Looks like our Prime Minister will be talking tough Brexit, says the Express

EUROPEAN leaders will need to brace themselves when typhoon Theresa blows in next week.
Fresh from taking the Tory Party conference by storm the force of nature that is Britain’s new 
Prime Minister is heading to the continent for renewed Brexit talks.
Mrs May is meeting more of her European counterparts in the coming days, kicking off an intense round of diplomacy in the run-up to her first full EU Council summit as Prime Minister on October 20.
It is time to take the declaration she gave to the Tory faithful in Birmingham – that Britain will not compromise on winning back national sovereignty and full border controls – to the heart of the beleaguered Eurocrat empire.
Oddly, the emphatic message from the UK’s EU referendum last June has still yet to sink in among the Brussels bureaucrats and many European leaders.
Senior ministers believe the EU elite are still in denial about the Brexit vote.
The first question several European leaders have asked in meetings is what the Prime Minister is doing to keep Britain in the EU,” one Cabinet minister told me.

And the Guardian reports she is coming under pressure to allow a Commons vote.

Theresa May is under massive cross-party pressure to grant MPs a vote on any decision to leave or limit UK involvement in the European single market, amid growing outrage at the prospect that parliament could be bypassed over the biggest economic decision in decades.
Tory MPs joined forces with former leaders of Labour and the Liberal Democrats, the SNP and Greens to insist that parliament have a say and a vote, pointing out that, while the British people had backed leaving the EU, they had not chosen to leave the biggest trading market in the western world.
Former Labour leader Ed Miliband held discussions with pro-EU Tory MPs on Saturday, and was said to be considering tabling an urgent question in the Commons, demanding that May appear before parliament to explain its future role in Brexit decisions, when MPs return on Monday.


Breitbart claims that even if Brexit fails, the EU is doomed.

The EU project is failing. Brexit is the symptom rather than the cause, and the UK is the first domino which could topple the entire political project of a United States of Europe.
Euroscepticism is on the rise in rest of Europe too, and the unelected EU Commissioners should be very worried.
The problem for the EU is these issues are not easily solved. Euroscepticism is caused by different EU policies and there is no magic bullet to cure it.
Marine Le Pen, the leader of the French National Front, is on the march. She is an elected MEP who led her party to victory in the 2014 European Parliament elections with almost 25% of the vote. Even more worryingly for the European Union, it’s likely she will gain enough votes to be included in the French Presidential run-off. It is possible she could be the French President next year.

And the Sun reports a rash of potential law suits if the rest of the world is not allowed to trade with the UK.

EU chiefs face potential multi-billion pound lawsuits over threats to sever trade links with post-Brexit Britain.
Up to 30 non-EU countries who have struck deals with Europe are furious they may be banned from doing business with the UK.
They will warn tough-talking Eurocrats: “If you punish Britain, we’ll punish you.”
It raises the prospect of Brussels being forced to broker fresh deals with trading partners or be sued for breach of contract.
A simmering backlash has been detected by International Trade Secretary Liam Fox  in talks with non-EU nations.
A source said: “When they signed trade deals with the EU, they understood it would include Britain.
For some the UK market was a major attraction so to be told they may be excluded in the future hasn’t gone down well.
Some have consulted their legal departments and might consider taking action against the EU.”
Canada, Vietnam, South Africa, Ukraine, Colombia and Peru are among the countries with which the European Union has done deals.

Sky News reports legal action is being taken against the EU itself and its president.

A group of British expats are taking legal action against the European Commission and its president Jean-Claude Juncker.
It follows his edict that officials must not engage in any discussions with the British government about Brexit until it has triggered Article 50.
The group, which calls itself Fair Deal for Expats, say talks need to begin now to lift the uncertainty over the lives of the million-plus Brits living in Europe.
They say EU citizens in the UK also need to know what the future holds – in particular whether they will be allowed to stay in the country.
One member of Fair Deal for Expats, Wynne Edwards, said they believed Mr Juncker’s ban on early discussions was “wrong, unlawful and unfair”.


The Scottish Nationalists are still thinking about another independence referendum when the rest of the UK leave the EU, claims Reuters

British Prime Minister Theresa May has no democratic mandate to pursue a ‘hard Brexit’ that would cut political and trade ties with the European Union, the Scottish National Party said ahead of its annual conference later this week.
Most Scots voted for the United Kingdom to stay in the EU, unlike their compatriots in England and Wales, and the SNP has said June’s result may re-open the case for another referendum on Scottish independence after 2014’s vote to stay in the UK.
Last week May said she would start two years of talks on leaving the EU by the end of March 2017, triggering several days of heavy falls in sterling, which finished the week at a 31-year low, 17 percent below its pre-referendum level.


In other news, the Independent claims we could have two new airport runways in the south east.

Gatwick intends to build a second runway – even if it loses out to Heathrow when the Government rules on airport expansion.
A decision on where to build a new runway in South-east England is expected within days. It is thought the Prime Minister will overrule environmental objections, including from within her Cabinet, and insist that Heathrow gets the go-ahead to grow.
But The Independent understands that Gatwick’s bosses intend to press ahead with a second runway regardless of the Government’s decision. They believe growth at the Sussex airport justifies expansion, and that Theresa May will not dare to block a project that shows Britain is still in business – even though the Davies Commission regard two runways as unnecessary.


