The International Trade Secretary has warned that ‘no deal’ is the most likely option now. This is covered in most of the media. The Times says:

Britain is odds-on to crash out of the European Union without a deal, Liam Fox warns today.
In an interview with The Sunday Times, the international trade secretary put the chances of a no deal departure at “60-40”, squarely blaming the “intransigence” of the European Commission.
Fox accused Eurocrats of harbouring a “theological obsession” with EU rules rather than “economic wellbeing”, which would lead to “only one outcome”.
His intervention comes amid growing fears about the potential collapse in talks.

Sky News reports on the Sunday Times story:

International Trade Secretary Liam Fox has said “intransigence” from the European Union is pushing Britain towards a no-deal Brexit.
With less than eight months until Britain quits the bloc, the prominent Brexiteer put the odds of the UK leaving the EU without agreeing a deal over their future relationship at “60-40”.
Mr Fox said he believed the risk of a no-deal scenario had increased, pinning the blame on the European Commission and Brussels’ chief negotiator Michel Barnier.
Michel Barnier has dismissed the proposals in the Chequers plan, Mr Fox says: “I think the intransigence of the commission is pushing us towards no deal,” he told the Sunday Times.

The EU is to blame, says BBC News.

Liam Fox says the chance of a no-deal Brexit is growing, blaming the “intransigence” of the European Commission.
The international trade secretary and Brexiteer put the chance of failing to come to an agreement at “60-40”.
He told the Sunday Times that Brussels’ chief negotiator had dismissed the UK’s Chequers proposals simply because “we have never done it before”.
The UK and EU say they want agreement before the exit on 29 March 2019.
Mr Fox told the paper that he had not thought the likelihood of no-deal was higher than 50-50, but the risk had increased.
He said the EU had to decide whether to act in the economic best interests of its people, or to go on pursuing an approach determined by an obsession with the purity of its rules.

Even the Independent carries the story:

The UK appears set to crash out of the European Union without a Brexit deal due to the “intransigence” of the Brussels machine, Liam Fox has claimed.
The International Trade Secretary put the chances of a no-deal Brexit at “60-40” despite both sides saying they want to reach an agreement on the terms of the UK’s departure from the bloc in March 2019.
The prominent Brexiteer said he believed the risk of a no-deal scenario had increased, pinning the blame on the European Commission and Brussels’ chief negotiator  Michel Barnier.
“I think the intransigence of the commission is pushing us towards no deal,” he told 
The Sunday Times. “We have set out the basis in which a deal can happen but if the EU decides that the theological obsession of the unelected is to take priority over the economic wellbeing of the people of Europe then it’s a bureaucrats’ Brexit – not a people’s Brexit – then there is only going to be one outcome.”

The Mail says Barnier is being ‘intransigent’.

The UK appears set to crash out of the European Union without a Brexit deal due to the ‘intransigence’ of the Brussels machine, Liam Fox has claimed.
The International Trade Secretary put the chances of a no-deal Brexit at ’60-40′ despite both sides saying they want to reach an agreement on the terms of the UK’s departure from the bloc in March 2019.
The prominent Brexiteer said he believed the risk of a no-deal scenario had increased, pinning the blame on the European Commission and Brussels’ chief negotiator Michel Barnier.
‘I think the intransigence of the commission is pushing us towards no deal,’ he told the Sunday Times.

A former minister has spoken to the Express.

THERESA May should capitalise on cracks developing in the European Union’s stance on Brexit negotiations to drop the Chequers proposal, a former Brexit minister has said. The Prime Minister now has an opportunity to get the UK’s departure “back on track”, David Jones said.
Mrs May met her French counterpart Emmanuel Macron on Friday and while the French insisted that the meeting did not show Macron was prepared to “speak in place of” the EU’s chief negotiator Michel Barnier, Mr Jones suggested that the talks between the leaders showed a growing desire for them to take hold of negotiations.
Last weekend Mrs May also secured the chance to put her proposals to EU heads of state at an informal summit on September 20.

