At last! The Telegraph reports the Prime Minister’s plans for ‘no deal’.

Theresa May has decided to commit billions of pounds on preparing Britain to leave the European Union without a deal in a bid to save her premiership.
The spending, which will be “unlocked” in the new year if no progress is made with Brussels, is intended to send a signal to pro-Brexit MPs that she is serious about regaining the upper hand in the negotiations.
It came as rebel MPs gave Mrs May until Christmas to make real progress on Brexit to avoid another attempt to oust her.
One group of rebels, led by former chairman Grant Shapps, said they had not been appeased but would wait before attempting to prise Mrs May out of 10 Downing Street.

Reuters also covers the prospect of a hard Brexit.

As in-fighting consumes the British government, Europeans have stepped up quiet preparations for a possible collapse of Brexit talks that could see Britain crash out of the EU without a deal 18 months from now.
Prime Minister Theresa May’s EU counterparts still see the “no-deal scenario” she threatened them with as most unlikely, as they think it would hurt Britain much more than the continent.
But after her faltering party conference this week and ahead of important meetings in Brussels over the next fortnight, diplomats and officials there and in big member states said they have been putting renewed focus on contingency planning for a legal limbo in March 2019 and urging businesses to do the same.


And it looks like the two senior Continental countries are ready to reject the UK’s latest attempts at a compromise says the Independent.

Paris and Berlin will reportedly reject requests for Brexit talks to move on to a possible transitional arrangement until the so-called “divorce bill” is settled, in a huge setback to Theresa May after her well received speech in Florence.
In that speech, the Prime Minister proposed a two-year transitional period after the UK leaves the EU, in a bid to break the deadlock of the negotiations.
But, according to the Financial Times, any hope of moving on to discussion of establishing a transitional deal will be effectively vetoed by France and Germany, until the question the UK’s exit settlement is fully agreed.
The UK has consistently argued said that “nothing is agreed until everything is agreed” making the point that it is hard to agree on the size of the UK’s financial obligations to the EU until future trading terms are known.

Sky News also report the snub.

Germany and France will reportedly refuse to talk about a post-Brexit transition deal until the UK settles its so-called divorce bill with the European Union.
The two countries are set to reject one of the key proposals made by Theresa May in her Florence Speech, according to reports in the Financial Times.
In the speech the Prime Minister suggested there should be a transition period once the UK leaves the EU, which she referred to as an “interim implementation period”.
This would see the UK stay in the single market for two years after Brexit in exchange for continuing to pay into the EU budget and continuing to obey EU rules and regulations.

Westmonster claims German business has been warned of a hard Brexit.

German and French diplomats in the EU have crushed hopes for a swift transitional Brexit deal, insisting that Britain hands Brussels a significant amount of cash first.
Germany’s biggest business lobby has warned members to prepare for a “very hard Brexit” because Britain doesn’t have a clear Brexit strategy.
And a Germany-led group of diplomats has said it won’t talk trade with Britain until the UK outlines its financial contributions to Brussels first.
An EU ambassador told the FT: “We are not here to save the Tory Party.”
It’s a clear plot by Brussels to extract as much cash out of Britain as possible on the way out. Theresa May’s extended the olive branch to Europe and Europe’s rejected it…time to walk away.

Meanwhile, the two Tory MEPs who voted to reject the British offer have been suspended, says the Express.

THERESA MAY has suspended two “totally irresponsible” Tory MEPs who sold out British voters on Brexit.
South West MEP Julie Girling and South East MEP Richard Ashworth were stripped of the Tory whip last night after supporting a resolution in Strasbourg to stall Brexit  negotiations.
rexit Secretary David Davis has now written to Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn  urging him to remove the whip from 18 Labour MEPs who also backed the European Parliament’s vote to block the Brexit process.
He has also written to Lib Dem leader Sir Vince Cable.
In his letter to Mr Corbyn, Mr Davis said: “This non-binding vote by the European Parliament sends a signal about the importance each side attaches to agreeing a future partnership.

The Sun has the same story.

TWO Tory MEPs who voted to block Britain’s progress in Brexit talks have been suspended from the party.
Julie Girling and Richard Ashworth were stripped of the Conservative whip after backing a move to ban all trade discussions.
The pair were accused of voting against the best interests of their own country at the European Parliament in Strasbourg.
Furious Brexit Secretary David Davis has written to Jeremy Corbyn urging him to take the same tough action against 18 Labour rebels who also went native.
Mr Davis wrote: “While I would not expect opposition political parties to agree with us all the time about the end state we seek, it is a self-evident part of the national interest to support a discussion about our future relationship with Europe.
“So I was disappointed that 18 Labour MEPs voted again moving the negotiations on to the next stage.

Conservative Party

The Prime Minister’s position is examined by ITV News.

