Modern slavery

Several of the media report the Prime Minister’s comments about modern slavery.

BBC News says:

Britain will lead the fight against modern slavery, Theresa May has said, vowing to make it her mission to help rid the world of the “barbaric evil”.

Writing in The Sunday Telegraph, the prime minister said it was “the great human rights issue of our time”.

A new cabinet taskforce will tackle the “sickening and inhuman crimes… lurking in the shadows of our country”.

More than £33m from the aid budget will be used to fund initiatives in nations from where people are trafficked.

The most recent Home Office estimates suggest there are between 10,000 and 13,000 victims of modern slavery in the UK, with 45 million estimated victims across the world.

ITV News reports a cash boost:

The fight against modern slavery in Britain will be given a £33 million boost, the Prime Minister has announced.

Theresa May said that the money would be used to deal with the routes of the people trafficking trade in countries like Nigeria, as she unveiled a new taskforce to deal with the government response to slavery.

Ministers have estimated that there are between 10,000 and 13,000 potential victims of slavery in the UK.

A review to mark the first anniversary of the Modern Slavery Act found that 289 modern slavery offences led to prosecution in 2015.

There was also a 40% rise in the number of victims who were referred for support, showing that the Act had been a success.

In addition to the new funds and taskforce, the government has also asked for an assessment into the police response to modern slavery.

As does Sky News:

An extra £33m is being put into the Government’s battle against modern slavery.

Prime Minister Theresa May said the money would go into blocking the routes taken by those involved in the people trafficking trade in countries like Nigeria.

Mrs May is also launching a new taskforce which will coordinate the Government’s response to slavery.

Officials believe there are between 10,000 and 13,000 slavery victims in the UK.

A total of 289 offences of modern slavery were prosecuted in 2015, according to a review by barrister Caroline Haughey.

She also found there was a 40% rise in the number of victims referred for support.



Prospective terror attacks, both here in the UK and at the Olympics, are also covered.

ITV News says:

The Metropolitan Police chief has warned that a terror attack in the UK is a case of “when, not if”.

Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, commissioner of the Met, said that he cannot promise an attack will not take place, although he is in charge of preventing them.

Writing in the Mail on Sunday, he said instead that he could offer some reassurance by telling the public how police and security services were working to protect them.

Writing about recent atrocities elsewhere in Europe, Sir Bernard said: “I feel and understand that fear, and as the police officer in charge of preventing such an attack I know you want me to reassure you.

“I am afraid I cannot do that entirely. Our threat level has been at ‘Severe’ for two years. It remains there.

The Times reports on on-going plots:

At least four active terror plots in Britain are being investigated by police and the security services amid an unprecedented surge in Islamist extremism.

A senior intelligence official told The Sunday Times: “There’s four or five cases where there is a sense of a plot, where they are planning and plotting and intending to commit an act of terrorism rather than just being extremists.”

Last week Ben Wallace, the new security minister, held talks with retail bosses and operators of sporting venues to review security at stadiums and shopping centres, including the Westfield complexes in London.

And the Sun claims security in Rio is lacking:

JUST 500 of 3,000 vital screening guards have been recruited for the Rio Olympics.

With just five days to the opening ceremony, desperate organisers are drafting in soldiers and retired cops to fill posts.

The shambles emerged as al-Qaeda kingpin Abu Wa’el Dhiab went off radar amid fears he is heading to Brazil.

The ex-Guantanamo Bay inmate disappeared with five other former lags in neighbouring Uruguay last month.

Terror expert Peter Martin said: “He is a confirmed part of a terrorist organisation that has already demonstrated willingness to attack.”

Screening plans for Olympic venues collapsed after Artel won the £4million contract just weeks ago.

It had no previous experience securing major sporting events and did not have the time to recruit and train thousands of £7-a-day staff.


Labour leadership

The leadership of the Labour Party comes under scrutiny, especially the prospective of a split in the party.

BBC News reports the comments of the current leader:

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has called for the party’s MPs to “think again” after reports that some are planning a “semi-split” of the party.

The Daily Telegraph says a group of senior Labour MPs are looking at plans to set up an “alternative Labour” if Mr Corbyn stays on as leader.

But Mr Corbyn said there was “no alternative… we are Labour”, and the party should unite to fight the Tories.

Challenger Owen Smith said Labour was “on the edge of the precipice”.

The Telegraph said “leading moderates” in the party were planning to elect their own leader and shadow cabinet if Mr Corbyn wins the current leadership contest, and possibly launch a legal challenge for Labour’s name.

Asked about the reports, Mr Corbyn, who was holding rallies in Hull and Leeds on Saturday, said: “Sorry, this is nonsense, whoever is saying my leadership is leading to a break-up of the party?

Sky News also carries a warning to rebel MPs:

Jeremy Corbyn has warned rebel MPs who are reportedly considering to split the party and launch a legal bid for the Labour Party name to “think on and think again”.

The embattled leader said dissidents who may attempt to challenge the existence of Labour if Owen Smith loses September’s leadership contest must realise “there’s no alternative and there’s no other party”.

He added: “We are the Labour Party, and I’m very proud to be the leader of the Labour Party.”

