Perhaps we Kippers shouldn’t worry too much about getting out of the EU because the whole bloc could fall around our ears, says the Express

THE EU is on the brink of collapse due to its failed neoliberal policies and the rise of anti-establishment movements worldwide, respected scholar Noam Chomsky has claimed.
Marine Le Pen has promised to hold a referendum on France’s place in the EU – similar to Brexit – and Chomsky has tipped the Front National leader to win the presidency in the upcoming election later this year.
Brexit has sparked a series of anti-establishment movements across the world in 2016, with Donald Trump’s Presidential election following and Le Pen’s election becoming a real possibility.
Mr Chomsky said: “I don’t think Germany would initiate it [the collapse of the EU] because they are beneficiaries of the union. If the union falls apart, I think it would be a tragic development.”
The 87-year-old said failed “neoliberal policies of the past generation” had spurred the rise of populism and right-wing movements around the world.
He added: “These programs were designed in such a way so that they would lead to stagnation and even decline for a large part, actually, majority of the population. They also severely undermined democracy, which is even more true in Europe than in the US.

The same prediction is in the Star

EUROPE is lurching towards a “cataclysmic” implosion as another Brexit-style vote threatens to rip the continent apart, a top economist has warned.
Tomorrow Italy will go to the polls in a crunch referendum that pundits believe could bring about the demise of the European Union.
Italians will decide whether to push through controversial constitutional reforms put forward by prime minister Matteo Renzi.
Under the proposed reforms, the senate – the equivalent of the House of Lords – would lose power, meaning Renzi can pass laws more easily.
Populist groups – including the anti-establishment Five Star Movement – have blasted the reforms as “anti-democratic”.
Should these reforms be rejected, Renzi has vowed to resign, potentially triggering a storm of economic uncertainty and political upheaval.

French elections

This collapse could be precipitated by the results of the French election, claims Breitbart

Britain’s former premier said Saturday the election of France’s Marine Le Pen would be a “big body blow” for Europe, saying he hoped for the victory of a mainstream party.
David Cameron said the recent rise of “anti-system, populist” and “quite extreme political parties” in western Europe did not mark the end of globalisation, but warned of the immediate need to make a “major course correction” to address related economic and cultural challenges.
If France were to elect Marine Le Pen, that would be obviously a very big body blow for the European project,” he said at a Hindustan Times organised conference in New Delhi, hoping for a victory of “a mainstream party that can unite people behind their candidacy”.
He said the demand for and benefit of free trade, travel, specialisation, technology, innovation were not going away.

Austrian elections

And in Austria, there is a similar situation, says ITV News.

Austria will vote for its new president for the second time in six months – and possibly elect the first far-right head of state in Europe since World War Two.
Austrians head to the polls on Sunday for a re-run of the race between former Greens leader Alexander Van der Bellen and the Freedom Party’s Norbert Hofer.
Van der Bellen edged the May 22 election by roughly 300,000 votes – only for it to be declared void because of irregularities with the postal voting.
Now Hofer, whose party is fiercely anti-immigration, is on the cusp of being elected.
The result will arguably provide a new gauge of the populist wave sweeping Western democracies, with Brexit and the election of Donald Trump in the US rocking the respective establishments.

Italian referendum

The Italian referendum could also tip the EU into complete failure, reports Sky News

Italians are heading to the polls in a referendum which could have significant ramifications for the whole of Europe.
The public are being asked to vote ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to constitutional change which would reduce the power of the Italian senate in order to streamline Italy’s notoriously gridlocked legislative process.
On the face of it, it’s dry domestic politics which, while important for Italy, wouldn’t normally prick much interest beyond the country.
However, Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, who called the referendum and wants the change to be voted for, has staked his political career on winning.

The Mirror sums it all up.

It all started with Brexit ; then the shock election of Donald Trump .
Now anti-Establishment fever sweeping the West could deliver Europe its first far-right leader since the Second World War .
Tomorrow Austria elects a new President and the Freedom Party – founded by an ex-SS officer and with close links with Austria’s Nazi past – is in pole position.
Its candidate Norbert Hofer does not look like the fascists of old. But in some ways the smiling new face of Austria’s populist far-right is possibly just as sinister.
At 45, he is barely a year older than Tony Blair was when he took office and his slick, youthful persona has brought a shade of respectability to the old politics of anger, hatred and division.

