The Telegraph leads with the views of Sajid Javid, the new Culture Secretary: “Immigrants must learn to be British, says Asian Tory

Immigrants must learn English and “respect our way of life”, the new Culture Secretary says as he criticises migrants who have lived here for years but still cannot speak the language. In an exclusive interview with The Telegraph, Sajid Javid says voters have legitimate fears over “excessive” immigration and are justified in wanting Britain to have more control over its borders.

Mr Javid, the first Asian Secretary of State, defends Nigel Farage, the leader of the UK Independence Party, against charges of racism but insists that only the Conservatives can deliver the reforms to European Union laws needed to cut immigration. “People want Britain to have more control over its borders, and I think they are right,” Mr Javid, who is the son of Pakistani immigrants, says.

The Observer leads on a different story with “MPs to investigate Serco over sex assault claim at Yarl’s Wood centre

Serco, the private outsourcing giant, is to be investigated by MPs after it was forced to disclose a secret internal report revealing evidence that it failed to properly investigate a claim of repeated sexual assaults by one of its staff against a female resident at Yarl’s Wood immigration detention centre.


Instead of the usual ra-ra on rising house prices, the Telegraph has a cautionary note from Mark Carney: “Bank of England Governor issues warning over housing inflation

Britain’s housing market has deep structural problems and rising prices represent the biggest risk to the economy, the Governor of the Bank of England warns today.  Mark Carney expresses concerns about another “big debt overhang” building up, with homebuyers taking out loans many times larger than their salaries. He says in an interview with Sky News that the UK desperately needs new house-building to help control price inflation.

Or a reduction in the massive inflow of immigrants to this country, all requiring housing, Mr Carney? The Observer reports on the same story.


Tim Stanley reviews the progress of UKIP through the minefields that the mainstream media are setting for the party: “Despite all those so-called ‘car crashes’, the Ukip bandwagon rides on

Another day, another “Ukip car crash moment”. They’ve crashed that old banger so many times it’s amazing that they’re still on the road. The latest accident was Nigel Farage’s appearance on James O’Brien’s show on LBC. Lefty O’Brien’s a brilliant journalist and a nice guy, but he makes Owen Jones look like a Monday Club member – so it’s no surprise that he hammered Farage hard on immigration and expenses. For once, the Ukip leader handled it badly. Partly because of some of the things he’s said about Romanians are simply indefensible and partly because O’Brien’s rage was so pure that he struggled to defuse the situation with his usual bonhomie…

The Euros aren’t a general election, so people will take greater risks with their vote than they normally would. And Ukip isn’t a mainstream party, so people don’t judge it by the same high standards.

Most UKIP members and supporters would disagree with both Dr Stanley’s contentions – Nigel Farage only struggled to answer questions as O’Brien moved onto fresh topics before the previous ones had been fully answered. And UKIP is now more mainstream than the Liberal Democrats, given both opinion poll and voting figures.

The Observer, on the other hand, reports from Germany with “David Cameron is trying to ‘appease Ukip’, say Germans

One of German chancellor Angela Merkel’s closest allies has firmly rejected David Cameron’s proposal to extricate the UK from the EU’s commitment to “ever closer union”, accusing the prime minister of putting it forward in a “desperate attempt to appease Ukip”. The comments from Gunther Krichbaum, head of the German government’s committee on EU affairs, will cast serious doubt on Cameron’s ability to deliver on a pledge that he said a week ago was the “most important” change he wanted to see in the UK’s relations with Europe.

The remarks, backed by other senior German politicians, come before Thursday’s European elections in which the Tories are trying to defuse the Ukip challenge with promises to renegotiate the terms of UK membership in the runup to an in/out referendum by the end of 2017. A week ago, Cameron said in a BBC interview with Andrew Marr that he would insist the UK was no longer bound by the commitment to “ever closer union”, which is one of the core principles of the EU rulebook.

The Express reports that “Ukip suspends freephone number following campaign of continuous ‘nuisance’ calls

The telephone line withdrawal came as protesters launched a campaign to push up the free number’s bill. One campaigner said tactics included programming computers to call it continually. Last night the Sunday Express called the line to hear the message: “Unfortunately, this Freephone number has been subjected to a concerted campaign of malicious nuisance calls and as a result we have been forced to suspend the service.”

The free number has been replaced with a line that callers will have to pay to use. Two weeks ago Ukip was forced to cancel its Freepost address after opponents sent unpleasant packages including faeces.

The Mirror reports that “UKIP leader Nigel Farage to reveal he WILL stand to be MP in Kent

Nigel Farage will announce within two weeks he’s standing as MP in his home county, Kent. The UKIP chief plans to shift his power base to Westminster after the Euro polls.

Mr Farage, who lives in Westerham, is eyeing Tory seats in the east of Kent. Folkestone & Hythe and Thanet South, held by Damian Collins Laura Sandys on majorities of 10,122 and 7,617 are likely. But Sittingbourne and Sheppey and Dover, and are also options. County Council UKIP leader Roger Latchford said: “He’s made it clear being a Kent boy, he would stand in Kent.”