Speaking on the campaign trial in Hull, Mr Corbyn emphatically described claims that his leadership was leading to a break-up of the Labour Party as “nonsense”.

And the Guardian report the prospect of legal action:

Jeremy Corbyn has told rebel MPs to “think on and think again” over a “bizarre” plan to sue for the name of the Labour party if he is reelected and a breakaway group of MPs attempt to form a rival parliamentary bloc.

The Labour leader responded to reports that some dissenting MPs were preparing to elect their own leader and launch a legal battle for the party’s name and assets if Owen Smith loses the leadership contest.

Speaking at a campaign event in Leeds on Saturday, Corbyn said: “We are getting into some fairly bizarre territory here, where unnamed MPs, funded from unnamed sources, are apparently trying to challenge – via the Daily Telegraph, very interesting – the very existence of this party.

I say to them: ‘Think on and think again.’ This party was founded by brave people, pioneers who achieved a great deal, and this party has a huge membership and, under the Registration of Parties Act, we are the Labour party.

The Express claims a blacklist of members is being drawn up:

JEREMY Corbyn’s supporters have been accused of drawing up a blacklist of moderate Labour Party members to purge those hostile to him when he is re-elected leader.

Last week a message was sent to members using a Labour Party email address asking them if they were backing Mr Corbyn or Owen Smith in the leadership contest. 

If members clicked a link expressing their support for Mr Smith, they were taken to a screen where they were required to fill in their personal details. 

They were then asked, “Why are you voting for Owen?” and then “Once the winner of this leadership contest is announced, will you support whoever is elected?” 

They were not asked these questions if they clicked to support Mr Corbyn. A Labour source said yesterday that he was concerned the information would be passed to the hardLeft group Momentum, which has been accused of mounting a campaign to purge the party of moderate supporters. 

And the Independent reports the words of the shadow chancellor:

Labour’s shadow Chancellor has accused anti-Corbyn MPs of attempting to “subvert” the result of the party’s coming leadership election.

It was reported this morning that some MPs are considering electing their own leader from among their number if Jeremy Corbyn wins the ensuing membership ballot.

This “semi-split” would then be followed by legal action to gain access to the party’s name and other assets like property – effectively bypassing the result.

But John McDonnell said at lunchtime that the plan would amount to derailing the democratic result and called on Mr Corbyn’s rival Owen Smith to condemn the apparent plan.

The democratic process is fundamental to Labour Party values and all candidates must commit to respecting the outcome of this election,” he said.



The Spectator claims a poll shows a split in Scotland over its membership of both the UK and the EU:

Most Scots still back remaining in the United Kingdom despite Britons voting to leave the European Union, a move which was opposed by the majority in Scotland, according to an opinion poll published on Saturday.

Scotland’s nationalist First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has said the June 23 vote for Brexit had put Scottish independence back on the agenda just two years after it was rejected in a referendum.

While Britons backed leaving the EU by 52-48 percent, Scots voted by 62-38 percent to remain in the bloc, an outcome Sturgeon argues has changed the political landscape regarding possible Scottish secession.

However according to Saturday’s YouGov survey, 53 percent of Scots wanted to stay part of the United Kingdom with 47 percent backing independence.



Breitbart reports a call from a Muslim here in the UK.

A Facebook post penned by a British Muslim calling for Islamists and their families to be deported has gone viral, being shared by more than 119,000 people. Yet the post has brought sharp criticism from fellow Muslims, leading to his Facebook page being taken down.

As a wave of Islamic terror rocked Europe over the last fortnight, the mainstream media was quick to obscure the Islamic link between the various attacks.

Within hours of the Bastille Day attack in Nice, France, which saw 84 men, women, and children crushed to death under the wheels of a truck driven by a “soldier of Islam”, one Sky News anchor was attempting to pin the blame on the “disenfranchisement” of the “North African community” in France.



The Sunday Express reports further failings in the European Union:

GERMANY and France were more pessimistic about the future of the European Union than Britain was in the run up to the Brexit vote, a study shows.

The Eurobarometer poll found that more than half – 51 per cent – of French and Germans were “totally pessimistic” about the EU’s future. 

This compared to 46 per cent of Britons, who voted to leave the European Union on June 23, three weeks after the study, which was conducted between May 21 and May 31. 

More than half of respondents in Greece (70 per cent), Cyprus (54 per cent) and Hungary (52 per cent) were also totally pessimistic about the future of the EU. 

It means that the EU’s so-called “index of optimism” has reached its lowest level since spring 2013 and has fallen 16 percentage points since spring 2015. 


UKIP leadership

BBC News reports on the nominations for leadership of the party:

Nominations close later in the race to succeed Nigel Farage as UKIP leader.

Mr Farage, who led the party for most of the past eight years, stood down after the UK’s vote to leave the EU.

Those vying to replace him include the party’s immigration spokesman Steven Woolfe, councillor Lisa Duffy and MEPs Jonathan Arnott and Bill Etheridge.

Those wanting to stand need the backing of a proposer and 50 supporters from at least 10 UKIP branches. The winner will be announced on 15 September.

Nominations close at midday. The final list of candidates will be considered by the vetting committee of the party’s national executive, before being announced on Tuesday, a UKIP spokesman said.  

See also this piece in UKIP Daily.

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