The Economy, Elections, Europeans and Education seem to be the top issues today

The Telegraph

Government plans reform to end UK pension system ‘lottery’

Welcome to 2014 – the year we ignore our problems  Janet Daly sounds quite realistic for a Telegraph leader writer, compared to the ra-ra brigade of younger men on the staff. She gets one thing wrong – she ignores UKIP in her polling predictions.

Fear and foreboding are rarely a recipe for election victory  Even the Torygraph now tells us how cuddly and nice the East Europeans are, especially when they can avoid paying our tax rates! See: for “How EU migrants avoid tax in UK – Loophole allows workers posted to Britain for less than two years to pay national insurance and even income tax at home” .

Tony Blair’s fortune boosted £13m by ‘bumper year’ The classic model champagne socialist

The Independent

Exclusive: Ed Miliband will block cheap foreign staff loophole Great idea, shame about getting around all the EU laws to implement it!

Is this why the Profumo file is still secret? Suspicion of royal involvement

Back to Rising Damp? One million rented homes in private sector are substandard

Politicians behaving badly: Culture of secrecy and sexism the result of changes to the way complaints about councillors are dealt with It’s called closing ranks, our own UKIP Councillors are seeing the system in action now.

The Guardian/Observer

Labour condemns Michael Gove’s ‘crass’ comments on first world war A storm in a teacup. Have they not got anything better to discuss, like the abysmal state of education of many of our young?

Ed Miliband promises to close loophole allowing exploitation of foreign workers As per The Independent, which is sounding more and more like a back-up Guardian every day.

David Cameron ‘has devalued the big society idea’ says his former adviser Too right it has, especially when value-for-money support funding has been withdrawn from voluntary sector care organisations.

State pension will increase every year, pledges David Cameron The “buying of votes with your own money” getting into full swing now.

The Express

The fox vs. the hounds: RSPCA and Countryside Alliance at war RSPCA spending its’ donors money on prosecuting hunts

Fagin-style Roma gangs ‘use child burglars’

Rail against privatisation Basically, we are subsidising European rail travellers, as most of our rail companies are owned fully or in part by European state operators.

In defence of free speech  Not completely what the title suggests, more about balancing free speech with the protection of reputations.

The Mail

Predictably, the Mail focuses on immigration:

Exposed: Bulgarian fixers tell new arrivals to UK… We will fake documents so you can claim benefits

NICK ROBINSON: The public deserves the truth on immigration… from Britain’s politicians – and, yes, my own BBC Yes, written by Nick Robinson, one of the BBC’s own. With insight, one commenter says though: “This new conciliatory tone is simply a ploy to maintain control of the debate”

Yes, I welcomed them in. But the more they come, the faster we will head for EU exit, writes Tory MP Mark Reckless The man on the mission at Luton airport, now justifies himself.

In 2015, will you vote for VE Day? (That’s Vote Exchange day – a radical new plan where UKIP supporters and Tories swap votes to keep Ed out of No 10) The Tories trying to sound like it’s a done deal!

Daily Mirror

David Cameron has LOST a third of Conservative voters since the last election, shock poll reveals

John Prescott: Government’s lack of response to floods proves these Tories are all washed up Two Jags still on verbal form

Ed Balls: Labour vows to ease the squeeze of economic recovery and earn way to higher living standards  Not convinced with his economic plan!

Lord Ashcroft on David Cameron: Tories should keep Cam and carry on

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