It’s a slow news day but the Express has found a quote from Barnier showing his true colours.

MICHEL Barnier has lashed out at the UK declaring the European Union does “not want to negotiate” with Britain any further, slamming Theresa May’s hopes for a better Brexit deal.
Mr Barnier insisted all issues surrounding Brexit negotiations had been solely caused by the UK and “no one else”.
The EU Brexit chief negotiator hit out at Mrs May for failing to set a “clear position” for Britain’s future relationship with the bloc.
Mr Barnier told Vice News: “It is the decision of the British to leave the union that has created the problem. No one else. Nothing else.
“What is sometimes hard for the British to understand is that we don’t want to negotiate, we don’t want to compromise on who we are.
“They want to leave, it is their choice to leave.”

Elsewhere in the EU, Italy still has its problems, says Westmonster.

The Eurosceptic, anti-mass migration Lega are now just behind the Five Star Movement in terms of popularity in Italy, according to a new poll.
An Ipsos poll has found Matteo Salvini’s party surging rapidly and are now polling 28.5%, up from 17.4% in the election.
That comes as Salvini makes his clear his intention to follow through in government on his plan to deport illegal migrants from the country.
He said recently: “I want to give a scissor to the five billion Euro we spend every year to keep immigrants.”

And it seems countries in the bloc are preparing for life without us, reports the Express.

BREXIT is forever moving closer and countries are starting their preparations for life without the UK as part of the European Union. But, some members of the Brussels project are counting the costs more than other.
Wholesale changes are expected how Britain will trade with members of the EU, but many can’t be without one of their most valuable trade partners so business can continue even in the event of a no deal scenario, which still remains on the table thanks to the fruitless negotiations over the Irish border.
Theresa May’s negotiators and their European counterparts are hoping trade will remain unaffected but with no guarantee frictionless borders for goods will remain part of the future relationship countries are having to hire huge amount of extra customs officials to prevent any backlogs.

Residents of Slovenia are going to the polls today with a prediction that a right-wing party might come out on top, says Fox News.

Slovenians are voting in a parliamentary election with polls predicting that an anti-immigrant party will win the most votes but not enough to form a government on its own.
The ballot Sunday is an election called a few weeks earlier than the regular four-year span following the sudden resignation in March of outgoing Prime Minister Miro Cerar over a failed railway project.
The right-wing Slovenian Democratic Party of former Prime Minister Janez Jansa has seen strong support ahead of the ballot, followed by an anti-establishment party led by ex-comedian Marjan Sarec and several moderate groups from the outgoing ruling coalition.
Slovenia, once part of former communist-run Yugoslavia and the home nation of U.S. first lady Melania Trump, joined the European Union in 2004. It has been using the shared euro currency since 2007.


Back home, there’s a call in the Sun for the Prime Minister to quit.

THERESA May should step down as PM as soon as she has led Britain out of the EU, most people believe.
Six out of ten voters think she has handled the Brexit talks badly and should go as soon as we leave next March.
But they have no clear idea who should replace her – with more than half of Brits unable to name a possible successor.
Mounting anger and frustration over the increasingly hostile talks are revealed in an exclusive poll for The Sun on Sunday.
Most people fear Mrs May will fail to deliver the clean Brexit she promised.
Their most alarming prospect would be having to hand over £39billion to Brussels without getting anything in return.

The Express also reports the call.

Theresa May should be OUSTED as she ‘can’t LEAD Party or deliver Brexit’ – Party donor.
Hedge fund manager Crispin Odey, who backed the Leave campaign, said the PM, who voted Remain, could not be trusted to see Brexit through.
Instead he advocates one of the leading figures of the Vote Leave campaign and now Environment Minister Michael Gove to replace her because she has no leadership skills.
He said: “What is true is that you have a whole lot of people who didn’t want this to happen who are in charge of it happening, I would go to Gove.

The call is reported in the Guardian.

