Prime Minister Theresa May is still pushing towards Brexit, says the Telegraph

Theresa May has declared there is no going back on Brexit despite a setback in the courts as she warns Europhile politicians and judges to “accept” the people have spoken.
Writing exclusively for The Sunday Telegraph, the Prime Minister reprimands MPs and peers looking to frustrate the start of Brexit for “re-fighting the battles of the past”.
In her first public comments since being ordered to hold a parliamentary vote on triggering Article 50, the mechanism to start Brexit talks, she vows to fight the courts.
Mrs May warns that an “important principle” of democracy hangs in the balance as pro-EU politicians plot to water down plans for Brexit, backed by 17.4 million Britons in June.

BBC News picks up the story.

Theresa May has vowed to carry out Brexit “in full” despite the High Court ruling on leaving the EU.
The prime minister said the government needed to “get on with the job” and MPs should “accept” the referendum result.
Writing in the Sunday Telegraph she said she was appealing against the High Court decision because there was “an important principle at stake”.
Jeremy Corbyn said Labour would block Article 50 if Mrs May does not guarantee access to the single market.
On Thursday, the High Court ruled Parliament should vote on when the government can trigger Article 50, beginning the formal process of the UK leaving the EU.

Sky News also reports the PM’s words.

Theresa May has fired a warning shot across Parliament’s bows over Brexit as she heads off on a trade mission to India.
Speaking after the High Court ruled she could not trigger talks to leave the EU without Westminster’s approval, the Prime Minister said Remain-supporting MPs and peers “need to accept what the people decided”.
She also cautioned against attempts to force the Government to put its “cards on the table” ahead of the EU negotiations arguing it was “not in our national interest”.

So does the Express

FURIOUS Theresa May has ordered MPs and peers who disagree with the referendum result to accept the will of the people.
She vowed last night: “Our hands will not be tied.”

The Prime Minister was speaking after last week’s High Court ruling that she needs Parliament’s approval to trigger Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, the legal process to begin Brexit .
She promised this would not delay the UK’s departure from the EU , pledging: “The Government will get on with the job of delivering the decision of the British people.”
She also indicated that she would resist demands that she spell out our negotiating strategy, stating that “putting all our cards on the table” was “not in our national interest”.
Speaking as she prepared to depart on a trade mission to India later today, Mrs May said: “While others seek to tie our negotiating hands, the Government will get on with the job of delivering the decision of the British people.
It was MPs who overwhelmingly decided to put the decision in their hands. The result was clear. It was legitimate.

Reuters has a similar story.

Parliament must accept that Britain’s vote to leave the European Union was legitimate and let the government get on with delivering Brexit, Prime Minister Theresa May said on Sunday.
May has said she is confident of overturning a British court ruling that the government needs parliamentary approval to start the process of leaving the EU.
The government, which has given little away about its plans for Britain’s future relationship with the EU, has said that having to set out a detailed negotiating strategy to parliament would put it at a disadvantage in talks with the bloc.

The Express claims the decision could be made by the Speaker.

SPEAKER John Bercow could hold the key to the legal deadlock over Brexit, because of a quirk in Britain’s unwritten constitution.
As the so-called “eyes and ears” of the Commons, Mr Bercow could theoretically use his senior position to push through Brexit without a Westminster vote.
Constitutional experts have been busy grappling with the fallout from last week’s High Court ruling that Article 50 cannot be triggered without an Act of Parliament.
One theory is that senior members of the Privy Council, which include the Speaker, could overrule the judges’ decision.
Constitutional expert David Rogers, author of By Royal Appointment, said: “Britain’s constitution is unwritten so there is some leeway.


Breitbart reports comments that that the EU resembles Communism.

The European Union (EU) is an irresponsible and undemocratic organisation that is increasingly resembling the old Communist regimes of Eastern Europe, the former Czech President has said.
Vaclav Klaus, who served as President of his country from ten years to 2013, condemned the EU for being beholden to ideologies that limit freedom, accusing modern European leaders of being blind to its real intentions.
Speaking while receiving the inaugural European Freedom Award in Stockholm, President Klaus said that through his country’s experience under Communism it learnt how to appreciate freedom, however his fellow countrymen were wrong to suppose it would last forever.
During the 27 years after the fall of Communism, we have slowly begun discovering we live in a world that is different than the one we dreamt of.
It became evident that the lack of freedom is not inevitably connected with only one evil totalitarian and authoritarian regime.

The Express quotes Juncker.