Brexit court challenge

Meanwhile, back in the UK, the government is gearing up for the start of the legal challenge in the Supreme Court, reports Reuters.

Prime Minister Theresa May’s government launches a challenge on Monday against a court ruling that it requires parliamentary approval to start the process of leaving the European Union, a decision that could upset Britain’s Brexit plans.
If the Supreme Court, the United Kingdom’s highest judicial body, dismisses the government appeal it could derail May’s timetable for triggering Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty and leaving the EU.
The government’s legal fight comes against a backdrop of claims by some politicians and newspapers that establishment judges want to thwart the Brexit process.

Single market

And even after Brexit, the Independent claims it wouldn’t be necessary to leave the Single Market.

The UK could seek a deal that looks to get sections of the economy access to the EU’s customs union after Brexit, according to Greg Hands, the international trade minister.
Mr Hands said there would not be a choice between remaining within or leaving the customs union when Britain negotiates leaving the European Union.
The customs union operates alongside the free trade area and the single market and includes all EU member states as well as Andorra, the Channel Islands, Monaco, Turkey and San Marino.
Speaking to Bloomberg, Mr Hands said the UK could be selective about which sectors of the economy it wished to be covered by the arrangement.
“You can choose which markets, which products the customs unions affect and which they don’t, so there isn’t a binary thing of being inside the customs union or outside of the customs union,” the international trade minister said.

Article 50

If Article 50 is to be presented to the Commons, Labour would try to amend it, says BBC News

Labour will seek to amend any bill on the Article 50 process to withdraw from the EU, Jeremy Corbyn has reiterated.
The Labour leader told Sky News this was to ensure Britain maintained access to Europe’s markets, workers’ rights and environmental protection measures.
But his party would respect the EU referendum result, he said.
It comes as the government prepares to go to court on Monday to challenge the High Court ruling that it must consult MPs before triggering Article 50.
Mr Corbyn said: “When the Article 50 debate comes up we will put forward an amendment to it which will be on the issues I’ve just said on market access and protections.

The Express claims it’s just a delaying tactic.

LABOUR has been accused of trying to delay Brexit by calling for an amendment to any Article 50 legislation made by Parliament to trigger our departure from the European Union.
Party leader Jeremy Corbyn said that if the Supreme Court forces a debate in Parliament, Labour wants to ensure the UK retains access to EU markets, workers’ rights and environmental protection laws through an amendment.
A televised Supreme Court hearing starting tomorrow will decide whether the Prime Minister is entitled to trigger Article 50 without Parliament’s say so.
Mr Corbyn said: “When the Article 50 debate comes up, we will put forward an amendment to it, about market access and protections.

And the Independent says the PM will challenge both Houses of Parliament over the plans.

Theresa May will reportedly challenge MPs and peers to “defy the will of the people” if she loses a crucial Supreme Court battle on the right to trigger Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty.
It comes as Government lawyers prepare to present their case for triggering the untested mechanism of leaving the EU without an act of Parliament. The case, which will begin on Monday, is expected to reach a judgement in January and risks derailing the Prime Minister’s pledge to trigger Article 50 before the end of March.
According to The Daily Telegraph ministers have said there is an “expectation” they will lose the case – as they did in the High Court – and that the PM is already preparing to introduce a short three-line bill to allow MPs a vote on Article 50. But, the newspaper adds, allies of Ms May are “confident” MPs “would not dare” vote the legislation down.
Theresa May has made clear that people bringing this legal action over Article 50 must not be allowed to thwart the will of the people … she will take exactly the same approach in the Commons when she addresses MPs.”

But the Telegraph reports that a tiny Bill is being prepared by the Government.

Ministers are considering 16 key words to formally begin Britain’s journey to leaving the European Union as they prepare for defeat in the Supreme Court.
They are so determined to start Brexit talks by the end of March even if judges demand they get parliamentary approval that a Bill just a few sentences long is being drafted.
A Whitehall source said the key clause will demand MPs “give permission to the British Government to trigger Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union”.
The draft legislation is being kept as short as possible to stop pro-EU politicians amending it with demands for Theresa May to reveal her Brexit negotiation demands.

Government leaks

It seems the Prime Minister is getting worried about all the leaks from various departments, says the Mail.