Michael Gove should be installed as the new Tory leader because Theresa May has shown that she cannot “carry Brexit through”, a major party donor has publicly warned.
In a stark sign of the frustration among prominent Brexit supporters over the government’s handling of negotiations with the EU, Crispin Odey, a hedge fund manager who backed the Leave campaign, said he believed the environment secretary had the skills to make a success of Britain’s exit and appeal to voters.
Odey, whose most recent donation to the Conservative party was a £50,000 gift before last year’s general election, said the government needed to be far bolder in its attitude to Brussels. It should be learning from the new Italian populist coalition government, which has plans that would defy EU rules on debt, he said, suggesting that Britain should start breaching EU rules by pursuing policies such as signing trade deals. He also backed a change in leadership.

Project Fear resurrected? The Times has a warning.

Britain would be hit with shortages of medicine, fuel and food within a fortnight if the UK tries to leave the European Union without a deal, according to a Doomsday Brexit scenario drawn up by senior civil servants for David Davis.
Whitehall has begun contingency planning for the port of Dover to collapse “on day one” if Britain crashes out of the EU, leading to critical shortages of supplies.
Last month officials in Davis’s Brexit department and the departments of health and transport drew up scenarios for a no-deal Brexit — a mild one, a severe one and one dubbed “Armageddon”.

And the Guardian claims lots of MPs will face a ‘major electoral challenge’ as a result.

More than 80 Conservative MPs face a major electoral challenge as a result of Theresa May’s pursuit of a hard  Brexit, a major new study reveals.
In an analysis that exposes the scale of the party’s support from voters who backed Remain, it found that 3.5 million people in Britain voted to remain in the European Union in 2016 and then went on to back the Conservatives in last year’s election.
More than a million live in London and the south-east, with another 800,000 living in either the east of England or the south-west. It means there are significant areas of the country in which the party will have to hold on to Remain voters if they are to protect the seats from Labour or the Liberal Democrats.


We should not drop our guard, says the Independent.

Security services have warned that the UK faces a severe threat from Islamist terrorism for at least another two years.
British agencies also say the danger from both  Islamist and far-right extremism 
could increase further, following a spate of foiled plots and atrocities in recent months.
It comes as home secretary Sajid Javid prepares to unveil a strengthened counterterrorism strategy after officials conducted a review of powers in the wake of last year’s terror attacks.
In particular, plans to share information held by MI5 more widely across government and other agencies are expected to be included in the blueprint.
The Home Office said: “In summary, we expect the threat from Islamist terrorism to remain at its current, heightened level for at least the next two years, and that it may increase further.

The Sun reports the threat.

BRITAIN faces a severe threat from Islamist terrorism for at least another two years, ministers warned last night.
Security forces have foiled 12 plots in the last year – plus a further four from the growing menace of right-wing extremism.
And they believe the danger could increase even further in the coming months.
The alert was raised as the Government prepares to unveil a strengthened counter-terrorism strategy this week.
Home Secretary Sajid Javid has reviewed powers after five attacks last year and will tomorrow announce a range of steps to stop further atrocities.
Security agencies are also confronting a rising risk from extreme right-wing violence as the potential sources of attacks becomes more diverse.

Illegal immigration

Problems in France are continuing, reports Breitbart.

Britain’s Road Haulage Association has warned that migrants have abandoned tightly-secured Calais for less protected ports like Normandy, with drivers fearing increased violence and rape.
The RHA has again called on French authorities to deploy the military to problem areas where policing is under-resourced.
As well as Normandy, haulage chiefs say that Caens, 200 miles south along the French coast, is fast becoming  another staging point for illegal migrants to force their way onto lorries, due to its shipping link to Portsmouth.
Ouistreham, near Caens, has already been  dubbed ‘the new Calais’ after 150 mostly Sudanese migrants pitched camp in nearby woods, with locals and businesses living in fear.


The Irish are still challenging the government to sort out the border, says BBC News.

