Breitbart reports that the EU is planning to ‘re-educate’ those who disagree with it.

Breitbart London has produced a video to get the word out about the EU’s “Orwellian” new online censorship deal with Facebook and Twitter, after the story went under-reported in the mainstream media.

On Tuesday, unelected eurocrats and private corporations slashed the civil liberties of people all across Europe, restricting their right to free expression online with little public consultation or discussion, a Breitbart London reporter argues.

And the Guardian claims our own Parliament is debating a new ‘snooper’s charter’.

Britons could be sleepwalking into a new era of state surveillance powers, judging by a new poll conducted by the civil rights organisation Liberty.

Before a Commons battle over the investigatory powers bill this week, the poll found that 92% of respondents who were aware of the proposals – described as a “snooper’s charter” by critics – disapproved of them. But 72% of respondents said that they knew nothing about it.

The two-day Commons report stage of the bill, which will increase the powers of the intelligence services, is scheduled for tomorrow and Tuesday and is the final major piece of parliamentary business before the EU referendum is held.

The Mail picks up a comment from Nigel Farage that British women could be subject to the same sex attacks that were seen on the continent.

Nigel Farage has claimed that British women will be at risk of mass sex attacks by gangs of migrants if we vote to stay in the EU.

The UKIP leader said he believes that a failure to control our borders from an influx of migrants from North Africa and Eastern Europe will result in an increased vulnerability for the female population, reports the Sunday Telegraph.

Farage claimed that a difference in ‘cultural’ issues would contribute to the attacks and paid reference to the rapes and sexual offences alleged to have been carried out by a gang of migrants in the German city of Cologne last New Year’s Eve.

In the Mail, Quentin Letts gives us a short history of the trials and tribulations between Europe and the UK.

Nine hundred and fifty years ago, between two hillocks at Hastings, an Anglo-Saxon king took an arrow in his eye and England surrendered her independence.

That was our last – should I say most recent? – defeat on home soil.

King Harold’s forces fought valiantly but they had been exhausted by two earlier battles with invaders up north. A shrewd and ruthless Frenchman, Guillaume of Normandy, seized power and London’s Witan parliament was never heard of again.

Within months Guillaume (today we call him William the Conqueror) set about taxing the English to pay for his court and army.

He stole the locals’ land, bastardised their language, changed their laws. He smashed their local councils and desecrated towns by forcing the inhabitants to build him castles. This process was called the Norman Yoke.

The English were worked like bullocks at a plough and they were pretty miserable for centuries to follow. Not until 1399, with the arrival of Henry of Lancaster, were we again ruled by a monarch who even spoke English as his native tongue.

It seems the President of the European Commission got very happy at a summit meeting, says the Mail.

Video footage has emerged which appears to show the President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, ‘drunk’ at an EU summit.

In the clip, which has just surfaced online, Juncker can be seen repeatedly slapping EU leaders, hopping from foot to foot and dancing – leaving many to question whether he was under the influence of alcohol.

He was also heard calling the Hungarian Prime Minister ‘dictator’ in front of those present at the EU-Eastern Partnership summit.


There will be lots of disappointed Euro fans who have bought fake tickets, according to ITV News.

Football fans have been warned they could be left disappointed and out of pocket if they buy tickets for this month’s Euro 2016 through unofficial websites.

Consumer watchdog Which? has said a number of unauthorised online outlets have sprung up in the run-up to the international tournament, due to begin in France on June 10.

In some cases the sites charge as much as £5,000 for match entry.

Second-hand Euro 2016 sales are only allowed through Uefa’s resale site and, since admission to the grounds requires photo ID, supporters without official tickets could find themselves turned away at the turnstiles.

As well as breaching Uefa’s policy on resales, several sites were also found to be in contravention of the Consumer Rights Act 2015 by not disclosing seat locations and hiding the ticket’s original value, according to the group.

And the Daily Star warns that any hooligans will face stiff punishment.

ENGLISH hooligans who get caught breaking the law during next week’s Euro 2016 game have been warned to expect a rough ride at Marseille’s violent prison.

Staff at Les Baumettes jail, close to where England face Russia on Saturday, said: “Conditions are very bad”.

Many of its 1,700 inmates are also crammed three to a cell.

Volunteer Mathilde Durr, who helps out at the grim slammer, also revealed lags spend 23 hours a day in confinement.

She said: “There are a lot of drugs, a lot of violence. Stabbings happen regularly, and there are problems with drugs such as heroin and cannabis.

“No English is spoken. If you can’t speak French, you won’t know what is going on.”

Mathilde and a co-worker, who did not want to be named, also disputed reports that recent building works had dramatically improved conditions at the jail.

The Mail reports on the investigation into cash paid to former FIFA president Sepp Blatter.

The full extent of disgraced former FIFA  president Sepp Blatter’s corrupt regime in Zurich was laid bare by the publication of documents showing he and his closest two executives awarded themselves more than £55million of dodgy payments over five years.

FIFA’s American lawyers Quinn Emanuel, who have conducted a year-long probe into the wholesale wrongdoing at world football’s ruling body, produced the evidence after examining a mountain of documents.