Theresa May has made an extraordinary threat to sack senior Ministers and mandarins caught leaking Cabinet secrets amid growing signs of Brexit panic in Downing Street.
The Prime Minister has ordered security chiefs to seize mobile phone and email records of anyone suspected of revealing Government splits or secrets.
All ‘culprits’ will be sacked in the Big Brother-style crackdown – even if no threat to national security is involved.
The Prime Minister’s draconian action was revealed in a letter from Cabinet Secretary Sir Jeremy Heywood which was, ironically, leaked to The Mail on Sunday.
Sir Jeremy’s reputation for Whitehall secrecy dates back to his role in the Iraq War, and has led to him being dubbed ‘Sir Cover-Up’.
He told mandarins about the crackdown in a written letter instead of an email in an attempt to keep it secret.
But enraged insiders, who called the crackdown ‘quasi totalitarian’, leaked the memo to this newspaper.

And the Independent claims she will crack down on the leaks.

Theresa May has ordered a crackdown on unauthorised leaks by ministers and civil servants with a warning that culprits will face instant dismissal if they are caught – a leaked memorandum has revealed.
Cabinet Secretary Sir Jeremy Heywood wrote to senior officials informing them the Prime Minister had demanded urgent action to tighten security in Whitehall.
Embarrassingly for No 10 however, his memorandum was leaked to The Mail on Sunday just days after being issued.
In his note – dated 28 November and marked Official-Sensitive – Sir Jeremy referred to a “spate of leaks and unauthorised briefings” which had appeared in the media on Brexit, the US elections and the Autumn Statement.
Leaking is corrosive and undermines trust and good government. Leaks are never acceptable but the regularity and cumulative impact of recent incidents mean we must now collectively take exceptional action,” he wrote.


Across the other side of the world, the situation is getting tenser, says the Express.

VLADIMIR Putin’s warships have been dispatched to Crimea’s western coastline in response to the start of Ukrainian missile tests nearby, as tensions in the region reach fever pitch.
Vessels from Russia’s Black Sea Fleet have taken up position near the disputed Crimean peninsula – which was illegally annexed from Ukraine in 2014 – to help strengthen the air defences.
The aggressive land grab plunged Ukraine-Russia and east-west relations to their lowest point in years and threatened a new Cold War.
Kiev began two days of missile tests today, angering Russia , which has put its air defence forces on high alert.
Moscow has warned that the war games will not disrupt international flights.


It seems that the religion is being shunned by some countries, says the Express.

SLOVAKIA has passed a law which will effectively ban Islam from gaining official status as a religion, in the latest signs of a growing anti-Muslim sentiment across Europe.
The legislation hints at a dramatic changing attitude towards the religion in the past year across the continent, which has struggled to stem the escalating migrant crisis.
The former communist state has fiercely resisted European Union (EU) efforts to cope with an influx of migrants travelling into Europe by turning its back on the bloc’s introduction of migrant quotas.
But prime minister Robert Fico’s government has repeatedly said Islam has no place in Slovakia.
Attitudes toward the religion appear to reflect fear of so-called Islamisation.

And Breitbart claims that jihadis are already in Europe.

It is “indisputable” that terrorists have entered Europe posing as refugees, and some of them will target the UK, Europol has warned.
The continent’s law enforcement agency said in a report that terror groups were determined to continue attacks against European countries, especially as militants return to Europe after being driven out of Iraq and Syria.
Breitbart London reported on Friday that Europol had raised concerns about terrorists using car bombs to attack targets in Europe, a tactic jihadists have so far only used in the Middle East.
There has already been one foiled car bomb plot in Paris, with French police arresting two suspects after a car containing gas cylinders was discovered near Notre Dame cathedral.
Europol has also said that recent terrorist atrocities in Paris and Brussels have only strengthened the resolve of Islamic State to attack Europe.


But perhaps we shouldn’t worry about the EU. If we believe the Express the whole world could end next year.

WORLD leaders are planning to hide out in bunkers next year to escape the doom a gigantic planet will cause as it passes the Earth, according to a crackpot conspiracy theory.
A secret plan to carve out huge underground complexes connected by high-speed trains for the ruling classes is already underway, a survival firm boss conspiracy theory supporter has claimed.
One base is being developed beneath the Rocky Mountains in the US, according to Robert Vicino, head of the survival firm Vivos.
But he said no members of public will be allowed in and will have to fend for themselves.
Mr Vicino made the shock claims as he warned of an impending apocalypse.
He said: “They do not have a plan for you and me, but they have a plan for themselves.”
“You have to ask yourself, why did Russia just have a drill for 40 million people?”

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