The UK must submit written proposals on how it plans to keep a frictionless Irish border after Brexit in the next two weeks, Ireland’s foreign minister has said.
Simon Coveney said if that does not happen the UK will face an uncertain summer of talks.
Both the UK and EU say they are committed to keeping the Irish border open after Brexit.
However, a practical solution has not been agreed.
The EU and Ireland both insist Britain’s withdrawal treaty must lock in a backstop arrangement guaranteeing Northern Ireland will abide by EU regulations in case a future trade pact does not remove the need for border controls.
Britain has signed up to this, but has rejected the EU’s interpretation of what the backstop means.


The recent referendum is having repercussions in Northern Ireland, reports Sky News.

Arlene Foster says some Sinn Fein supporters have told her they will vote DUP because of her party’s position on abortion.
In her first interview since Ireland’s referendum on the issue, she told Sky News a lot of people were feeling “disenfranchised” by the result.
“I have had emails from Nationalists and Republicans in Northern Ireland not quite believing what is going on and saying they will be voting for the DUP because they believe we are the only party that supports the unborn,” she said.
“There are many people who are shocked in the Republic of Ireland and whilst I completely acknowledge the result that happened last Saturday, that doesn’t take away from the fact that there’s a substantial minority of people who feel disenfranchised.”

Boundary changes

Changes in constituency boundaries could change the balance of power in Parliament, reports the Times.

Unnoticed by almost everyone last week came a move that could swing the next election — and it had nothing to do with Brexit.
The Democratic Unionist Party, whose 10 MPs hold the parliamentary balance of power, signalled that it was reversing its opposition to constituency boundary changes that would, if in place last year, have delivered Theresa May a small majority.
The changes, stalled since 2013, would reduce the number of MPs from 650 to 600 and ensure all seats, except a handful of islands, would contain between 71,000 and 78,000 voters. That would help the Tories, because Labour seats tend to be smaller, meaning more would be merged as the number of MPs was reduced.

Labour Party

Corbyn the Brexiteer is still fighting his party, says the Independent.

Jeremy Corbyn faces mounting pressure to back a new referendum on Brexit  after a raft of London Labour MPs signed a letter calling for a vote on the final deal.
The open letter to 
The Independent signed by 18 MPs in total warns that a bad Brexit deal risks tearing the capital apart and concludes the public must vote on it themselves, a move that goes directly against Labour policy.
It comes after similar letters from Labour MPs in Wales, the Northeast and Merseyside and follows a new left-wing campaign to push the party to a more pro-EU position.

Foreign aid

There’s still a lot of corruption around our donations abroad, says the Mail.

When United Nations chief Antonio Guterres begged the world to help Uganda deal with ‘the biggest refugee exodus in Africa since the Rwandan genocide’, Britain led the way with a big injection of foreign aid.
Ministers offered an extra £40 million on top of the £111 million already spent in the East African country last year, and billions given to UN and European agencies.
The Uganda Solidarity Summit held in Kampala last June secured £300 million in pledges. The European Union gave £78 million and even strife-torn Somalia donated £75,000.
But an investigation by this newspaper has uncovered rampant corruption, theft of aid, manipulation of statistics and sexual abuse of refugees in Uganda, a country hailed as a model in its response to the catastrophic crisis.


Will our major airport ever get its third runway? The Mail reports.

Boris Johnson has been given a ‘licence to rebel’ over plans to build a third runway at Heathrow to avoid destabilising the Government during the critical phase of the Brexit negotiations.
Transport Secretary Chris Grayling is expected this week to set out the noise, air quality and cost requirements of the project, before paving the way for a Commons vote by the end of June.
A two-mile runway is planned northwest of the existing airport, allowing an additional 260,000 flights a year by late 2025.
The Foreign Secretary – who once said he was prepared to lie down ‘in front of bulldozers’ to stop the airport’s expansion – has not changed his view that a third runway would be a ‘disaster’ and ‘barbarically contemptuous of the rights of the population’ by putting their health at risk.