And pro-EU MPs have demanded an explanation from Brexiteers, says the Independent.

Pro-EU MPs have demanded leading Tory Brexiteers “come clean” on why they abandoned their earlier support for a second Brexit referendum.
Prominent eurosceptics including Jacob Rees-MoggDavid Davis
and John Redwood have all previously proposed two separate votes on Britain leaving the EU.
But they have ditched their support since the 2016 referendum and now oppose calls for a “People’s Vote” on the final Brexit deal.
It comes as a
petition  supporting The Independent’s campaign for a Final Say on Brexit passed 570,000 signatures.


The Times says Dr Fox is upbeat about international trade.

While Liam Fox has become increasingly pessimistic about the prospect of reaching a deal with the European Union, he could not be more positive about the future of Britain’s trading relationship with the rest of the world.
The international trade secretary has spent the past nine days travelling around the globe in pursuit of post-Brexit free trade deals.
He began his latest trade mission in Washington, before flying to San Francisco and finally to Tokyo, where he claims talks with the Japanese government and business leaders were among the “most positive” he has had.


More pressure is being put on the Prime Minister on her tour of Europe, says the Mail.

French commentators have accused Theresa May of letting ‘time run dangerously short’ in her Brexit negotiations, after Emmanuel Macron rebuffed her attempt to separate him from EU negotiators.
The Prime Minister cut her holiday short to set out her Chequers plan to the French president at his Riviera retreat yesterday.
She warned him that Brussels faces a choice of a ‘Chequers deal or no deal’ as they held talks at Fort Bregancon. Downing Street wanted to use the meeting to win over Mr Macron, who is seen as one of the biggest obstacles to getting an agreement.
Yet the French press have claimed the Prime Minister is trying to sideline EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier.

Westmonster reports on the popularity of the French president.

French President Macron’s approval rating has dropped by 8 points, with an approval rating of 27% and a disapproval rating of 62%.
His dire poll ratings come as he and Theresa May meet, for informal discussions about Brexit in his summer retreat.
In July last year over 50% of French people had a positive viewtowards their President according to polls, his approval has since plummeted despite French victory at the World Cup last month.
Macron has faced criticism after Alexandre Benalla, an assistant to the President’s chief of staff, was filmed beating protesters at a pro-Labour rally.

And Westmonster also quotes the polls on the German leader.

Angela Merkel is in big, big trouble – her coalition’s approval ratings are tanking, while the AfD surges.
Merkel’s CDU/CSU coalition fell to 29% support in the  DeutschlandTrend survey, it’s the first time their approval has dropped below 30% with that polling company.
At the same time, the AfD has hit a new high of 17% support.
This is what happens when you sell your country down the river. People are starting to push back against the craving for an EU superstate with no borders, people are pushing back against uncontrolled mass migration.

Conservative Party

Back home, the Sun has a revelation on the Environment Secretary.

DAVID Cameron thinks Michael Gove is a “lunatic” and blames him for his defeat in the EU referendum, say the former prime minister’s friends.
They revealed he had no idea Mr Gove would betray him by choosing to back
Mr Cameron is set to attack his ex-colleague in his memoirs.
It coincides with the Environment Secretary’s attempts to rebuild his reputation with MPs and grassroots Tories.
A source close to Cameron said: “He was saying Michael Gove was a lunatic.
“He said he had not realised quite how mad he was until that whole incident.
He was saying he feels even more cross with Gove than Boris.”

And the Mail claims Mr Gove was told off by a senior Tory.

Michael Gove was given a dressing down by former Tory chairman Lord Feldman in a blazing Brexit row at a secret Conservative dinner.
Lord Feldman lashed out after pro-Brexit Minister Mr Gove was quizzed on the stalemate in the Brussels talks and ‘impersonated’ the German EU bureaucrat known as ‘the monster’.
The peer accused Mr Gove of treating Brexit as a ‘joke’ and said he was responsible for leading Britain to ‘disaster’. He also said Mr Gove had ‘no idea how to get out of the mess.’
Witnesses at the private Commons dinner attended by senior Tories say there were ‘extraordinary scenes’ when Lord Feldman, a close friend and political ally of ex-Prime Minister David Cameron, laid into Gove. ‘


Away from politics, ITV News reports on recycling.