Without a fuss, it seems that Russia is building up its nuclear capability, says the Sun

VLADIMIR Putin is sneaking nuclear-capable missiles into central Europe in a bid to boost his sphere of military influence.
The strongman has sent a ship loaded with an Iskander-M missile system to Kaliningrad, a small Russian enclave located between Poland and Lithuania.
Estonian media claim the highly-advanced weapons system is being transported on a civilian ship in a bid to go undetected by the West.
The powerful missile system is far beyond anything possessed by the West.
It is capable of striking targets 310 miles away and is designed to carry nuclear weapons, meaning Putin’s reach across the NATO-aligned eastern European states will be vastly expanded.

And the Telegraph has a similar story.

Moscow has moved nuclear-capable missiles near the Polish border, its defence ministry confirmed on Saturday, as Germany’s foreign minister warned that tensions between Russia and the West were “more dangerous” today than during the Cold War.
Russia moved missiles capable of carrying nuclear weapons into Kaliningrad, an Russian coastal enclave nestled between Poland and Lithuania . The Iskander missiles have a range of 450 miles, meaning they could hit Berlin if launched from Kaliningrad.
Frank-Walter Steinmeier, the German foreign minister, said he was watching the collapsing relations between the West and Russia with dismay.
“It’s a fallacy to think that this is like the Cold War. The current times are different and more dangerous,” Mr Steinmeier told Bild newspaper.


Most EU migrants in the UK will be allowed to stay, says Breitbart.

The Home Office will allow the majority of European Union (EU) migrants living in Britain to stay after Brexit, while the UK’s former borders chief says more than 170,000 migrants are likely to have entered the country illegally last year.
The decision to offer amnesty comes as the former head of the Border Agency has revealed the extent of Britain’s porous frontiers and said the Home Office lacks the resources to do anything about the million plus illegal migrants in the country.
A Home Office report has calculated that 80 per cent of EU nationals will be entitled to permanent residency in Britain by the time Britain officially leaves the bloc. To qualify for permanent residency, EU migrants must have lived in Britain for five years.
In a potentially controversial move, the department is set to grant amnesty to the 600,000 EU nationals who don’t qualify.

And ITV News is one of the media reporting the urge to allow children from the Jungle into the country.

Some of Britain’s most senior religious figures are urging the Prime Minister to allow nearly 400 refugee children into the UK before the Calais ‘jungle’ camp is demolished.
Former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Williams, and high-ranking names from the Muslim and Jewish faiths in Britain are among the signatories of an open letter urging action against the “stain on the conscience” of Britain.
It calls for Theresa May to allow 397 child refugees living in the camp to be allowed to enter Britain, after French President Francois Hollande said it would close before winter, with 9,000 inhabitants dispersed nationwide.
In the letter, organised by the Citizens UK charity, they tell the Prime Minister that the children, some as young as eight, “have fled conflict and persecution, are now stuck in Northern France, deeply traumatised and at great risk as well documented by the anti-slavery commissioner you yourself appointed while Home Secretary”.

BBC News has the same story.

Senior religious figures have urged the PM to allow nearly 400 refugee children into the UK before the “Jungle” migrant camp near Calais is demolished.
Ex-Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Williams and Muslim and Jewish faith leaders are among those to sign the open letter to Theresa May.
It describes the camp as “a stain” on France’s and Britain’s conscience.
The UK government stressed it was committed to resettling vulnerable children.
French president Francois Hollande has said the Jungle will be cleared before winter , with its 9,000 inhabitants due to be dispersed around the country.
The letter to Mrs May was organised by the Citizens UK charity.

And the Mail has criticised the Prime Minister for failing to act so far.

Senior church leaders including a former Archbishop of Canterbury have blasted Theresa May for failing to allow hundreds of refugee children trapped in Calais to move to Britain.
In an outspoken letter to the Prime Minister, Lord Rowan Williams, senior bishops and Muslim and Jewish faith leaders last night urged her to display ‘moral leadership’ by immediately relocating nearly 400 vulnerable children eligible to live in the UK under EU and UK government rules.
They said Mrs May must ‘act now’ before the children are put at further risk when the infamous ‘Jungle’ camp is demolished, a development expected within days.

National anthem

The Mail reports a call for scrapping the National Anthem on the grounds it is too nationalist.

Mahamed Abdullahi, from King’s College London Students’ Union, called the traditional rendition of God Save The Queen ‘outdated’.
Although the suggestion was dismissed as ‘petulant and disrespectful’ by fellow students, the university management admitted it was ‘in discussion’ about the use of the song.
In an expletive-laden Facebook post, Mr Abdullahi wrote: ‘I want to get rid of the national anthem at graduation because it’s outdated and not reflective of the “global” values the college espouses.
‘In the context of increasing far right nationalism across Europe and the legacy of the British empire, it’s just a bit s*** and it doesn’t even bang. Basically, f*** the nation state.’
His comments led to a petition to keep the anthem from James Findon, a member of KCL’s Conservative Association.


Pensioners could be interested in a proposed national high-interest bond, says the Express.

Chancellor Philip Hammond is expected to end the Bank of England’s money-printing splurge in next month’s Autumn Statement, it was confirmed.
Other measures to boost saving after years of emergency low interest rates were also being prepared.
One former Tory pensions minister called for new fixed-rate National Savings bonds paying up to 4% annual interest to reward prudence and stop savers being “punished”. “We need to reward saving,” Baroness Altmann said. Hopes of a helping hand for savers were raised earlier this week by Theresa May’s in her Tory conference speech.
She accepted that money printing – known as quantitative easing or QE, had “bad side effects” and signalled a change in direction.
Tory MP George Freeman, chairman of the Downing Street policy board, confirmed the package would come in the Chancellor’s next financial statement on November 23.

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