The mass immigration story is hotting-up as 1 January approaches. The secret report that the Mail on Sunday has uncovered is worth looking at, as is the story in the Express from a Romanian MP.

The Telegraph

The 300 ‘maternity tourists’ (Comments are closed)

The criminal handed a caution 50 times

Friends: The One Where Dave Feels Hunted

This article would have done nicely in Private Eye!

David Cameron must stop the sleepwalk to a Labour win at the 2015 election

First sentence mentions UKIP: “What is the Tory party doing to win over the homeless tribe of Mondeo Man? Not a lot – it’s spooked by UKIP”

The Express

Romanian MP warns us that large migrant numbers are coming to live in UK

Straight from the horse’s mouth:  “The largest wave will arrive from recession-hit Spain and Italy to take advantage of Britain’s blossoming economy, warned the MP, Aurelian Mihai. He said two million of his countrymen are thought to be living in the two Mediterranean countries but face racial abuse, a lack of job prospects and no access to unemployment benefits.”

Money trouble in paradise for the Eden Project

Call for councils to scrap £600m parking charges

UKIP Councillors across the country are fighting these town centre killing profits.

Social workers take children from families who overfeed them


Mortgage rise will plunge a million homeowners into ‘perilous debt’

‘Greedy’ charity shops under fire for prices beyond means of poor

Well, the Executive and Administrator salaries have to be paid somehow.

Nigel Farage calls on government to let Syrian refugees into UK

Typical set of Guardian comments against the article.

Equality investigation will expose the plight of low-paid cleaners

The Mail

Exposed: What they DIDN’T tell you about new wave of migrants heading for booming Britain

“The authoritative report by University of Reading academics was commissioned ahead of the change by a group of 74 councils in the South East of England, working with the UK Border Agency, police and health services, but has not been officially publicised.”

The great train robberies: Most crimes of ‘Worst Late Western’ – whose season tickets rise 3.1% this week

Jowell’s four-letter rant threatens bid to be London Mayor: Labour Dame turns air blue as she is accused of faking tears over marriage split

Labour golden boy Keir Starmer joins HS2 debate claiming it breaches the human rights of residents along the route

The Mirror

NHS 111 helpline shambles: Teenage staff drafted in at Christmas as service descends into terrifying chaos

UK weather: Energy firm at centre of Christmas blackouts accused of tax avoidance

OAP breaks back in Lidl car park slip – and is FINED for parking too long while being treated

Conservatives at war over immigration just days before border rules are relaxed

The Independent

Sunni monarchs back YouTube hate preachers: Anti-Shia propaganda threatens a sectarian civil war which will engulf the entire Muslim world

Cigarettes damage your brain… and smokers have double the risk of stroke death

Even the pilots pay on some low-cost flights

Ed Balls is no longer a sticking point in Lib-Lab coalition

Why do they continue to think that the Liberals will get a substantial number of seats in 2015, enough to form a coalition?

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