David  Cameron

Several of the media cover a Tory threat to oust the Prime Minister after the referendum.

The Sunday Times reports:

DAVID CAMERON has been warned he will face a Tory leadership challenge even if he wins the European Union referen­dum if he does not call a halt to “blue on blue” attacks on fellow Conservatives.

Tory ministers and senior backbenchers threatened a no-confidence vote unless the prime minister tones down his attacks on Boris Johnson and other Eurosceptics and withdraws a threat to sack them.

The prime minister is also facing a cabinet revolt over claims that he has conspired with Britain’s leading civil ­servant in a constitutional “coup” to undermine the authority of ministers who have backed Brexit.

Sir Jeremy Heywood, the cabinet secretary, has been summoned by MPs to explain himself this week after telling officials not to show papers relating to the EU to the ministers campaigning to leave.

Sky News has a similar story.

David Cameron has reportedly been told that he will face a leadership challenge unless he tones down his attacks on Boris Johnson and other “Out” campaigners.

Tory ministers and senior backbenchers have even threatened a “no confidence” vote if the Prime Minister fails to halt “blue on blue” attacks on fellow Conservatives, according to the Sunday Times.

A senior backbencher told the newspaper they would have “no problem” getting the 50 signatures needed to force a vote, adding: “Cameron’s position will be untenable even if he wins the referendum if he carries on like this.”

It comes after confirmation the Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond swore at one leading Tory Eurosceptic in a row over a confidential EU document.

European Union

But back to the EU.  The Mail outlines what it calls the ‘eye-watering sum YOU pay in benefits to out-of-work EU migrants in just one year.

Jobless European immigrants living in Britain were handed an astonishing £886 million in benefits over a single year, The Mail on Sunday can reveal.

The staggering welfare bill has been disclosed for the first time buried in a Government report backing David Cameron’s plea for the UK to remain in the European Union.

Last week’s report says unemployed EU migrants received £886 million in Housing Benefit, Jobseeker’s Allowance and sickness pay in 2013-14. The Government has always insisted it was unable to obtain this data despite repeated requests from MPs, prompting suspicions of a cover-up.

The Express reveals a ‘secret map’ showing what continental Europe really thinks of the ‘doomed’ EU.

EUROPE is turning against Brussels with anti-EU feeling spreading through the Continent.

Optimism about the EU’s future has plummeted in all but three of the 28 member states, most strikingly in the Netherlands and Germany, where people are now overwhelmingly negative about the outlook for the union.

According to the latest figures from the EU’s own Eurobarometer survey, the scale of optimism is lowest in Greece, where just 34 per cent are upbeat about the future of the EU, compared with 63 per cent who are pessimistic.

‘Project Fear’

The Sunday Times columnist Dominic Lawson claims Chancellor George Osborne has joined ‘Project Fear’.

It’s good to see the chancellor doing his bit for British exports by talking down the pound. That, at least, is the only creditable explanation for George Osborne’s warning on Friday that British exit from the European Union would be an “enormous economic gamble” and would cause “a profound economic shock for our country”.

The less appealing explanation is that the chancellor is so desperate to discourage Britons from voting “leave” in the June 23 referendum on our membership, he is prepared to behave like the fat boy in The Pickwick Papers (“I wants to make your flesh creep”). This technique of Conservative ministers supporting the “remain” campaign has been called “Project Fear”.

And in the Mail, Peter Hitchens claims we can check out of the EU, but we’ll never leave.

I’m sorry to break this to you but it looks as if we’ll have to endure not one but two EU referendum campaigns.

The second one, by the way, will definitely end in a vote to stay in.

The ‘exit’ campaign was last week cunningly taken over by Tories who don’t want to leave the Superstate and will use a vote to leave (if it happens) as the basis for yet another round of negotiations with Brussels.

Boris Johnson and Michael Howard are ancient liberal Europhiles, who have learned how to seduce the Tory Party with speeches that sound Right-wing but aren’t really. It is painful to see this cynical seduction technique at work, and watch the old ladies fall for it.

Breitbart claims the BBC is biased over the EU referendum.

The BBC has been accused of pro-European Union (EU) bias just one week into the referendum campaign.

In a letter to the Corporation’s Director for News James Harding, Conservative MP Andrew Bridgen said that certain major current affairs programmes were not giving the “leave” side a fair hearing and pro-EU guests were given greater prominence.

“On flagship shows such as Newsnight and [Radio 4’s breakfast show] Today, the guest selection has steered the debate,” Mr Bridgen wrote.

“Meanwhile Today continues to give greater prominence to pro-EU guests. The 6.15[am] business slot in particular has become an opportunity for a business leader to quickly claim that we must remain in the EU with little to no scrutiny behind the arguments for this.

Anti-Trident demonstration

In other news, the Telegraph reports that Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has addressed a big demo in London.

Thousands of people opposed to the renewal of the multibillion-pound Trident nuclear system marched through London in the biggest demonstration of its kind for a generation.

Anti-nuclear protesters from across the UK armed themselves with placards and banners as they braced the bitter winds whipping around the centre of the capital to spread their message.

The group – estimated by stewards to run into “many tens of thousands” – were joined on the marches by SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon and her Plaid Cymru counterpart Leanne Wood, with organisers hoping the event would send a strong message of growing support against renewing the nuclear weapons system.

The Ministry of Defence has estimated acquiring four new submarines to carry the Trident deterrent will cost £31 billion over the course of the 20-year procurement programme, with a further £10 billion set aside to meet any additional unexpected cost increases.

Hillary Clinton

In the US, presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton has crushed opponent Bernie Sanders in the South Carolina primary, reports the BBC.

Hillary Clinton has secured a big win over Bernie Sanders in the South Carolina primary, the latest battleground in the race to be Democratic presidential nominee.

Victory for Mrs Clinton was widely expected but it gives her momentum ahead of the “Super Tuesday” primaries in 11 states this week.

“Tomorrow this campaign goes national,” she told cheering supporters.

Mr Sanders has congratulated her but said the campaign was just beginning.

With almost all the votes counted Mrs Clinton leads Mr Sanders by an almost 50-point margin.

The Mail has a similar story.

Hillary Clinton coasted to a win in South Carolina today, beating Bernie Sanders by 50 points as a record-breaking number of black voters came out to support her.

Clinton was up by nearly 30 points in the polls and a victory for her in the Palmetto State was a near certainty coming into primary day.

With 99per cent of the ballots counted tonight, she had a 73.5per cent share of the vote to Sanders’ 26per cent.

The former secretary of state’s lead over Sanders was so large that the race was called for her within minutes of polls closing.

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