-Muslim activist Anne Marie Waters becomes Ukip’s new leader this week.
The MEP could create the new movement within days of the result of Ukip’s latest leadership ballot being announced on Friday at the party conference in Torquay.
According to sources, the former Ukip leader has booked a room in Strasbourg for the following Monday when he is expected to announce the formal launch of his new breakaway party.
Almost all Ukip’s 20 MEPs, who have threatened to quit if Waters is victorious, are likely to line up behind him. According to insiders, Waters, 40, who has close links to the far right, looks on course for victory.

The Express has picked up the story.

BREXIT champion Nigel Farage is planning to announce a new political party to oppose Theresa May if an anti-Islam campaigner wins the Ukip leadership this week, it has been reported.
It comes as Mr Farage blasted Theresa May’s Florence speech, claiming the two-year delay was a Tory plot to win the next General Election.
The former Ukip leader, who stepped down following last year’s EU referendum, has reportedly told his friends that he will form a breakaway party if favourite Anne Marie Waters wins the party leadership election.
Mr Farage reportedly warned friends that Ukip would be “finished” if it became anti-Islam.
Earlier Ms Waters had claimed “millions” of Britons agreed with her view that Islam was “evil”.
It is understood the MEP could create the new movement within days of Ukip’s latest leadership contest at the party conference in Torquay on Friday.
According to sources the former Ukip leader has booked a room in Strasbourg for the following Monday when he is expected to announce the formal launch of his new breakaway party.

And one of our MEP has called for the election of a new leader to be scrapped, reports the Express.

A UKIP leadership candidate has echoed calls for the race to be stopped and Nigel Farage to return as leader.
Yorkshire MEP Jane Collins, who is the lead candidate for 
UKIP United, said the plan to bring back Farage was a “no brainer” in light of Mrs May’s “Brexit  Bretrayal”.
Ms Collins said: “What we saw in Florence yesterday was evidence that Mrs May has just wasted the last fifteen months since the historic vote to regain our independence and she is either unwilling or unable to deliver the will of the British people.
“The fall-out from Florence has been immediate with people seeing the Tories will keep us as members of the EU in all but name until the next General Election when they will then ask voters to reelect them to deliver the next stage of this bogus Brexit.”


In other Brexit news, UKIPs own website has slammed the Prime Minister’s speech on Friday.

“After fifteen months of doing nothing she has revealed her desired outcome”, Gerard Batten, the UKIP Brexit spokesman has condemned the Prime Minister’s Florence speech, but issued a call to arms for all those who voted for the UK to regain it’s independence.
“Her intention is for us to leave the EU in name but not in reality.
“Her ‘vision’ is for Britain to be an EU satellite state: such as Poland was to the old Soviet Union. She has made concession after concession and has received nothing in return.
“These include continuing freedom of movement, continuing jurisdiction by European courts over the UK, continuing payment of billions a year to the EU, continuing capitulation to the demands of an EU which does not want a mutually advantageous deal with the UK.
“The idea of a new Treaty on Security and Defence signals that she wishes us to become part of a future EU Army, something that is clearly against the wishes of the British public. Not only that but it is clear from her own position whilst Home Secretary that we will be keeping all the police and criminal justice measures including the invidious European Arrest Warrant.

The Mirror claims the cabinet is considering the possibility of waling away from the talks.

Defence Secretary Michael Fallon is bracing Britain’s war machine for a no-deal Brexit.
That puts him at odds with Brexit Secretary David Davis , who insists there will be an agreement.
MoD minister Mark Lancaster said: “Given the long lead-in times to ­implement some of our contingency measures we can’t wait until we see the final outcome to begin our preparations.”
He added the MoD now had to take action to cope with “any eventuality” including one “in which no mutually satisfactory agreement” is reached.
The MoD is in the same position as many UK companies.
It is drawing up plans now that extend beyond Brexit in 2019 and must gear up for talks failing.

It seems the foreign secretary is still making demands, says the Telegraph.

Boris Johnson has demanded a series of Brexit assurances as the fragile Cabinet truce over Theresa May’s transition plan begins to fracture.
The Foreign Secretary wants Britain not to adopt any new EU rules and 
 regulations after it formally leaves 
in March 2019, the Telegraph has learnt.
He believes it is wrong for rulings from Brussels to apply in the UK during the two-year transition because Britain will no longer be involved in the decision-making process.
The stance goes further than the Prime Minister – who declined to make the promise on Friday – and puts him on a collision course with the Treasury, which wants a “status quo” transition.

And the Guardian also reports the cabinet truce is weakening.