Two-third of plastic food pots, tubs and trays bought by households cannot be recycled, local authorities have warned.
Town hall chiefs have urged manufacturers to scrap the “smorgasbord” of plastics used to package foods from fruit and vegetables to yogurts, margarine and microwave meals to help cut waste and increase recycling.
Analysis by the Local Government Association (LGA) suggests 525,000 tonnes of plastic pots, tubs and trays are used by households a year.
But just 169,145 tonnes can be recycled, meaning 355,855 tonnes or two-thirds of the total heads for landfill or incineration.

Tommy Robinson

Tommy has not left the headlines, says the Times.

Tommy Robinson, the far-right leader, was bankrolled until recently by a US tech billionaire whose company’s British clients include the supermarket giant Asda.
Robert Shillman, founder and chairman of the Nasdaq-listed multinational Cognex, helped to pay Robinson’s high-five-figure salary, in the latest example of American cash flowing into the British hard right. The disclosure comes as Robinson’s former assistant, also paid by a Shillman-funded group, told The Sunday Times that the anti-Islam activist practised a form of “panto journalism” that was “leading people down a dark path”.
In the first interview by any insider, Lucy Brown, who worked closely alongside Robinson until three months ago, said: “I thought genuinely that I was joining the side that told the truth.


Medical staff are confused about their pay rise, says the Independent.

Some NHS staff have been angered by the recent pay deal for more than a million workers, complaining that they are not receiving the increases they had been promised.
One union has been forced to apologise and hold an emergency meeting after admitting to misleading members over the deal, and some NHS staff are complaining that they are either seeing a tiny increase in their pay packets or a fall.
It has led to calls from some workers for the pay talks to be reopened – a call supported by the GMB, one of Britain’s biggest unions. Nurses, pharmacy workers and security staff are among those to have made complaints.

And the Mirror claims patients are being provided with non-healthy snacks.

NHS cash set aside to give hospital ­patients, staff and visitors healthier snacks is being spent on a vending ­machine firm selling cheeseburgers.
The Bon Appetit offerings also include calorie-packed Cornish pasties, sausage rolls, chicken burgers and Magnum lollies – containing nearly a third of the ­recommended daily fat intake.
The money used to rent the £15-a-day machines comes from £150million of extra funding promised to the NHS if the menu adheres to anti-obesity measures.
NHS England recommends at least 60 per cent of pre-packed snacks should contain 400 calories or fewer. Bon Appetit offers Weight Watchers meals and healthy food options, but only alongside the more tempting high-calorie grub.


Denmark is clamping down on face veils, says the Mail.

A woman in wearing a niqab has become the first person in Denmark to be fined under new laws banning full-face Islamic veils.
A 28-year-old female was fined after getting into a fight with another woman, who had tried to tear of her veil.
Police were called to the scene and reviewed CCTV footage of the incident, which took place in a shopping centre in Horsholm, around 15 miles north of the capital Copenhagen yesterday.
She was told she would be fined 1,000 kroner (£119.37) in the post, and was told to remove her veil or leave the public space, but decided to keep on her headwear. 

Breitbart also has the story.

A 28-year-old woman wearing a face veil has become the first person in Denmark to be fined for violating a new law banning such garments in public places.
Danish news agency Ritzau reported that police were called to a shopping center in Horsholm, a city of some 46,000 inhabitants close to Copenhagen, on Friday to confront a woman wearing a niqab garment covering her face.
The woman was slapped with a fine of 1,000 Danish kroner ($156) and requested to either remove the veil or leave the premises. She opted to leave.
Since Aug.1, the country’s much-debated “Burqa Ban” has prohibited full-body burqas, as well the niqab — Muslim dress which only shows the eyes. Both are rare in Denmark. Other European countries have similar bans.


The Times claims our former leader is looking for a by-election.