A dismissal of the Nazi era has been slammed, says the Mail.

Shrugging off the Nazi era as a ‘speck of bird poo’ in German history has drawn widespread condemnation for a far-right nationalist party leader.
Alexander Gauland, co-leader of Alternative for  Germany (AfD), sparked outrage today when he said that Germans must take responsibility for 12 years of rule by Adolf Hitler and his Nazi party, but argued that it was just a small part of Germany’s history.
‘We have a glorious history and it, dear friends, lasted longer than those blasted 12 years,’ the lawyer told a gathering of the party’s youth movement, according to the DPA news agency.


The problem with antibiotics is highlighted in the Telegraph.

GPs overprescribing antibiotics is significantly damaging the survival chances of cancer patients, leading oncologists have warned.
A major new NHS study has found that sufferers undergoing the latest cancer treatments survived for only half as long if they were also taking the common infection-fighting drugs.
Family doctors have been warned to “think really carefully”, before prescribing antibiotics after the analysis of more than 300 patients at the Christie Hospital in Manchester concluded the drugs were wiping out gut bacteria crucial for fighting cancer.

And the Times reports on a potential scam within the NHS.

Psychiatrists have been routinely taking thousands of pounds in kickbacks from upmarket private clinics as inducements to refer vulnerable people suffering from addictions, The Sunday Times can reveal.
The commissions, which are prohibited under General Medical Council (GMC) rules, are blamed for increasing the cost of private care at a time when NHS treatment is under pressure. Drug-related deaths in the UK are at an all-time high.
Undercover reporters from The Sunday Times  filmed one psychiatrist admitting that he had been paid a huge sum — estimated to be £50,000 — for referring a single female patient. Another agreed yesterday to pay back £76,000 in referral fees to his patients after being confronted with documentary evidence.

The Times has a heartwarming story about a dog who can sniff out cancer.

At Buckingham Palace this week a labrador named Florin will show the Queen its astonishing ability to nose out disease.
The dog will demonstrate a device that lets it nudge a sensor harder if it is confident that a smell is indeed cancer.
This is the latest advance in a venture to create a machine that can mimic one of nature’s most sensitive instruments: a dog’s nose.
Florin will be joined by other labradors to showcase the work of a British charity and a top US university in developing an electronic version of a dog’s snout. The prize is to detect cancer earlier than conventional medicine with a cheap, non-invasive test that saves lives.

And ITV News has a story about prostate cancer patients.

Prostate cancer patients with weeks or months to live could survive longer after undergoing immunotherapy treatment, a major trial has shown.
More than a third of men with a very advanced form of the cancer were still alive, and one in 10 had not seen the cancer grow, after a year on the drug pembrolizumab, the study found.
It is the first time immunotherapy has been shown to benefit some men with prostate cancer, the researchers said.


Even more homes could be built, says the Telegraph.

Big developers could pay dramatically less for land under plans to ensure firms contribute more funding towards affordable homes and local services.
Ministers have drawn up proposals which would effectively cap the payments that builders can make for large sites earmarked for new homes.
The move follows warnings that some large developers have been “over-paying” for land in order to duck agreed contributions towards  affordable housing and local services.
But the proposals have put the Government on a collision course with major developers, and risk a backlash from some Conservative MPs.


If the world is too crowded, perhaps we ought to leave. The Star investigates.

NASA scientists have developed mind-blowing technology that will spark a new wave of space exploration, Daily Star Online can exclusively reveal.
The famous space agency has long worked on projects to take astronauts to Mars and beyond.
Its race to send new missions further than the Moon was sparked over fears global warming could render human life on Earth virtually impossible as we know it.
Up to now the necessary technology to send humanity to distant worlds has not been developed.
But NASA scientists have developed two incredible energy systems, Kilopower and Fission. 

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