JEAN-CLAUDE Juncker pitched himself headlong into a to-the-death political power struggle with Angela Merkel today as he ordered influential German industrialists to keep their noses out of upcoming Brexit talks. The Brussels chief risked infuriating business leaders across the continent with an extraordinary attack on European companies hoping to soften the impact of the Brexit vote.
In an astonishingly frank intervention he blasted concerned industrialists for “interfering” in the dialogue surrounding Britain’s exit from the bloc and told them the negotiations were strictly for politicians.
The alarming rant provides further evidence that the arch-federalist Brussels chief is angling for a ‘hard Brexit’ in a desperate attempt to put other members off quitting the EU club.
UK politicians have expressed fears that Mr Juncker, who is known for his anti-British rhetoric, will attempt to inject poison into the exit negotiations to ensure that they descend into acrimony.

General Election

The Mirror quotes the Labour leader’s comments that he will force a General Election if the Prime Minister doesn’t do what he says.

Jeremy Corbyn will force Theresa May to hold an election in the spring unless she caves in to his Brexit demands on trade and worker rights.
In an exclusive Sunday Mirror interview , the Labour leader said he will only let the PM trigger EU negotiations in a Commons vote if she agrees to Labour’s “Brexit bottom line”.
He said: “Sorry, but we live in a democracy and the Government has to be responsive to Parliament. It’s not my timetable so it’s up to her to respond.”
Mr Corbyn’s bottom lines are:
UK access to 500 million customers in Europe’s single market.
No watering down of EU workplace rights.
Guarantees on safeguarding consumers and the environment.
Pledges on Britain picking up the tab for any EU capital investment lost by Brexit.

The Express has a similar story.

JEREMY Corbyn tonight sensationally vowed to collude with Remain backing MPs in parliament to block Brexit unless Theresa May accedes to his demands.
The beleaguered Labour leader pounced on the ruling of three judges that Article 50 can only be triggered by the House of Commons to issue an extraordinary four-point blackmail note to the prime minister.
In a bombshell intervention the unpopular left-winger said Mrs May will have to accept his demands or face a backbench rebellion which would force her to call a snap general election.
Mr Corbyn is insisting that Britain maintains access to the single market, guarantees all EU workers’ rights, keeps Brussels laws on consumers and the environment and agrees to pay for any EU capital investment lost by Brexit.

And the Express also carries a story about who might win a General Election.

POLITICAL parties advocating leaving the European Union are expected to sweep to power were a snap general election called, according to the latest academic research.
Demands for an early election grew this week after the High Court ruled Parliament must be allowed a vote before Article 50 can be triggered.
The move gave the pro-EU movement hope that the Government’s plans for Brexit could be stopped.
However, those look to be nothing more than a pipe-dream according to research carried out by Dr Chris Hanretty, reader in politics at the University of East Anglia.
His analysis of voting across the UK in the referendum and then transposing that voting in individual constituencies would give a pro-Brexit party 401 seats compared to just 249 for any party wanting to stay within the EU, giving a majority of 150.
Those figures would include the 18 seats in Northern Ireland.
While the referendum saw the Leave campaign win by just four percentage points the result would be different in a general election due to the demographics of the UK’s constituencies and the first-past-the-post system.

Stockholm declaration

In a new declaration, Eurosceptic parties have sworn to uphold sovereignty, says Breitbart

Eurosceptics from across the continent signed a declaration in Stockholm on Friday promising to uphold national sovereignty, protect traditional cultural values, and tackle radical Islam.
Delegates representing parties such as UKIP, the Sweden Democrats and political blocs from various other European nations signed the ‘Stockholm Declaration’, pledging to support democracy, control national borders and keep taxes low.
The declaration was organised by the Alliance for Direct Democracy in Europe (ADDE), a centre-right grouping in the European Parliament of which UKIP is the biggest member.
Signatories made five pledges, including “consulting [the people of Europe] on matters involving our future as a citizen of a free and sovereign nation State”, as well as “protecting our cultural values and national traditions”.
They also said they were “committed to reducing the burden of excessive tax rates and preserving and our purchasing power and protecting our savings.”
The declaration also included a further two points specifically dealing with controlling immigration and “defeating radical Islam whenever it threatens our very civilisation”.
Signing the declaration on behalf of UKIP, interim leader Nigel Farage said how Britain had defeated its own political class to bring about Brexit.


The Express reports the leadership front-runner’s plans.