Theresa May has promised not to “hide from a challenge” amid rumours of an impending cabinet reshuffle that could see Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson demoted.
The prime minister, who withstood an attempted coup after a difficult Tory party conference last week, has come under pressure to freshen up her cabinet in the hope of bolstering her authority.
In his column for the Sunday Telegraph, Johnson backed “determined” May, writing, “the people of this country want us to get on and deliver Brexit – and we need Theresa to do it.
Johnson was accused of overshadowing the prime minister in Manchester, setting out his personal Brexit “red lines” in a keynote conference speech.

And the Times claims her reshuffle could result in a demotion for BoJo.

Theresa May will reassert her authority with a cabinet reshuffle in which she is prepared to demote Boris Johnson — as she declared last night: “I didn’t come into politics for an easy life.”
In her first interview since her party conference speech disaster last week, the prime minister told The Sunday Times she was preparing to shake up her top team to ensure she has “the best people in my cabinet”.
Tory sources say May is planning a reshuffle after the European Council meeting on October 19-20.
It can also be revealed that on Thursday evening three cabinet ministers discussed forcing May to quit by Christmas.

Sky News claims Mrs May will not flinch.

Theresa May has suggested she would not shy away from demoting Boris Johnson amid reports she is preparing a Cabinet reshuffle.
The Prime Minister has faced down a   
fresh call to resign in recent days, following a party conference speech plagued by a coughing fit, falling scenery and a prankster.
In a bid to revitalise her administration, Mrs May is reportedly set to make changes to her top team following the European Council meeting on October 19-20.
A Cabinet reshuffle would prompt questions over the future of Boris Johnson, who has faced calls to be sacked over two Brexit interventions which appeared to undermine the PM’s authority.

And Reuters speaks of a ‘rebellion’ within the party.

Prime Minister Theresa May signalled in an interview that she might demote Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, a Sunday newspaper said, after she faced an open rebellion from within her party this week.
The Sunday Times said it asked May about her plans for Johnson, who has professed loyalty but is accused by some of the prime minister’s allies of undermining her by putting forward his own vision for Britain’s exit from the European Union.
“It has never been my style to hide from a challenge and I‘m not going to start now,” it quoted May as replying, in what it called a signal that she was prepared to bring in new ministers to her cabinet and axe those who had caused her problems.

A former Prime Minister has waded into the argument, says the Mail.

Former Prime Minister Sir John Major has told warring Tory MPs to stop trying to sabotage ‘valiant’ Theresa May – or see her overthrown by a ‘poisonous neo-Marxist’ government led by Jeremy Corbyn.
Sir John’s dramatic intervention in the Conservative leadership crisis came amid persistent rumours that Mrs May could be gone within weeks.
Writing in today’s Mail on Sunday, Sir John says he is dismayed by senior Conservatives ‘with their own agenda’ who were plotting against Mrs May – bound to be seen as a reference to the recent antics of Boris Johnson.
But they may be alarmed by his call for a massive shake-up in her policies and his claim that the Tories are seen as ‘heartless’ by some because ‘Right-wing, pro-Brexit reactionaries’ controlled the party.

Labour Party

But it seems the EU thinks the current government is not secure, says the Mirror.

EU negotiators have reportedly stepped up talks with Jeremy Corbyn over fears surrounding Theresa May’s administration.
Sources apparently have said the Labour leader is “beginning to be taken seriously in Brussels” amid increasing concerns the Conservative leadership could collapse before   Brexit is complete.
The supposed shift in attitude comes as Theresa May broke cover yesterday to insist she had full Cabinet support  following her calamitous conference speech this week.
Mr Corbyn and shadow Brexit Secretary Sir Keir Starmer are said to have met Michel Barnier, the European Union’s chief negotiator, and Frans Timmermans, the first vice-president of the European Commission, and other leading Brexit intermediaries.

And the Independent reports a poll finds Labour is more popular than the Tories.

Theresa May’s crisis has deepened today with a new poll showing Labour surging ahead of the Conservatives, while the public now also has a clear preference for Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister.
The exclusive survey for 
The Independent by BMG Research now has Labour five points ahead of the Tories, who are still reeling from a coup launched by ex-ministers to overthrow Ms May.
Mr Corbyn, fresh from a conference at which he cemented his position, has a two point lead over Ms May in terms of who the public would prefer to be running the country.
The numbers represent a stunning reversal in fortune for both the Tories and Labour, and the poll heaps yet more problems on top of Theresa May, whose authority had already been undermined by Boris Johnson even before her catastrophic conference speech.

Yet another poll, reported in the Express, reports she is more popular than Corbyn.

THERESA May’s conference meltdown hasn’t deterred voters’ faith in the Prime Minister as a new poll puts her ahead of Jeremy Corbyn as the favoured leader.
Research by YouGov for The Times, which polled 1,615 people, found that 36 per cent of the public thought Mrs May was best suited as PM – compared to 33 per cent for the Labour chief.
Nearly a third of those polled did not know who they favoured, perhaps as a sign of dissatisfaction with the options on offer.
However, the gap of support between Mrs May and Mr Corbyn has begun to narrow, as last week a separate poll revealed an eight point gap between the two political titans.