The fragile cabinet truce over Europe was already fracturing on Saturday night as allies of Boris Johnson  declared that the foreign secretary had forced the prime minister to alter her crucial Brexit speech.
In claims that infuriated Downing Street, supporters of Johnson were claiming that he had successfully stopped Theresa May backing the so-called “Norway option”, under which Britain would continue to have access to the EU’s single market in return for payment and adherence to its rules and regulations.
They also claimed that he had stopped the prime minister from adopting a far longer transitional period of up to five years, and accused Philip Hammond  of attempting to push May into adopting a four-year transition period. Treasury attempts to impose such a measure had been frustrated with Johnson’s help, his supporters claimed.

The Mogg’ is leading the fight against Mrs May’s speech, says the Independent.

Jacob Rees-Mogg has led a backlash from Brexit-backing Tory MPs against Theresa May’s plan to slam the brakes on full EU withdrawal, calling it “disappointing”.
The new right wing Conservative champion criticised the proposal for a two-year transition because it would delay the end of free movement and continue to hand billions of pounds to Brussels.
Mr Rees-Mogg also urged the Prime Minister to come clean over whether Britain would remain under the remit of the European Court of Justice – which should be ruled out as a “red line”.
Meanwhile, the former Cabinet minister Iain Duncan Smith warned the transition was “controversial”, calling for guarantees that ECJ jurisdiction and single market membership would end in 2019.
And Owen Paterson, another former Cabinet minister, protested that the transition period “puts off the time when we can really take advantage of having left”.

His words are quoted by Breitbart.

Jacob Rees-Mogg, normally a stalwart defender of Theresa May, has slammed the prime minister’s Florence speech, drawing a red line over the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) during the two-year ‘implementation’ period, and has demanded that Free Movement ends in 2019.
Brexit campaigner and MP tipped to be the future leader of the Conservative Party Rees-Mogg told the BBC’s
Newsnight programme on Friday he had “three concerns” about May’s Brexit speech, notably that there would be “considerable dissatisfaction” in the country “if we are not outside the ECJ’s jurisdiction on the date of leaving”.
In her Florence speech, Mrs. May signed the UK up to a two-year transition period on membership terms until 2021, including ongoing supremacy for the ECJ in judgements and a considerable divorce bill.

The Independent also reports that one of Mrs May’s suggestions is unacceptable to the EU negotiators.

The chief Brexit coordinator for the European ParliamentGuy Verhofstadt, has said Theresa May‘s plan for a EU migrant registration scheme is “out of question”.
Mr Verhofstadt, who has frequently criticised the UK’s approach to the Brexit negotiations, praised the Prime Minister for “finally” conceding that the UK will need a transition period after it officially withdraws from the EU in March 2019 but said in order for it to work the UK could not “cherry pick” which parts of EU membership they wanted to keep.
He said this means “a new registration mechanism for EU citizens going to live and/or work in the UK is out of the question”.
His comments followed a speech given by Ms May in Florence, Italy where she fleshed out the UK’s negotiating position on Brexit.
She said the UK would have to agree to a transition deal with the rest of the EU will it hashes out the details of its exit. 

Conservative Party

The Tories’ problems are highlighted in the Times.

The fragility of Theresa May’s grip on power was laid bare last night as it was revealed that four of her senior ministers had made plans to replace her after the general election.
With the prime minister already presiding over growing cabinet divisions after her big speech on Brexit, she faces a fresh blow today with the news that Boris Johnson, Philip Hammond, David Davis and Amber Rudd were embroiled in leadership plots after she surrendered the Tory majority.
In a move that could have brought down May, the chancellor texted the foreign secretary at about four o’clock in the morning after the election signalling that he was prepared to back Johnson if he ran for the leadership.

The Sun claims there were plans for a coup following the last General Election.

FOUR senior ministers were embroiled in plots to topple Theresa May following her election shambles, a book claims.
Boris Johnson, Philip Hammond, David Davis and Amber Rudd drew up plans to replace the PM hours after her maj­ority was slashed, it says.
Chancellor Mr Hammond texted BoJo on election morning, signalling he would back him in a leadership bid.
He said Mr Davis “could run Brexit, he could run the economy and Boris could run the shop”.
Plotting continued even after ministers told  the PM they’d back her, says Tim Shipman’s book, Fall Out: A Year of Political Mayhem.

And the Independent quotes a former Tory grandee.