Blatter (now suspended), secretary general Jerome Valcke and finance director Markus Kattner (both sacked) conducted a ‘co-ordinated effort to enrich themselves’ through pay rises, contract extensions and amendments, indemnity clauses and fabulous bonuses over a five-year period from the end of 2010.


Despite the numbers of immigrants trying to get into the UK, the Prime minister is still insisting he can control the situation, says BBC News.

David Cameron has said migration can be managed if the UK remains inside the EU and it would be “madness” to try to control it by voting to leave.

He said he did not accept that his pledge to cut immigration below 100,000 could not be achieved within the EU.

And the Sun claims our coasts could be protected by the Royal Navy.

ROYAL Navy warships could soon patrol Britain’s coast to stop illegal immigrants sneaking into the country by sea.

Border agency officials appealed for help as they have only three ships to police 7,700 miles of coast.

It comes after 18 Albanian migrants, including two kids, were rescued after their inflatable boat sank near Kent.

The Mirror asks searching questions about exactly who is being deported and who is being allowed to stay in the UK.

How can it be that a drug-dealing Albanian double murderer gets to stay in Britain, is given a four-bed house and £2,000 a month in benefits?

Yet two law-abiding, hard-working families from Canada and Australia, who have set up businesses in the UK, become pillars of their communities and have never taken a penny in benefits are being kicked out like trash.

Jason and Christy Zielsdorf came to ­Scotland from Canada eight years ago.

They invested £200,000 of their own money in a shop-cum-cafe which is now thriving.

Yet because they can only afford to employ one person, not two (a nit-picking condition of their business visa), the Home Office is telling them to sod off back to Canada.

And the Independent reports on the inquiry into foreign students suspected of cheating.

Theresa May and the Home Office are to become the centre of a full inquiry for the way the department treated international students in the UK in the wake of the TOEIC exam cheating scandal.

The Home Affairs Committee – which oversees Home Office policy and expenditure – published a damning report on Friday which says the department’s actions of removing tens of thousands of students from the country appear to have been “a knee-jerk reaction” to a TV documentary.


The verbal tussles continue with Brexiteer Michael Gove criticising the US president’s interference, says the Express.

MICHAEL Gove turned Barack Obama’s legendary campaign slogan against him tonight as he pitched the Brexit camp’s ‘Project Hope’ vision for a brighter Britain against the US President’s scaremongering on behalf of David Cameron.

The Justice Secretary brilliantly appropriated Mr Obama’s famous ‘yes we can’ line to whip up support for the Vote Leave campaign’s five Brexit pledges, providing a timely reminder that the US President once stood on a ticket of hope not fear.

Mr Gove, who comprehensively outshone Mr Cameron during last night’s Sky News debate, delighted Brexit supporters at a rally in London with his witty putdown to the leader of the free world.

And UKIP leader Nigel Farage also turns on the Prime Minister in the Sun.

NIGEL Farage launched a ferocious personal attack on David Cameron last night – branding him “Dishonest Dave”.

In an astonishing outburst, the Ukip leader claimed many people think he is an “effing liar”.

He said trust in the PM had hit rock bottom after his broken promise to cut immigration and his “two-faced” outpourings on Europe.

And he accused him of causing deep resentment among British workers by trying to bully and cajole them into voting to stay in the EU.

Mr Farage declared: “His political reputation is imploding before our eyes.

“I really think he is becoming an increasingly dishonest Dave.”

The Telegraph reports an accidently-posted message which seems to show parts of the Labour Party advising Brexiteer Michael Gove.

One of Labour’s most senior advisers is at the centre of a controversy after a private message which he accidentally posted publicly appeared to show him advising Michael Gove and the Brexit campaign.

Damian McBride, whose party’s official position is to back the Remain campaign, posted the message: “V good! BTW, I’ll email you another VAT-related idea this evening. Just in case there’s a day/interview where MG is looking for a new line.”

“MG” is thought to be the initials of Michael Gove, one of the most senior Conservatives campaigning for a Brexit vote in the EU referendum.

And Tory John Redwood speaks out for Brexit in the Spectator.

Leaving the EU should boost pay and create more jobs. Spending our own money on our own priorities ensures that is true from the first post Brexit budget onwards. The dreary gloomy predictions of Remain are all based on the absurd idea that the rest of the EU will want to impose new barriers on their trade with us, and will be able to do so. As we are more the customer than the supplier and as we and they live under World Trade Organisation rules this is pure fantasy.


The Mail reports on the shocking state of our National Health Service.

More than 60,000 Britons are condemned to an early death every year because of failings by the NHS and other public health bodies, a damning new report reveals.

The shocking findings show that the UK performs worse than almost every other nation in Western Europe – and even former Soviet states such as Slovenia – at keeping alive patients aged under 75.

Just over a third of the 185,500 Britons in that age group who died in 2013 did so needlessly, according to a report comparing all 28 nations in the European Union.


The Mail reports massive amounts of illegal drugs are heading to the UK.

More than a tonne of heroin worth an astonishing £160 million was seized in the Indian Ocean in a successful drugs bust led by the Royal Navy.

Operation Shirikisho targeted four fishing boats heading to East Africa and stopped the high-grade drug reaching the continent and then Europe.

Boats and helicopters were deployed during the operation and both the French and Australian Navy were heavily involved in the seizure.

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