Here in the UK, big businesses are supporting free enterprise, says the Telegraph.

British business chiefs have this weekend responded to a call from the Chancellor to defend and promote the market economy as it comes under attack from Left-wing advocates of renationalisation and of large-scale Whitehall intervention.
The chief executives and chairmen of some of the county’s biggest employers have lined up to tell the 
Sunday Telegraph that free enterprise must be protected to create jobs, invest in productivity, raise living standards and pay for public services.
Business leaders have begun speaking out as polling shows rising public support for state ownership of swathes of the economy and greater market intervention, as planned by Jeremy Corbyn. At the Conservative Party conference, Chancellor Philip Hammond called for more vocal support for the economic system in a rearguard action he said was not about party politics.

Armed forces

The Times reports a reduction in the numbers of soldiers.

One of the British Army’s armoured infantry brigades is set to be disbanded and hundreds of its fighting vehicles scrapped as part of a cost-cutting defence review, Whitehall sources claimed last night.
Army chiefs had been planning to spend £1.3bn refurbishing up to 380 Warrior armoured vehicles.
The Warrior, which can hold six infantry troops and has a 30mm gun, was expected to form the backbone of the two armoured infantry brigades that were planned as part of a reorganisation of the army. Under the plan the three existing armoured brigades would be reshaped into two, plus two strike brigades.
Defence sources have revealed, however, that the Ministry of Defence could axe or dramatically scale back the project to upgrade the Warriors.


The Times reports a dearth of mental health nurses.

More than a quarter of mental health jobs are unfilled in the part of England where it is most expensive to live, according to a study that exposes a postcode lottery in psychiatric care.
Providers of mental health care have the worst vacancy rates of any NHS service and almost 10,000 jobs in England are vacant. London has the worst vacancy rate, with 25.7% of mental health nurse jobs unfilled, according to analysis by the Royal College of Nursing (RCN).
The figures emerge days after Theresa May launched an urgent review of services.
The southeast is close behind, with 17.4% of mental health nurse jobs vacant, while more than 1 in 10 vacancies in the southwest and Midlands are unfilled.

Royal Mail strike

Plans for a Christmas mail strike could go to court, says the Mail.

Royal Mail is heading for a courtroom showdown after firebrand union bosses last night vowed to fight its legal bid to halt a strike over pensions and pay.
The company had threatened the Communication Workers’ Union with an injunction to prevent 110,000 staff conducting a wave of strikes in the run-up to Christmas.
But last night union bosses – led by CWU chief Dave Ward, a close ally of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn – said they had a ‘cast-iron’ case.
A union spokesman said: ‘They are just trying to play for time. We feel we have exhausted all the processes.’
Last week, tens of thousands of staff voted in favour of a two-day walkout from October 19, which the company fears will cause a huge backlog at sorting offices. 


Problems in Spain are not receding, reports the Telegraph.

Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy said on Saturday he would not rule out using the constitutional powers to remove Catalonia’s autonomous status if it claimed independence as tens of thousands took to the streets to call for talks.
The wealthy northeastern region of Catalonia, with its own language and culture, held a referendum on Oct. 1 on independence, in defiance of the Spanish constitutional court which had ruled the vote illegal.
Until now, Rajoy has remained vague on whether he would use article 155, the so-called nuclear option, of the constitution which enables him to sack the regional government and call a fresh local election.
In an interview with Spanish newspaper El Pais on Saturday Rajoy was asked if he was ready to trigger the article 155 of the constitution, and said: “I don’t rule out absolutely anything that is within the law … Ideally, it shouldn’t be necessary to implement extreme solutions but for that not to happen things would have to be changed.”


But perhaps we won’t have to worry if doomsday theorists are right about Planet X says the Star.

A DOOMSDAY theorist has shockingly claimed that the end of the world, sparked by the Planet X, will begin next week. David Meade shocked the world by declaring that a distant planet, known as Nibiru, is hurtling towards the Earth and will cause the end of our civilisation.
Using passages from the bible as evidence, Mr Meade claimed that the   end of the world would begin on September 23, when Planet X was visible.
However, this didn’t happen, leaving many to doubt Mr Meade’s predictions.
But the doomsayer has insisted that Nibiru is still coming, and the end of the world will start on October 15.
He said: “It’s the beginning. Ever since the Great American Solar Eclipse of August 21 we have been hit by a continued series of judgements.”
Shockingly, Mr Meade added that we will have to endure seven years of awful conditions before the world is eventually destroyed.

And the Sun claims the experts were silenced about the planet.

CONSPIRACY theorists are claiming boffins who reportedly found evidence of Planet X died in mysterious circumstances.
It is alleged two leading stargazers were bumped off after they found out too much about the planet, known also as Nibiru, which lurks on the outer reaches of our universe.
Conspiracies suggest it is hurtling towards Earth and set to destroy us.
The bonkers claims have been made by doomsday theorist David Meade, reports Daily Star Online.
He alleges two top astronomers found proof of Planet X and both died in mysterious circumstances. 

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