Theresa May is too weak to take the “right decision” of sacking Boris Johnson for his Brexit disloyalty, Lord Heseltine has said.
The Prime Minister’s failure to fire the Foreign Secretary showed that she is leading a government “in office but not in power”, the former Conservative cabinet minister added.
Lord Heseltine also predicted the May Government would fall long before 2022, triggering another early general election dominated by the EU  controversy.
The peer spoke out after Ms May stepped back from dismissing her Leave-backing Foreign Secretary, despite his personal 4,200-word “vision for Brexit” – seen by most as a blatant leadership bid.
Mr Johnson suggested Britain should not pay into EU coffers during a transition phase, just days before the Prime Minister’s Florence speech in which she made that very concession.

Labour Party

With Labour’s conference about to start, the Times reports a radical suggestion.

Labour has offered to join forces with the government to slash university tuition fees, interest rates on loans and student debts.
In an interview with The Sunday Times before Labour’s annual conference, John McDonnell, the shadow chancellor, vows to back any “significant step” that cuts fees and raises the £21,000 salary threshold at which graduates start repaying their loans.
Labour pledged in the general election manifesto to abolish tuition fees. But in a move that piles pressure on the chancellor, Philip Hammond, to act in the budget this November, McDonnell made it clear that Labour would vote with the Tories for a halfway house that offered some hope to students.

But the Express claims the party leadership is in disarray over Brexit.

THE Tories have accused Jeremy Corbyn of hiding his true Eurosceptic feelings as thousands of Remainers gather for Labour’s annual conference in Brighton this week.
They say Mr Corbyn has performed an “astonishing EU-turn” to become an advocate of the bloc.
Labour is split over its attitude to Brexit, with some pro-EU members accusing the Labour leader of selling out by accepting Brexit.
The Tories accused the veteran socialist, who campaigned for a Remain vote, of “flip flopping in his internal battle to keep his true Brexit-backing self under wraps”. 

Sky News claims a rebellion is on the cards.

Labour’s conference opens in Brighton with Jeremy Corbyn attempting to turn up the heat on the Tories but facing a Brexit rebellion from pro-Remain Labour MPs.
The Labour leader and his closest ally John McDonnell are throwing down a challenge to the Government on tuition fees, offering to back the Tories if they cut them in the Budget.
But while Mr Corbyn accuses the Government of “floundering” on Brexit, he is being urged by Labour rebels to back the UK staying in the single market and the customs union.
Labour’s offer to join forces with the Government to cut university tuition fees, pledging to vote with the Tories to reduce course charges, interest rates and debts comes in an interview with Mr McDonnell in The Sunday Times.

BBC News says the party will plump for a ‘soft Brexit’.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is being pressed to commit to remaining in the European single market and customs union after the UK leaves the EU.
More than 40 senior Labour figures, including 30 MPs, have signed an open letter published in the Observer.
They say the party must offer a clear alternative to the Conservatives’ “destructive Brexit”.
The first full day of the Labour party conference will begin in Brighton later.
Although Labour did not win the general election, Mr Corbyn will tell delegates to the party’s biggest-ever conference that they have set the political agenda after making gains in it.
He will unveil, or reiterate, policies that will have wide approval across his party, from recruiting more police officers to lifting the public sector pay cap and alleviating student debt.

ITV News has the same story.

Jeremy Corbyn is facing renewed calls to commit Labour to keeping the UK in the EU single market and customs union after Brexit, ahead of the annual conference in Brighton.
Thirty senior figures, including a close Corbyn ally, have written an open letter to the party leader saying the party needs to go further to protect jobs and workers’ rights after the UK leaves the EU.
The signatories to the letter published in The Observer include former shadow cabinet members Chuka Umunna and Heidi Alexander, as well as one of Mr Corbyn’s closest allies in his early days as leader, Clive Lewis.
The letter, which was also signed by the TSSA union’s general secretary, Manuel Cortes, former Northern Ireland secretary Lord Hain and Liverpool mayor Joe Anderson, said Labour needed to present an alternative to the Tories’ “destructive Brexit”.


Elsewhere in the media, the Times reports a hike in numbers waiting in A&E.

The number of patients left waiting in A&E for more than 12 hours during the coldest months has increased by more than 10,000% in five years, the Royal College of Emergency Medicine (RCEM) has warned.
Between January and March this year, the number of patients forced to wait in A&E for more than 12 hours before being admitted to a ward was 1,597.
During the same period in 2012 the number was 15, which means that the number has jumped by 10,546% in only five years.
The figures emerge as A&E doctors warn that the NHS has “consistently failed to do enough” to reduce overcrowding in casualty units and that “conditions will be even more difficult this winter”.

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