Nigel Farage is plotting a return to frontline politics and is preparing to launch a fresh campaign to become an MP, according to allies.
The former Ukip leader is looking for a new platform to relaunch his political career and is said to be eyeing a number of potential by-election opportunities, including Peterborough, which overwhelmingly voted to back Brexit.
The incumbent Labour MP, Fiona Onasanya, is to stand trial with her brother, Festus, accused of lying about speeding points in a case that bears a remarkable similarity to the case that ended the career of the former Liberal Democrat cabinet minister Chris Huhne.

Labour Party

It seems there’s a row between two top members of the Labour Party, says the Mail.

Jeremy Corbyn has been accused of trying to ‘gag’  London Mayor Sadiq Khan at Labour’s annual conference.
The Labour leader faces claims he wants to bar Mr Khan, seen as one of his main rivals, from a key speaking slot at the gathering in Liverpool.
But to disguise the ban, Mr Corbyn intends to prevent all Labour’s directly elected mayors – including Manchester’s Andy Burnham – from speaking.
A Labour insider told The Mail on Sunday: ‘Sadiq has been asking repeatedly to be allowed to speak, but Corbyn has stopped it.’


The cost of the high speed rail line continues to soar, says the Telegraph.

Ministers must spend an extra £43 billion to make the construction of High Speed 2 worthwhile, the Government’s infrastructure tsar suggests today.
Sir John Armitt, the chairman of the National Infrastructure Commission, says the sum, which would double the amount attributed to the high speed line five years ago, is needed to “make the most” of the railway line.
Writing in The Sunday Telegraph, Sir John, in his first intervention on the project, which is officially costed at £56 billion, warns that passengers of the service face “inadequate” transport links at either end of their journeys.


The Mail has a story about a woman who was refused permission to take her child out of school.

A mother with terminal cancer was refused permission to take her son out of school during term-time so they could have their last ever holiday together because it was not an ‘exceptional circumstance.’
Angela Rose wrote to her eight-year-old son Carlo’s school begging them to be allowed to share a last holiday together, explaining she may only have months to live.
However, school chiefs refused her request saying leave could only be granted to pupils in ‘exceptional circumstances.’

The Sun also reports the tale.

A DYING mum was told she couldn’t take her son out of school for their last ever holiday together – because her terminal cancer wasn’t an “exceptional circumstance”.
Angela Rose wrote to her eight-year-old son Carlo’s school begging them to be allowed to share a last holiday together, explaining she may only have months to live.
But heartless school chiefs refused her request, saying leave could only be granted to pupils in “exceptional circumstances.”
Angela was diagnosed with breast cancer 14 months ago but within weeks the cancer had spread to her bones and brain, with doctors telling her she only had between one and two years to live.
She said: “If a dying 36-year-old mum wanting to take her boy on holiday for one last time isn’t an exceptional case then I dread to think what is.”

World Cup

Problems surrounding Qatar’s hosting of the World Cup continue in the Times.

The disgraced former Fifa president, Sepp Blatter, has claimed that his fellow executive committee (Exco) members ignored advice that Qatar was incapable of hosting a World Cup when they voted to award the competition to the Gulf state.
He alleges Qatar’s shock victory was a combination of a rule-breaking collusion deal and political pressure exerted on Michel Platini, the French Exco member.
The claims are made in Blatter’s recently published book Ma Vérité (My Truth), the 82-year-old’s defence of his 17-year reign as Fifa president, which ended with a six-year ban from football.


For those trying to lose weight, there could be an answer, says the Mail.

It sounds almost too good to be true for those struggling to keep their weight down – a simple jab to prevent unwanted pounds piling up.
But the prospect of a vaccine to stop you getting fat is drawing closer after scientists found compelling evidence linking obesity to an infectious virus.
Adenovirus-36 is found four times more often among the obese than in patients of a healthy weight.
Studies on animals indicate that the virus is responsible for adding up to 15 per cent to body weight. That’s a stone and a half for the average British woman, or two stone for a man.

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