European Election

The Telegraph has an ICM poll which claims that “Tories leap ahead of Ukip” This is contrary evidence to all the other polls we have seen. The Independent bases its findings on this weekend’s Comres poll with this claim: “Ukip set for landmark win

‘The Sun’ calls Nigel Farage racist – but there seems to be no stopping his party’s momentum, as our poll shows. So, Jane Merrick, John Rentoul and Mark Leftly ask, what about the also-rans?

Ukip is on course for a landslide victory in this week’s European elections, a poll for The Independent on Sunday shows today, as Nigel Farage fiercely denied it was racist to point out “differences” between German and Romanian immigrants.

Today’s ComRes poll gives Ukip its highest lead in a European elections survey, suggesting that the Eurosceptic party will scoop up MEP seats across the country. Among those who are certain to vote, Ukip is on 35 per cent, 11 points ahead of Labour, on 24 per cent, with the Conservatives down two points from the last ComRes poll earlier this month, at 20 per cent. The Green Party has pushed the Liberal Democrats into fifth place and is up two points to 7 per cent, while Nick Clegg’s party is down two to 6 per cent.

See our article on the outcome of this poll.


The Observer reports on a worrying proposal: “Tories approach Labour MP Frank Field to help tackle NHS deficit

A Tory minister has asked Labour MP Frank Field to meet the health secretary, Jeremy Hunt, to discuss his ideas for raising national insurance contributions to pay for the NHS, in a sign that the Conservatives are considering radical options to plug the huge funding gap.

Field told the Observer that he was approached by the minister, who said the financial crisis in the NHS needed to be addressed and that he was right to be floating ideas on how the service could be maintained and put on a sound financial footing for future generations.

Um, that’s called a general tax increase, isn’t it?

The Express reports on one of the reasons why the NHS is running out of money: “TWO MILLION rush to A&E with trivial problems like broken false nails and SPLINTERS


The Independent takes this crisis into space with: “US takes on the Russians, only this time it’s over the International Space Station

Even during the paranoia and antagonism of the Cold War, the United States and Russia managed to find common cause in space. In July 1975, both countries celebrated the first joint space flight, as Apollo and Soyuz spacecraft docked in orbit, astronauts and cosmonauts smiling for the cameras as they shook hands through the air lock.

But now the spirit of co-operation appears to have died, with the International Space Station – the $150bn (£89bn) international research laboratory that is still physically divided along Cold War lines – becoming the rope in a tug-of-war between American and Russian politicians.

Parliamentary Lobbying

The Independent reports on the next big funding scandal that is brewing: “Corporate funding of all‑party groups ‘next big scandal’ after huge rise under the coalition

Corporate funding of all-party parliamentary groups (APPGs) should be banned, according to a senior MP who has warned that the unofficial Westminster bodies “are the next big scandal waiting to happen” after a huge rise in their numbers under the coalition government.

Labour’s Graham Allen said that vested interests and lobbyists funding these groups – however worthy their cause – raises understandable concerns among voters. Politicians who care passionately about particular issues are “perfectly capable” of running APPGs themselves, he added.

So, Big Business meets Big Government?


The Express has an exclusive: “More troops to be sent to Gibraltar

The deployment of additional sailors to the Rock will, sources say, allow the Royal Navy to operate patrol boats 24 hours a day, and man fast-moving Rigid Inflatable Boats to challenge night-time incursions by Spanish fishing trawlers.

It follows a public commitment by Europe minster David Lidington that Whitehall would “rule out no option” in upholding British sovereignty over the overseas territory and its waters.

Also, in the same paper, Prospective Tory MEP James Cracknell speaks out about Gibraltar.


The Daily Mail investigates Costa del Benefits: As Benefits Street’s White Dee parties in Magaluf, GUY ADAMS went to investigate just how many welfare claimants enjoy sunshine holidays on the taxpayer

To the cheers of a baying crowd, several men form an orderly queue on a cliff-top terrace overlooking the holiday resort of Magaluf. A disc jockey, using his microphone, persuades a girl in her 20s to clamber onto the bar, remove her bikini top, and balance a shot-glass of peach schnapps on her naked bosom….

Recently, however, one particular ‘celebrity’ being celebrated by Carnage Magaluf has attracted headlines for all the wrong reasons. She is White Dee, from the hugely controversial Channel 4 series Benefits Street, who was photographed downing shots, sipping pints of beer and passionately kissing a young man during the firm’s pool party and pub crawl earlier this month…

White Dee’s ‘manager’, who also happens to be one of the resort’s most prominent businessmen… co-owns Carnage Magaluf. ‘There are a hell of a lot of unemployed people on holiday here in this resort right now, without a shadow of a doubt,’ he tells the reporter. ‘They can afford it, so they come. I’m not going to say whether it’s right or wrong. But it’s a fact. The way our benefits system works — and yes, many people will think this is hideous — is that people are given money and left to do what they  want with it’.


The Daily Mail reports that “you can’t contact the jobs helpline we’ve all been sacked: Taxpayer funded hotline is unstaffed for hours because advisers have been made redundant

  • Taxpayer funded Broadcasting Support Services is paid for by the Skills Funding Agency

  • The firm could face a financial penalty for breaching its contract

  • Staff were told to lie to callers about why they couldn’t talk to an expert

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