PAUL Nuttall is considering making a bid to become an MP as early as next year if he is elected Ukip leader.
The plan to lead Ukip’s new assault on Westminster and boost the number of Brexit MPs in the Remain dominated Commons comes as London Assembly member Peter Whittle quit the leadership race and gave Mr Nuttall his backing.
Speaking to the Daily Express, Mr Nuttall, who is the strong favourite to replace Nigel Farage as Ukip leader, also appealed to Ukip’s billionaire donor Arron Banks to join his “team of all the talents” if he wins the party’s leadership contest.
He was responding to claims by the top businessman that he “lacks the steel” to be leader and take the party forward.
But Mr Nuttall – who is putting himself forward as “the unity candidate” – rejected the claim and said he wants Mr Banks to have a role in the party along with his main rival for the leadership Suzanne Evans and former contender Mr Whittle.

International trade

Post-Brexit talks are taking place already, says Reuters.

British Prime Minister Theresa May will use her first bilateral trade trip since taking office to try to boost ties with India before leaving the European Union.
May’s office said the visit starting on Sunday night would focus on breaking down barriers to trade and investment and paving the way for a free trade deal as soon as possible after Brexit, which is not expected to happen before 2019.
Explaining the choice of India, a government official said: “It matters now more than ever. India is the fastest-growing major economy.”

BBC News has a similar report.

Trade between Colombia and the UK has the potential to grow after Brexit, the country’s president has suggested. Juan Manuel Santos said a new agreement could be better than Colombia’s current free trade deal with the EU.
Interviewed for Sunday’s edition of the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show, Mr Santos said there was an opportunity for greater UK trade with emerging markets.
Mr Santos held talks with Prime Minister Theresa May at Downing Street last week during his state visit.
At the time he said Colombia, Chile, Peru and Mexico – the Pacific Alliance free trade bloc – represented a “huge opportunity for British business”.
He told the BBC: “What I said to Prime Minister May is, ‘listen, we are ready to simply have a free trade agreement with the UK and have the same conditions or even improved’, because many times in free trade agreements with a group of countries some countries object to some issues and maybe we can even go further.”


The Morning Star is reporting on a new teachers’ super-union.

TEACHERS are set to be represented by a new union of half a million members – after two existing unions voted to ballot their members on a merger plan.
The National Union of Teachers and the Association of Teachers and Lecturers held special conferences in London on Saturday to debate the proposals, which were overwhelmingly carried.
The new organisation will be called the National Education Union and will likely be the TUC’s fourth largest affiliate.
NUT general secretary Kevin Courtney said the decision marked “a historic day for teacher trade unionism”, saying teachers must unite in order to face off government attacks on education.
“The NUT has long been an advocate of professional unity and today’s decision by both NUT and ATL delegates takes it another step forward,” he said.

And the Sun criticises the Tories’ grammar school plans.

MILLIONS of kids from poor families will be left behind by Theresa May’s grammar schools revival, the PM’s social mobility tsar has warned.
Alan Milburn says the upheaval will fail to boost classroom standards –and could wreck her mission to build a Britain that works for everyone.
In a hard-hitting report, he predicts a return to selection will only create more divisions in society.
He said that while the brightest pupils may do marginally better in a grammar school, the poorest children will be left further behind.
Mr Milburn’s criticism is a heavy blow to the PM who has put grammar schools at the heart of her flagship drive to improve the life chances of low-income families.


ITV News reports the Health Secretary’s comments.

Jeremy Hunt has announced a new war on superbugs, after figures show they are growing in number and becoming increasingly resistant to treatment.
Deadly strains like MRSA and C.diff have reduced significantly in the last decade, but cases of E.coli are rising – it killed more than 5,500 people last year in England alone.
The Health Secretary said there would be a renewed focus on better infection prevention and control in hospitals, surgeries, and care homes, to stop the spread of bacteria.
The war would highlight better hygiene standards by hand washing, and improved hygiene when using inserted devices, like catheters.
If not managed responsibly by health care workers, these can result in E. coli infections.

Alien invasion

And once again, the Star has found a sensationalist story.

MANKIND cannot rule out an alien invasion – but we are not prepared for their attack, self-styled UFO experts claim.
The threat is so worrying that alien hunters held a scenario where space beings land on Earth at an Area 51-style location in Portsmouth.
The event was held by the Strange Phenomena Investigations team, The Telegraph reports.
Malcolm Robinson, a founding member of the group, claims extra terrestrial life and humans may not be able to coexist.
He claimed small grey aliens with pear-shaped heads have been spotted on Earth.
According to The Telegraph, he told those gathered for the day that the possibility that “somebody has got their eye on us” cannot be ruled out, adding: “We may laugh, we may joke – but that is a possibility.”
Survival expert Steve Hart – who runs the UK Preppers guide – warned the event how humans are “woefully” prepared for such an invasion.

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